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Who cares if he did or didn't.  The issue at hand is the electoral college all but goes against the fundamental principle of one man one vote.

Please explain.
Bruh seriously.  If this has to actually be explained to you. You may do better by going back and studying how the electoral actual work. Smh...

How many white jurors were eliminated?  Sounds just like Thomas.

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It's a legitimate question.  If he wasn't eliminating white jurors United States Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas will have a problem with it.  Don't be surprised when his decision is in favor of Curtis Flowers.
No it's just another of a million defections use to delegitimize anyting to help black Americans, and give gullible people who support this type of nonsense a false narrative to argue. At the end of the day how many times have you seen an all black jury because of them eliminating white jurors? How many times have you seen an all minority jury because of them eliminating whites? That's the point

Who cares if he did or didn't.  The issue at hand is the electoral college all but goes against the fundamental principle of one man one vote.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Florida prosecutors have offered to drop charges against New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, with a condition.

Four years after a devastating injury, Devon Gales is back in football.

The former Southern University wide receiver, who was paralyzed from a hit while returning a kickoff against the University of Georgia in 2015, was hired as an assistant high school coach at Jefferson High School in Georgia.

Also, Coach Pugh is the perfect example that by giving coaches more funds and a bigger salary, they do not become better coaches, but some of us think that by throwing more money into a program that our coaches will suddenly develop better coaching skills.

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You both make very good points on both sides of the ball. (pun intended)

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I  did not think that was a good move for coach Pugh- and she had signed one of the top ranked women players in the state.
I don't think she had much of a choice. There was never anything said publicly. But there were rumblings of her not ever  being able to win one post season game. Or at the very least be competitive when she gets there, for as long as she's been southerns coach.

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Just goes to show that Coach Pugh might be good, but not good enough to stay on top. Another HBCU coach getting paid to maintain the HBCU status quo.
Yeah I was telling a buddy of mine a few months ago that she seem to have reached her potential in the SWAC

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Politics / Re: Never forget John McCain died a loser
« on: March 18, 2019, 05:48:31 AM »
One thing I give the late senator credit for he voted to keep Affordable Health Care (Obama Care) alive for millions of Americans. :)

But he voted for the Tax cuts before it that effectively made the ACA a skeleton of what it was supposed to.
Didn't agree with all of Senator McCain's legislative action but I do believe he will be remember most all of voting against total defeat of ACA. Many saw it as a courageous and noble act before meeting his own mortality.
Actually I remember him more for his hard stance against MLK day.

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Sports Forum / Southern Lady Jags punch ticket to NCAA tournament  
« on: March 17, 2019, 06:33:45 AM »
BIRMINGHAM - The top-seeded Southern Lady Jaguars punched their ticket to the big dance by knocking off Jackson State 45-41 in Saturday's SWAC championship in Birmingham. First year head coach Carlos Funchess will now take Southern to it's first NCAA tournament since the 2010 season.

Ask those cut players about how important a Guarantee is.
The Steelers have a history of honoring their  contracts regardless.  You have to understand who you are dealing with.
Thats the biggest load of horse poo poo that's ever been sold. Even if it were true. Their contract are always overwhemly slanted in their favor and allows them to cut a player at their option. Whether they are hurt or other wise after the first couple of years. What part of cutting a player if they are hurt, or at their leisure after the first couple of years. Is actually fulfilling their contract are you not quite getting?

Phil Mickelson worked with Rick Singer to get his daughter into Brown

Pro golfer Phil Mickelson used the advisory firm at the center of the college admissions scandal, but denies engaging in fraudMickelson's eldest daugther is a sophomore at Brown University Mickelson said on Twitter that he's "shocked" by the revelations about Edge College & Career Network

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