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Politics / Is the FoxNews - #Loser45 Honeymoon Over?
« on: Yesterday at 10:59:40 PM »
Fox News Host Hits Trump for Attacking Chris Wallace: You’re ‘Not Entitled to Praise’


Politics / GOP in Senate Blocks Funds for HBCUs
« on: Yesterday at 10:55:55 PM »
Hey, Black GOPers and Black Trump Supporters, where is yo' boy on this?

Geoff Bennett
Lost in impeachment news: Senate Republicans today blocked from a government funding measure the inclusion of $255M in funding for #HBCUs and other institutions historically serving people of color.
@SpeakerPelosi calling it “profoundly disappointing and deeply shameful.”


Law-breaking alleged in suit.

#Loser45 said we would NOT settle; but - AS USUAL - his lips were moving and he BLINKS and settles re: campaign finance violations alleged in the suit.

Donald Trump to pay $2 million to settle New York Attorney General civil lawsuit against Trump Foundation and his children


Exclusive: Giuliani associate Parnas will comply with Trump impeachment inquiry - lawyer

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Lev Parnas, an indicted Ukrainian-American businessman who has ties to President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, is now prepared to comply with requests for records and testimony from congressional impeachment investigators, his lawyer told Reuters on Monday.


This should settle all discussion about whether Trumpism will survive #ErraticTrump.  Without a resounding defeat of the Repubs and #Loser45 in November, it looks really bad for the country IMO.

Why the Impeachment Fight Is Even Scarier Than You Think

Political scientists have studied what our democracy is going through.
It usually doesn’t end well.


Political scientists have a term for what the United States is witnessing right now. It’s called “regime cleavage,” a division within the population marked by conflict about the foundations of the governing system itself—in the American case, our constitutional democracy. In societies facing a regime cleavage, a growing number of citizens and officials believe that norms, institutions and laws may be ignored, subverted or replaced.

And there are serious consequences: An emerging regime cleavage in the United States brought on by President Donald Trump and his defenders could signal that the American public might lose faith in the electoral process altogether or incentivize elected politicians to mount even more direct attacks on the independence of the judiciary and the separation of powers. Regime cleavages emerge only in governing systems in crisis, and our democracy is indeed in crisis.
Protecting the rule of law, defending the separation of powers and restoring constitutional order to Washington increasingly seem as though they will require the impeachment, conviction and removal from office of the current president. At the very least, Americans of every political persuasion must demand that the administration take part in the impeachment proceedings, even if the Republicans in the Senate ultimately weigh partisanship over evidence in their vote.


From the Fiscal Times


Economy Cools as Trade War Bites, Tax Cuts Fizzle
The economy grew at a 1.9% annual pace in the third quarter, according to preliminary data released by the Commerce Department Wednesday. Although the topline number was better than expected, the report confirms that growth is slowing, down slightly from a 2% annual rate in the second quarter.
Growth was driven largely by consumer spending, which increased at a 2.9% rate, exceeding expectations. Business spending, however, saw its biggest drop since 2015, with nonresidential investment falling at a 3% annual rate, following a 1% drop in the second quarter.
“It’s the same theme: Strong consumer, weak business,”
Michelle Girard, chief U.S. economist at NatWest Markets, told Bloomberg News.

And, of course, we have the bankruptcy of a huge coal company.  I thought #Loser45 was going to save all the coal jobs...  WHAT HAPPENED?

And more from the Fiscal Times (you know that radical leftist paper #Sarasm)


Tax cuts aren’t having much of an effect: The drop in business investment once again raises questions about the 2017 tax cuts. Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell pointed out that business investment was a key selling point for the GOP tax cuts: “Mechanism by which the GOP tax cut was supposed to supercharge growth was by supercharging business investment,” she wrote Wednesday. “Business investment instead *fell* last quarter, by 3% annualized.”
Ian Shepherdson of Pantheon Macroeconomics emphasized the point, saying the “capital spending numbers were awful and a bit worse than we expected, with structures investment -- oil rigs, offices, factories, commercial premises -- plunging 15.3 percent.”
To be sure, there were many other factors in play, with uncertainty around the Trump administration’s trade war likely playing a big role in suppressing overall investment. But that suggests that one part of Trump economic policy — the trade war — is swamping whatever positive effects might have been generated by another key part of his agenda, tax cuts.
Ernie Tedeschi, a managing director at Evercore ISI who served as an economist at the Treasury Department, said that it looks like the “2017 tax cut didn’t juice investment enough to withstand the trade war.”

Then, there are the tax cuts....


