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All of this bullcrap about deep state, etc. is just that - bullcrap.

The plain and obvious truth is that #TrumpTheChump is such a WEAKLING that he can't even get his own White House staff to do his bidding!!!  He's a pitiful namby-pamby pushover.  Folks he hired and is paying tell him to "Get Lost!  I ain't doing that 'crazy isht!"

And he doesn't do anything about it!!  All he can do is Tweet and whine.

What a LOSER!!

Some pundits are talking about how McGahn, Lewandowski and others saved #ErraticTrump's presidency by NOT FOLLOWING HIS WISHES!!

First of all, that is no defense against ENDEAVORING (that's the word in the law) to OBSTRUCT JUSTICE.

Secondly, and much more importantly, as #RealPresident Obama pointed out, that is not how a republic or democracy is supposed to work.  Nobody ELECTED McGahn or Lewandowski to stand in the way of firing the Atty General or the Special Counsel or whomever.  No!

The voters (through the Electoral College) invested those powers in the President.

We've all seen that #ErraticTrump can't negotiate ANYTHING, but "this president," as his supporters like to say, CANNOT EVEN GET HIS EXECUTIVE, PERSONNEL OR POLICY DECISIONS ENACTED.

So, he's not only not running the govt, he's not even running the White House.

This is not my opinion.  These comments are simply reflecting the EVIDENCE, sworn to by his OWN APPOINTEES, contained in the Mueller report.

#Loser45's incompetence has been put on blast along with his lawlessness and his total disregard for the norms that have prevented the US from becoming a banana republic.

He can't help himself because he's pathological.  And unfit for the office.

The real disgrace are the Repubs in Congress who live in constant fear of a Tweet from him.  A complete disgrace and a menace to Constitutional government due to their cowardice and massive hypocrisy.


Just curious....

I've read a few negative comments about Bernie by fellow posters.

Aside from concerns about his electability (my biggest concern about him),...


Anyone responding in this thread shall be henceforth and forever be known as and referred to as a Democrat voter.....


Barr’s Playbook: He Misled Congress When Omitting Parts of Justice Dep’t Memo in 1989


When the OLC opinion was finally made public long after Barr left office, it was clear that Barr’s summary had failed to fully disclose the opinion’s principal conclusions. It is better to think of Barr’s summary as a redacted version of the full OLC opinion. That’s because the “summary” took the form of 13 pages of written testimony. The document was replete with quotations from court cases, legal citations, and the language of the OLC opinion itself. Despite its highly detailed analysis, this 13-page version omitted some of the most consequential and incendiary conclusions from the actual opinion. And there was evidently no justifiable reason for having withheld those parts from Congress or the public.

The article includes at least 3 MAJOR conclusions of the OLG Opinion that Barr omitted from his "summary."

Barr has PROVEN he cannot be trusted.

After his 19-page AUDITION memo to get the Atty Gen job, Barr's public comments, letters and testimony SHOW that he is simply focused on protecting #ErraticTrump, not the Constitution.

It's amazing that a person would throw away his reputation on an amoral dotard like #Loser45.  But, clearly, based on his 1989 behavior, integrity means nothing to Barr.

Thanks to Rachel Maddow for covering this story.



Long, but worth every second!!


White House Wanted ICE to Arrest Undocumented Immigrants and Then Release Them in Sanctuary Cities


Here’s a Trump White House immigration gambit that likely will shock, but not surprise you. The Trump administration, the Washington Post reported Thursday, came up with a cartoonishly villainous plan and then pressured immigration officials to carry out the Trumpian scheme of arresting undocumented migrants coming into the country and then busing them and releasing them on the streets of so-called sanctuary cities. The aim? Retaliation, of course, against political enemies and for not treating undocumented families like criminals.

The Trump folks tried to make this plan a reality on multiple occasions over the last six months, according to Department of Homeland Security officials and email message...

There is NO bottom to the hypocrisy and sociopathy of #Loser45 and his minions.


They make Tricky Dick Nixon look like a kindergartner.

