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Sports Forum / Tracking athletics cuts during the COVID-19 era
« on: July 02, 2020, 10:25:59 AM »
I've been tracking the dropped, cut, suspended and cancelled sports since the start of the pandemic. I've got a chart here that's updated daily (sometimes more than once a day) with the reported and confirmed drops.

It started with cuts, then morphed into three different charts. The first is cut and suspended sports (with no timetable for return), the second is suspended sports where the administration said the future of those programs would be re-evaluated in a year (which probably means they won't come back, but have to give them the benefit of the doubt).

The third tracks all the officially cancelled seasons. I know there's things that have been posted, but not confirmed (Arizona Junior Colleges, for example), but I wait until the school/league officially confirms.

This list has been referenced already by SI, but figured this would be helpful for this board.

If a school announced its closing prior to March 5, it's not included. March 5 was the day the NCAA canceled sports for the year. There are sports listed here that were cut that weren't related to COVID, but they are still tracked. I don't want to be subjective with AD-speak on why programs were cut, like my alma mater (Old Dominion wrestling).

... with two of the handful of African-American college head coaches - LeRoy Gardner of the U. of the Ozarks and Robert "Hollywood" Hemingway of Allen University in South Carolina, the only four-year HBCU with a wrestling program.

Might be worth the listen - I'm actually looking for feedback from the HBCU fan community, since it's tough for me to tackle discussions of race and overall diversity considering I'm a white male, although I've been an HBCU football fan for decades (growing up near Hampton U and Norfolk State).

Wrestling is predominantly white, so there's a big faction of the fanbase who refuses to believe any such racism or racial issues are relevant and feel if anyone brings them up, they're trying to race bait and be part of that "liberal media." That disclaimer out of the way ... here's the link.

General Discussion Forum / Actor Nate Parker's new project, AMERICAN RACE
« on: December 12, 2014, 01:37:41 PM »
I posted this on the sports forum as well, since Nate was a college wrestler at Oklahoma.

Parker, who's acted in films with Denzel Washington, Terrence Howard and Danny Glover and worked with producers Oprah Winfrey and George Lucas, talks about growing up without much, getting into acting and the AMERICAN RACE project, which will investigate situations like Ferguson as part of the "black male crisis"

Nate's a longtime friend and it was good to have him on my Short Time Wrestling Podcast. Much of this is wrestling-centric, but we spend some time talking about the launch of the project.

Being a lurker here and infrequent poster, this is one of the few times I touch on race relations in America and it's because of my relationship with Parker.

Give it a listen:

Nate Parker was an NCAA wrestling All-American at Oklahoma during his collegiate days. He's now an actor and has starred along side Terrence Howard, Denzel Washington and most recently, Danny Glover.

I've known Parker since we were both living in Virginia. I covered him in high school and got a chance to talk to him about some projects he was working on, including AMERICAN RACE, where he investigates the black male crisis.

This might be better suited for the politics thread, but Nate was a college athlete and I've seen topics on this board unrelated to HBCU-specifically, so I figured this might work here.

My podcast is the Short Time Wrestling Podcast, where I interview names in and around the sport of wrestling, including athletes and celebs who have wrestling backgrounds.

A ton of this is wrestling-related, but Nate talks about how the sport saved his life and how it helped him not become a statistic.

Nate's a guy who has done great things and wrestling was a springboard for him.

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