Defeat is never an option: President Trump seemed unfazed by the lackluster GDP report, tweeting Wednesday morning about “The Greatest Economy in American History!”
Numerous critics pointed out the fallacy of that claim.

Others noted that Trump had said the economy was “in deep trouble” when GDP growth was at the same level in 2012 during the Obama administration. Rampell dismissed Trump’s claim, tweeting, “You spent $2T in deficit-financed tax cuts to get us to exactly the rate of growth we had before you were president.”

Let the deflections and name-calling,...OR cowardly silence begin.


General Discussion Forum / The Black Christ of Portobelo, Panama
« on: October 27, 2019, 10:15:01 PM »
The Black Christ of Portobelo, Panama

Last week, a very interesting observance occurred in Panama, specifically on the Costa Arriba (Upper Coast) on the Caribbean Sea to the north of Panama.


Throughout the year, pilgrims come to pay homage to this statue of Christ carrying a cross, in its permanent home in Iglesia de San Felipe, a Roman Catholic parish church located in Portobelo, a city along the Caribbean coast of Panama.

But it is on Oct. 21 each year that the major celebration takes place. As many as 60,000 pilgrims from Portobelo and beyond travel for the festival, in which 80 men with shaved heads carry the black Christ statue on a large float through the streets of the city.

The men use a common Spanish style for solemn parades – three steps forward and two steps backward – as they move through the city streets. The night continues with music, drinking and dancing.

A couple of details that I can add to the above story.
Some devotees of the Black Christ make a long pilgrimage on foot from miles and miles away - sometimes dressed in purple robes. I have seen a few in past years on the highway more than 90 minutes DRIVE from their destination. Once in Portobelo, some pilgrims crawl the last distance to the church that houses the Black Christ. The pilgrims are of a variety of ethnic backgrounds.


Fellow posters, feel free to add to this list:

Vladimir Putin is looking unstoppable after a string of victories that Trump handed to him on a plate


Russian President Vladimir Putin went on a victory lap this week, replacing the US as chief power broker in Syria, and gaining a closer ally in Europe's backyard.

This is a far cry from the Putin of 2014, who became an international pariah after promoting civil unrest in Ukraine and annexing Crimea.

President Donald Trump effectively handed him these victories by pulling out of Syria, diminishing the US interest in Ukraine's security, and inviting Putin back to the world stage.

Trump's Syria withdrawal, in particular, made "Russia look like a major world power on the world stage," said James Nixey, head of Chatham House's Russia and Eurasia program.

The European Union, too internally divided to agree on a coherent Russia policy, has also failed to rein in Putin.


How Israel’s Justice System Dealt With Alleged Jewish Collaborators in Concentration Camps—And Why That Still Matters Today


When Allied forces broke open the gates of concentration camps in 1945, they discovered not only piles of corpses and dozens of gravely ill inmates but also survivors who were seeking revenge. Many of those who were liberated sought retribution not just against the Germans but against former Jewish functionaries in the camps and ghettos as well. Freed inmates lynched and beat Jews who, as ghetto policemen, had surrendered them and their family members to the Nazis or who, as kapos in concentration camps, had harassed or abused them.

In a contemporary culture that tends to venerate Holocaust survivors, the idea that a victim might have behaved in a questionable manner seems inconceivable. The prevalent view today, however, was not the dominant one for the first 20 years after World War II, when many believed that the victims as a group, and especially those who had served in leadership positions in ghettos and camps, shared responsibility with the Germans for the catastrophe that had befallen them.
Over those two decades, the kapo trials went through four main phases, moving from an initial perception of Jewish ghetto and camp functionaries as perpetrators equivalent to the Nazis to a final perception of them as victims.

During the first phase (August 1950–January 1952), alleged collaborators were subjected to uncompromising treatment. Legislators formulated the law so as to put Nazis and their Jewish collaborators on equal footing, a perspective that failed to take into account the antithetical worlds in which they lived....

Those who collaborate with the enemy deserve punishment!!!


The Five Stages of Whiteness

This is a very interesting piece describing how a white person and, I would add, a non-white person, is indoctrinated into whiteness (white so-called supremacy).

Heath describes how he was taken down the primrose path (thru 4 of the 5 Stages); how he finally and slowly became aware and how he painfully extricated himself from being "not so much a believer in white supremacy."

White Slight
White Light
White Right
White Fright
White Fight

In the LAST stage, folks will offer up fallacious and sophomoric arguments such as citing a lack of railroads as evidence of an entire group of people's backwardness.

Excerpt from Stage Five - White Fight:

 Those trapped here do not just accept the Story but perpetuate it with the sweaty sincerity of an End-Is-Near sign holder. They do not simply articulate a position but work toward recruitment for the ranks. Here, one becomes a champion of white culture, which means a champion of white supremacy. The white story is not just the loudest; it’s the only story. All else is noise.