My Man Dr. Jared Ball, on Faculty at Morgan State University, recently made an OUTSTANDING presentation at an open meeting of the Howard University Faculty Senate (the HU faculty's governing body).

Take some time to check out the full speech.  It is powerful and profound.


Many of these studies [re: HBCUs] have confined their analysis to contrasting vocational training with the liberal arts…” which causes many to miss what Favors describes as the HBCU’s “second curriculum” one that saw teachers and students engaged in a struggle to “link the fate of the race to the curriculum.” From there, Favors argues, HBCUs would play a central role in advancing the political and social struggles of Africans in America (my phrasing) until some important post-Black Power-era institutional shifts, a point to which I will return.

However, where I disagree with Favors and others is in this area of emphasis where I find a tendency to focus on the making of the best of a bad situation tends to entirely supplant focus on what precedes that need. Analysis, for me, requires that intent is supreme. So when Watkins writes in White Architects of Black Education, that the founders of what would become today a collection of HBCUs were developed on models that, “represented classic colonialism,” he appropriately shows where our analyses must start and finish, as opposed to the ability of some to transcend. Of course, this is not to say pay no attention, offer up no praise. No. I am speaking specifically of emphasis and analysis. The intent of these universities was to serve a colonial function which continues today of necessity given there has as yet been no successful revolutionary adjustment of the national political trajectory.
...despite valiant efforts to the contrary, still-on-going, the founding colonial principles of the U.S., its institutions and, of course, its universities – including HBCUs – remain intact and the activism my brother and colleague Dr. Favors emphasizes was, contrary to his focus, for me, born of broader national and international political movements forcing their way on to campus, not the other way around and were themselves in response to that initial intent, that colonizing function...
 :clap:   :clap:    :clap:

In my own 34 years of professional experience in higher education, I've found HBCUs, as institutions including my own beloved Alma Mater, to be VERY conservative.

Looking forward to others' comments.


Hey, Olds..t and y04, what do you think about whether Trump's returns, per the tax code, should be turned over to Committee Chairman Neal in the House?

Do you feel the same way about the tax info and returns of other US citizens?



'White power' symbol found after fire destroys social justice center that hosted Rosa Parks, MLK Jr.


The symbol, which officials did not describe but said was connected to the white power movement, was discovered after the main office was completely destroyed in a fire last week, the Highlander Research and Education Center said in a news release Tuesday. It was spray-painted on the parking lot connected to the main office

Highlander's office burned one day after the Oklahoma Democratic Party headquarters and a Chickasaw Nation office were vandalized with racist graffiti. The offices were spray-painted with messages that included a swastika, "1488" — which is frequently used by white supremacists and refers to Adolf Hitler — and anti-Chinese slurs.

My bet is that #ErraticTrump supporters did the deeds.


Y'all know I've been skeptical at times and hopeful at others that Mueller would "do the right thing."

Based on his silence and Atty General Ball's non-"summary," it appears to me that Mueller choked and didn't have the guts to call it what it is.  But we will soon find out when his report is fully released - if it is.

Meantime, the incompetence and amorality of #Loser45 remains clearly evident to all who are not willfully blind.

This editorial from Utah sums up how bad things are:


...We wanted a criminal mastermind, an engineer of clandestine intrigue who invented vast disinformations to cover up his Russian peccadillos. Even though a significant portion of us have no trouble forgiving or forgetting his peccadillos here at home. We wanted a mover and shaker guilty of shaking and moving the foundations of democratic government, but instead we got a swollen toady who cheats at golf.

We are left with a president who has revealed himself to be a clumsy petty thief, a surly braggart, a preposterous engineer of epithets we gobble like goodies at a party honoring bullies...


Just like the Palestinians, members of the struggle of Africans in America must be mindful (without being paralyzed or paranoid) that covert counter-measures are part of the struggle. 

(Those who sit on the sidelines or behind keyboards and who criticize those who DO struggle should be ESPECIALLY mindful!!)

Remembering Israel’s Most Celebrated Spy

Can't recall the name of the movie, but there was a film about the capture of Eichmann with Ben Kingsley as the wiley and arrogant bad guy...


