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When you finish listening to all the BS and deflections, what it comes down to is:


If you have 15 reasons why you can't fly to Cape Town for dinner and one of them is you don't have the money, the other 14 reasons don't really matter.  Same with lack of signatures.

Republican challenger for Ocasio-Cortez's congressional seat drops out of race

She blames everyone but Santa Claus!!
But, I give her credit; she carried it off with aplomb!

She was the one that Repubs were bragging about who would challenge AOC!

 :lmao:    :lmao:    :lmao:

She was cannon fodder anyway!!

This particular thread
was locked, so I could not post in it:

I simply wanted to tell Wildman that once again I used info from his Original Post (OP) in that thread to DEMOLISH some BS by Repubs, including Black #ErraticTrump supporters.

THANK YOU, WILDMAN,....AGAIN!!! The gift that keeps on giving.

I added to that great nugget of history, one of my favorite CRUSHES of poor little y04 who claimed I was lying when I said it here on O-dan years ago. (He didn't even take time to Google it, before embarrassing himself in public........AGAIN.)  He's such a big-time Repub that he COULDN'T BELIEVE that southern GOPers had segregated units.

One was the 'Black and Tans' and other was - WAIT FOR IT - The Lily Whites.

When I posted the proof, y04 went POOF!!!!

Gone are the good ole days when Olds..t and y04 would EVEN PRETEND to have a discussion. 

They got blown away so often, they both decided to abandon ALL pretense and either (for Olds..t) just call names OR (y04's favorite) do a McConnell imitation and keep his head inside the shell by not even making a comment on what he posts.


Both y04 (the big corruption watchdog) and Olds..t liked to mention good ol' boy Steve Stockton, Repub of Texas, over the years - going back to at least 2013 and continuing on.

But they didn't mention it when in 2018 he was convicted on 23 of 24 corruption charges and sent from the courtroom DIRECTLY (DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200) TO JAIL.

Turns out  - after lobbying to be the Ambassador to the UAE - he was arrested at or on the way to the airport bearing a ticket to the UAE and was considered a flight risk, since he was facing dozens of years in jail.


In April, a Houston jury convicted Stockman of 23 felonies, including fraud, in a series of illegal acts prosecutors called "a white-collar crime spree." During a bizarre, weeks-long criminal trial this year, prosecutors said Stockman misused $1.25 million in funds from political donors to pay for miscellaneous and sundry personal expenses: hot air balloon rides, kennel bills and a new dishwasher. Stockman was also accused of planting an undercover intern in the state House office of a political rival, state Rep. James White, R-Hillister.

A federal judge ruled that Stockman was a flight risk and ordered him to await his sentencing in federal custody. He appeared Wednesday morning in an orange jumpsuit, according to the Houston Chronicle.

He was sentenced to 10 years for FRAUD, CONVERTING CAMPAIGN FUNDS via a FAKE CHARITY to his PERSONAL USE, ETC.

He had a history of run-ins with the law, including previous convictions,

but that didn't stop the GOP from nominating him and electing him to Congress where he - this is where y04 and Olds..t come in - continually bashed #RealPresidentObama.

He's currently in Federal prison and seeking a pardon - of course.

He was apparently a shining example to y04 and Olds..t, given their repeated posts of his statements.  But somehow, they 'FORGOT' to tell us when he got busted, convicted or sentenced.


..I know he'll appreciate me sharing it.

Wiregrass posted a related article on the General Discussion Board, but Brett Favre is just a headline.

From 2019 about the GOP-run State:


At least once a month, the state auditor says a public official in the Magnolia State gets caught embezzling money -- with demands equaling more than $2.5 million since last July.


Auditor Shad White says the number one way they get information is from whistle blowers and tips.

Some states even give a financial incentive to those citizens concerned about corruption.

Called a false claims act, it allows residents to bring fraud cases against a public body on behalf of the state.

Whatever the state receives, that person gets a portion of it.

Thirty-one states have some form of that false claims act in place to help weed out corruption.

Mississippi, however, isn’t one of them.


FROM MAY 2020 re: the GOP-run State.

Audit finds Mississippi misspent millions in federal anti-poverty funds


A review of how the Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS) spent the money showed stunning levels of corruption that could endanger future federal funding for anti-poverty programs in one of the poorest states in the United States, state auditor Shad White said.

“You see a pretty grotesque example of misspending of taxpayer dollars,” White told reporters at a news conference, when the audit was released on Monday.


