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Sports Forum / Re: FAMU Rattlers 2019 MEAC Baseball Champs
« on: Yesterday at 06:19:02 PM »
So if I read correctly the post season ban does not affect the team until next year right.

This arrangement may motivate some donors to fund a stadium for Shaw.
Well Capler for one ain't been giving shyt and he ain't gonna give shyt now.

Guess he was in a hurry before his viagra wore off.

Politics / Re: Here's your 1.5 billion dollar wall
« on: Yesterday at 06:02:28 PM »
Who are the contractors getting the contracts to build this botched abortion?

Politics / Re: Dumb bunny...
« on: Yesterday at 05:59:41 PM »
If he responds like that on a regular I wouldn't even want his a**  to operate on me with his "gifted hands." :no:  He sounded like an absolute moron.  However, he is following the GOP playbook to the T.

How could y'all say  she does not have mental issues? Her brain was stuck on a chair loop. j, educated these Onnidan folk who are always hell bent on making every thing about race.  "I'm black, they are white, therefore it must be about race."  :brickwall: Don't you black folk sometimes make a judgement about someone and it has nothing to do with race. If a white AD fires a black coach, maybe the coach was simply a bad coach who could not get alone with the rest of the staff.
So the place was full of white folks standing and talking however she only wants the two black folks to sit down but its not about race.  ::) It appears your brain is stuck on a "stupid" loop.   :nod:  Please sit down and STFU cause there's chairs over there, another over there...

Her:  "There's seats over there."

Other Her:  "Then go sit yo a**  down then"

 :lmao:  I almost pissed my clothes.  :lol:

Stuff like this actually pisses me off. Americans keep paying because we don't have the fortitude to control costs. As Neymar said earlier, paying tuition for 300 students is useless when clearly the cost of higher education is out of control. Next year there will be another 300 Morehouse grads with another $40 million in debt, then what?
Its not useless to the 300 students that got the help.  Here's what get's me. We have the nerve to criticized this man who owes absolutely nothing to Morehouse for making 300 of its Alumni student loan debt free when we ought to be criticizing the thousand who don't give back a dollar a month. I wonder how many of those 300 will give back so someone else can benefit???? That goes for all of our HBCU's.  I have been giving for the last 40 years and plan to do so until the day I die because they bent over backwards to allow me to stay in school when I had no funding available. Most recently when I have done photo shoots I have them to write a check to Benedict College instead of me. So Cap if you and neymar are not giving to your Alma Mater or another HBCU please go sit down and STFU!!

Cap must have taken lessons from NC State hoops legend, Charles Shackleford....”I can shoot with my left hand! I can shoot with my right hand! I’m amphibious!”

What’s wrong?  GiddyUpRams been shooting up Capler Estates?

Ah, '87 I don't think Giddyup was her name. You should consult with Que for the correct spelling.  :nod:  Anyhow Capler Estates has a nice ring to it.  When I win the lottery, i will make sure to document my house search on that cable tv show, the name escapes me now, but I'm sure  M&G knows it.
I dun told dis mofo to put some speck on my name!  Now is u finished or is u done? ::)

Sports Forum / Dawn Brown is back in the SWAC
« on: May 21, 2019, 09:36:45 PM »
The former Head WBB coach at Prairie View A&M University is now Head WBB coach at UAPB.

An Obama appointee.  Why am I not surprised an Obama appointee would follow the rule of law?
There you go, no charge!!

General Discussion Forum / Re: Best Prom Pic I've ever seen
« on: May 20, 2019, 10:25:26 PM »
I wonder how folks reacted to this?   NSFW


I'm ardently pro choice. And by pro-choice, I mean women have all choices up to and including abortions for whatever reason she deems necessary.

Abortions bans will impact poor, black and brown women who are already occupying the lowest paying jobs in the country. Yes, despite popular thought, black women STILL as a group make less than black men. So being saddled with unwanted babies will push them further in the hole.

If women do not have access to birth control that is cost effective, they're going to get pregnant. If men wont use condoms, they're going to get pregnant. ???? The same people pushing to ban abortion want to limit access to birth control options for women.

I want people to stay out of women's bodily functions.
Not directed at you Bearforlife but, Whatever happened to "no glove, no love????"   :shrug:

General Discussion Forum / Re: Women of Onnidan question?
« on: May 20, 2019, 10:04:56 PM »
Capler, I thought you said you liked naturals on black women.

It’s not good enough for your mother?

Agree and believe it or not there are some female football teams-- ain't seen a pregnant guy yet.
Does a transgender count????

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