DOJ review of Russia probe now a criminal inquiry


And remember, where you have a concentration of power in a few hands, all too frequently men with the mentality of gangsters get control. History has proven that.

John Dalberg-Acton


Politics / Dang!!! #ErraticTrump Called y04 and Olds..t, "HUMAN SCUM'!!!!
« on: October 23, 2019, 09:39:46 PM »
Neither of them has been defending him here on O-dan and #Loser45 says Repubs who do not forcefully defend him (not the Constitution, not the country, but him) are HUMAN SCUM!!

I may not agree with what they say, but I will defend to the death the right of y04 and Olds.t not to defend #ErraticTrump and will reject the label of "HUMAN SCUM" that the leader of the GOP has given to them!!



Unfortunately, there is no date on this...


Politics / Can #Loser45's CULT Members be Deprogrammed....?
« on: October 23, 2019, 11:27:49 AM »

Can the Trump cult be deprogrammed? Here’s what this mind control expert says

There are multiple overlapping constituencies of people who are following Trump. But the most devoted Trump supporters are people involved with religious cult groups or following leaders who they believe are apostles or prophets. These people are so programmed to fear Satan and evil spirits that they are disconnected from their own critical thinking and from their own consciences.
And like God used King Cyrus in the Bible, these people believe that God is using Trump. So while they may not like or respect Trump personally, these Trump supporters are part of a belief system which tells them that Donald Trump is doing God’s will. Therefore, they are going to do whatever Trump says to do.
One of the most universal techniques of subverting our ability to correctly assess reality is through phobia indoctrination. This is the implantation of irrational fears against questioning the leader, the doctrine, or the organization or cult’s policies.

People who were raised in strict fundamentalist-type religious groups, where they’re not encouraged to make mistakes, think for themselves or use their conscience but rather to obediently follow doctrine and the authority figure, are going to be more susceptible to following someone like Donald Trump.
Trump tells his followers not to listen to his critics or former members of the group — meaning people who have left his administration or otherwise no longer support this presidency and movement. Trump also tells his followers not to listen to other information if it is critical of him. Outside information is essential for reality-testing and how we as human beings make our own decisions and practice free will. Donald Trump also tells his followers that if you don’t follow him, terrible things are going to happen to you, the country and the world.
I do not believe that Donald Trump is very smart. I do not think that Donald Trump has an ability to focus on things in a very sustained way.  Trump does not read. He is not committed to learning. What Trump is centered on is pleasure and personal enjoyment. He has a narcissistic need to have people around him telling him how great he is. I am also a firm believer that for many years Vladimir Putin, a former senior KGB officer, has been running a program to use and influence Donald Trump.

Trump is also being heavily influenced by billionaires in the fossil fuel industry and others who have a vested interest in establishing a right-wing Christian theocracy and/or a right-wing libertarian government, for example, who know that to get what they want from Donald Trump all they have to do is stroke his ego.
So the question then becomes, when Donald Trump is making these violent threats, what is going on in the minds of the people who are around him? Are Trump’s inner circle, his followers and other supporters really willing to commit murder for Donald Trump? Will his followers go that far for him?



Let’s assume that Trump either resigns or is somehow forced out of office. What will that do to his supporters? Will they lash out? Or will Trump’s supporters turn that rage inward against themselves?

Unfortunately, my experience is that people often stay on automatic pilot for years after being in a cult. Trump’s supporters are an easy target for another country, whether it’s Russia or Iran or China or some other hostile country that wants to sow division in the United States. Unfortunately, I think that Trump’s supporters are going to be a great danger to the rest of us in this country for some time.
Long-term (brain) damage and to the country, too, y'all!


Hell, the Five Blind Boys could see that!!!!!

Former top Navy SEAL who oversaw the Osama bin Laden raid says the US is 'under attack from the president'

McRaven said that despite the apolitical nature of various military branches, intelligence agencies, and public-service organizations, the people employed by these groups had witnessed "the assaults on our institutions" under the Trump administration.

"They have seen our leaders stand beside despots and strongmen, preferring their government narrative to our own," McRaven wrote. "They have seen us abandon our allies and have heard the shouts of betrayal from the battlefield. As I stood on the parade field at Fort Bragg, one retired four-star general, grabbed my arm, shook me and shouted, 'I don't like the Democrats, but Trump is destroying the Republic!'"

"Those words echoed with me throughout the week," McRaven added.

Olds..t is about to call McRaven a "commie!!"


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