14 Officers Indicted on Assault or Cover-Up Charges in Beating of Black Men


A Massachusetts grand jury has indicted 12 current and two former officers of the Springfield Police Department who are accused of beating a group of four black men after a barroom dispute or participating in a cover-up of the assault.

The announcement by the state attorney general’s office and the F.B.I. on Wednesday is the latest blow to the police force in Springfield, the state’s third-largest city.

Last fall, two other police officers in the city were indicted on charges of using unreasonable force while arresting two Hispanic boys. They have pleaded not guilty. Additionally, the Justice Department is investigating whether the Springfield narcotics unit routinely used excessive force and violated residents’ civil rights.

The four African-American patrons said they were later attacked by a group of white men down the street from the bar. They were “beaten and kicked and sustained significant injuries as a result of the assault” by six off-duty officers and one of the bar’s co-owners, the attorney general’s office said.


Massachusetts ain't Mississippi,..or is it?


Politics / Immigrant Children Are Being Detained in Secret Shelters
« on: March 28, 2019, 10:40:13 AM »
Immigrant Children Are Being Detained in Secret Shelters


The Trump administration’s response to young immigrants is already deplorable. Last September officials admitted that they had lost track of around 1,500 of these children, after snatching them from their parents.

Now we’re learning that some young people have been sent to clandestine facilities – places so secret that not even the children’s families or attorneys know where they are.

On June 20, 2018, the Trump administration announced that it would end its unconscionable policy of separating migrant children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border. Instead, the government simply returned to the previous policy of only separating families in extreme circumstances.

But that was a lie. Since then, at least 245 children have been taken, court documents have revealed.


The investigation, conducted by Reveal, uncovered that the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) has sent young people to secret shelters, which are outside of the official network of federally-funded detention centers.

As the report explains:

It remains unclear how many total sites are under operation, but there are at least five in Arkansas, Florida, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Virginia, holding at least 16 boys and girls for the refugee agency, some as young as 9 years old.

Minors being held at the clandestine facilities initially were placed at known shelters around the country but later were transferred to these off-the-books facilities that specialize in providing for youth with mental health and behavioral challenges.

This practice is illegal.

Under the Flores settlement of 1997, the federal government is required to provide the attorneys for detained children details of their whereabouts and to release the youngsters to a sponsor as soon as possible. Clearly, the federal government is violating this long-held law.

When those sworn to uphold the law show no respect for law, everyone is in danger.


White Nationalism’s Deep American Roots

A long-overdue excavation of the book that Hitler called his “bible,” and the man (MADISON GRANT) who wrote it

I highly recommend this Atlantic article. 

Yet historical amnesia, the excision of the memory of how the seed of racism in America blossomed into the Third Reich in Europe, has allowed Grantism to be resurrected with a new name. In the conflict between the Trump administration and its opponents, those rival American principles of exclusion and pluralism confront each other more starkly than they have since Grant’s own time. And the ideology that has gained ground under Trump may well not disappear when Trump does. Grant’s philosophical framework has found new life among extremists at home and abroad, and echoes of his rhetoric can be heard from the Republican base and the conservative media figures the base trusts, as well as—once again—in the highest reaches of government.

The resurrection of race suicide as white genocide can be traced to the white supremacist David Lane, who claimed that “the term ‘racial integration’ is only a euphemism for genocide,”...

In the corridors of American power, Grant’s legacy is evident. Jeff Sessions heartily praised the 1924 immigration law during an interview with Steve Bannon, Trump’s former campaign chief. Bannon regularly invokes what has become a cult text among white nationalists, the 1973 dystopian French novel The Camp of the Saints, in which the “white world” is annihilated by mass immigration. Stephen Miller, a former Senate aide to Sessions and now among the president’s top policy advisers, spent years warning from his perch in Sessions’s office that immigration from Muslim countries was a greater threat than immigration from European countries. The president’s stated preference for Scandinavian immigrants over those from Latin America or Africa, and his expressed disdain for the Fourteenth Amendment’s guarantee of birthright citizenship, are Grantism paraphrased.


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