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When did The United States of America become a democracy?

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A three-judge panel found a convicted murderer innocent of the 1979 murder that sent him to prison.

James Blackmon was convicted in 1988 of the murder of Helena Payton at what is now Saint Augustine's University. Payton was fatally stabbed in her neck in a dorm bathroom in 1979. The case went cold until detectives received an anonymous tip in 1983.

Both sides agreed Blackmon is mentally ill with a low IQ. In interviews with police, he wore a Superman-like cape and compared himself to Dracula.

His case came before the judges through the work of the North Carolina Innocence Commission, which ruled in November that there was enough evidence of Blackmon's innocence to warrant a judicial review.

The electoral college isn’t going anywhere.


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A 99-year-old Arkansas World War II veteran who was presented with a series of medals this week has a bit of advice for the younger generation: “Stay in school,” and “Come out with the idea of serving people.”

Sergeant First Class Thomas Franklin Vaughns – an airplane mechanic with the Tuskegee Airmen who also served in the Korean War – made the comments to Fox 16 on Wednesday following a ceremony in Pine Bluff honoring his military career.

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In a major blow to state-by-state progressive efforts to effectively replace the Electoral College with a nationwide popular vote, a federal appeals court ruled on Tuesday that presidential electors in the Electoral College have the absolute right to vote for presidential candidates of their choice.

Democrats have increasingly sought to erase the Electoral College's influence by promoting state laws that would force electors to vote for the national popular vote winner -- and those laws were now in jeopardy as a result of the court's ruling, legal experts said.

This has nothing to do with us black people. This is Asian people being mad. White people like Y need to stop bringing black people into the equation.

You people always love white democrats insulting Blacks.

Yet, you people weren't angered by this.  You people praised her.

That looks like the medium sirloin at the old Hungry Farmer Steakhouse in San Antonio.

Politics / "The Liberals getting it terribly wrong"
« on: Yesterday at 10:12:57 AM »

Trump did something right. Sun shines on a dogs . . .
Well please inform me what it was because I must have missed it. :shrug:

This move is as socialistic as anything proposed by Trump's Democratic challengers.  However in the bigger picture, we must do a better job of taking care of our veterans; especially those who are disabled due to their service.  Loan cancellation due to disability is available to both veterans and the general populace, but it's a cumbersome process.  Trump's executive order will alleviate that burden for some of America's heroes.

This by no means indicates that I will vote for Trump in 2020. I still think he's a senile demagogue, who represents the worst of the American people.  This time there will be no "Anybody but Hillary", or "They Cheated Bernie" idiots to save him.

This is actually a continuation of a program that cancels students loan debts for disabled veterans. 

Trump did something right. Sun shines on a dogs . . .
Well please inform me what it was because I must have missed it. :shrug:

Your Bama education is showing.

They used this for inspiration. 

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