Much of the money went to a family of professional wrestlers with Mississippi ties, the auditor’s office said. Former wrestler Ted Dibiase - who performed as “The Million Dollar Man” - and two of his sons were paid for work that was not performed and for programs that did not help the needy, it said.

Money was also spent on religious concerts and for donations to organizations not tied to anti-poverty work, including the Mississippi Highway Patrol, the American Heart Association and various beauty pageants.

Requests for comment sent to DiBiase’s personal website and to his Heart of David Ministry were not returned.

Mississippi's Ex-Welfare Director, 5 Others Arrested Over 'Massive' Fraud

Special agents from the Mississippi Office of the State Auditor arrested John Davis, the former executive director of the Mississippi Department of Human Services, on Wednesday. He and five others are accused of diverting millions of dollars from a family-welfare program.


Of course, all but 2 or 3 folks here KNOW that 'EVERYTIME' #ErraticTrump's lips are moving he IS LYING.

However, to set the record straight, here is what ACTUALLY happened when Pelosi mentioned Chinatown:

First off, Don the Con and his supporters seem not to realize that China and Chinatown are NOT the same thing.

Some items from the fact-checkers:

Other than a reference to a parade that took place two weeks earlier, Pelosi did not propose a parade, a street fair or a party, as Trump claimed. She never indicated she doubted the virus existed, as Trump claimed. She promoted Chinese businesses, even tweeting a brief video of her making fortune cookies.
(Pelosi's) tweet is still on her Twitter account. Yet Trump falsely claimed she had deleted a tweet of her visit to Chinatown. The video in Trump’s tweet came from a news clip, and there is no record of Pelosi deleting such a tweet.

There is also no evidence Pelosi was responsible for “many deaths.” As of April 22, there have been a total of 21 deaths in San Francisco County; the first death was not announced until March 25, a month after her trip to Chinatown.

Chinatown, in fact, had no covid-19 cases as of mid-April in its 22 blocks, according to a report published by the New York Times. “Despite being particularly vulnerable to the novel coronavirus in the United States, Chinatown turned out to be well-prepared, unlike other places around the country,” the article said, citing a community plan of action that was put in place on Feb. 1, emphasizing frequent hand-cleaning, availability of sanitizers and education on basic hygiene principles, including frequent use of masks.

But y04, Olds..t (and Wiregrass, what about you?) BELIEVE there was a block party, street festival AND a parade planned by Pelosi in Chinatown....because their CULT's Dear Leader told them so.


He runs away like a scared little puppy dog!!!

And it's actually the most sensible thing he's done in a long time, after that horrendous "inject" disenfectact to "cleanse" the lungs thingy he did.

But hey, on the bright side, this is a rare time that Olds..t was correct.  You remember, right?

When he said #ErraticTrump should STOP talking about COVID.  That was weeks ago.

But Olds..t, like his CULT's Dear Leader, ran away.  He was too afraid to say WHY.



No Lies Detected!


Right, Olds..t and y04 and Wiregrass??


Fox News anchor Bret Baier on Tuesday called out conservatives for exhibiting some hypocrisy over President Donald Trump asserting he had “total” authority over states’ decisions, pointing out that their “heads would’ve exploded” if the previous president made similar remarks.

During an unhinged coronavirus briefing on Monday, the president insisted that he had absolute power when it comes to states’ social-distancing guidelines, claiming that he has authority over governors to decide when states should reopen amid the pandemic. Despite legal experts rebutting his assertion, the president doubled down on Tuesday and likened Democratic governors to mutineers.

Of course, since then he has backtracked.

The funniest part to me is that #ErraticTrump is LEADING FROM BEHIND!!

Now, he's like the guy running to get in front of the parade so he can claim to be leading it.  Evidence:
- several of the hardest hit states form regional compacts to decide how to 're-open'
- next day, #Loser45 says ONLY he has the authority
- then he backs off and, HILARIOUSLY
- issues a statement "giving" governors the authority to do what they were already planning on doing and which he claimed ONLY he could do

What a dotard!!


Repub Strategist Denounces the GOP

His book is entitled: "IT WAS ALL A LIE"



This is literally unbelievable...

And some folks still believe the clown in the Oval Office when he speaks!!



Politics / #ErraticTrump Supporters At Their VERY Best!!!!
« on: March 23, 2020, 10:29:56 PM »

This was recorded during the impeachment process.


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