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After a long decline in enrollment, Alabama’s historically black colleges may be in a growth period.

Alabama holds the nation’s largest number of HBCUs, with 14 public and private institutions meeting the designation. The colleges, built prior to 1964, were originally established to educate African Americans, who for centuries were blocked from attending state schools.
Experts say HBCUs are key to building strong, vibrant communities – and are economic drivers in many parts of the country. In Alabama, HBCUs have contributed more than a billion dollars to the state’s economy in recent years. In 2020, they produced about a quarter, or 3,581, of the state’s 14,667 Black graduates, federal data shows.

For decades, though, the institutions have struggled to attract and retain students. Just in the past 10 years, enrollment has declined and tuition has risen faster at HBCUs than any other school, an analysis found.

We live in a crazy world. Nothing is off limits anymore. Whew lawd! This is an interesting article. I've seen many of these scenarios play out.

Here are some of the shocking and heartbreaking responses:
1."Years back, my husband and I were going through a rough patch. I started having an affair with a handsome man I met at work. It was everything I’d been missing: passion, romance, and wild in the bedroom. But I became pregnant a few months later. I came to my senses and cut things off to focus on my marriage and the baby. To this day, I don’t know if my child belongs to my husband or the man I had an affair with."
2. "I lived a double life with another partner for six years out of our 12-year marriage. Same city, used a different name, two wardrobes, two sets of friends. I was exhausted. No kids, thank god. I was incredibly selfish. Neither of them know. I’m in therapy now."
3. "Our first child was not an accident. I was ready. We had a great support network in my family and our friends. We owned our home. Both had stable careers. We’d been together for 10 years. He kept saying it wasn’t the right time, but I don’t think he ever would have felt it was the right time. His mom was emotionally abusive, and his dad was just thoughtless — both told him regularly that their careers were more important than him. His own fear of being like them was holding him back. So, I just decided to go off the pill and feign surprise when the test was positive."
4. "I had a torrid, full-blown love affair with a coworker. Neither of us were happy in our marriages at the time, but we brought out a passion in each other that neither of us had with our spouses. Our affair ended after two years, but we still remained friends. We both stayed married and even became parents. Our kids are the same age, and we all hang out together. Neither of our spouses knows the truth, though I’m sure they had their suspicions over the years."
5. "About four years ago, our neighbor, who is a beautiful man, started looking at me a certain way. I don’t have much self-confidence and don't feel very sexy, so it took me a while to realize he was attracted to me. Anyway, one day after a bunch of our neighbors got together, my husband went home and passed out cold. I ended up in my neighbor's garage doing anything and everything to each other. It was amazing. AMAZING."
6. "After my husband told me that he cheated on me, I slept with three of his friends. I will never tell my husband because he still feels guilty, and divorcing at this time will negatively impact me. Our marriage has been over since he told me, but I need for our youngest to graduate so that I am not financially ruined."
7. "Once a year, I sleep with my husband's brother (who is also married) during a 'business trip.'"
8. "I racked up $50,000 in credit card debt and took out loans to pay it off. I will never tell my husband."
9. "During my junior year of college, my now-husband and I were on a break. We had been dating since high school but called off our official relationship. You honestly couldn't tell we were not an item because we talked all the time, hung out, and constantly had sleepovers. But a guy in my major started paying attention to me. It had been a while since I felt pursued like that. I ended up sleeping with this guy one time, and it was the BEST sex I have ever had."
10. "I've cheated on my spouse several times and don't regret it. I've been asking for a divorce for a long time, and they refuse. *Insert shrug here* If they knew about my affairs, it might actually work the next time I ask, but now, I'm so exhausted from dealing with my partner that I don't have the energy to fight through a divorce."

General Discussion Forum / Should Disney pull out of Florida?
« on: March 02, 2023, 03:14:25 PM »
Is it time for Disney to seek offers from other places? Ron Desantis is now in control of a private company. At some point a business decision has to be made. How do you all see this playing out?

What old school cologne or perfume are you still wearing? My sister bought me some Drakkar as a joke two years ago because I use to wear the heck out of that back in the day. Well I actually started wearing it again back in rotation. The older and younger women seem to like it on me.  :lol: So I'm not letting it go yet.  :lmao:

Man what is it with people and this crazy violence over fast food?  :crazy:

A Georgia woman allegedly drove her vehicle into a Popeyes after biscuits were left out of her order, according to multiple reports.

Belinda H. Miller, 50, was charged with first-degree criminal damage to property and aggravated assault.

Richmond County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a Popeyes location in Augusta after receiving reports of an accident with injuries.

The establishment’s manager told police Miller became angry when there were no biscuits with her order, then drove her SUV into the restaurant’s entrance.

The manager said the Popeyes corrected the mistake and gave her the biscuits prior to the crash. Miller nearly struck an 18-year-old employee with her vehicle when she crashed into the store.

The woman was booked into the Charles B. Webster Detention Center on Wednesday and given a bond of more than $4,000, although it is unclear if she remains in custody.

General Discussion Forum / Do you wash your meat before cooking?
« on: February 26, 2023, 09:39:27 AM »
Do you wash your meat before cooking? I keep seeing this argument on tic toc. I was at amazed at how many people said they don't wash their meat before cooking. This one lady wash frying some chicken. She took it straight out the pack and put in some flour. It had feathers on it!  :vomit: It was more of the people who don't believe the CDC about getting the covid shot, but quoting the same CDC about not washing your meat. How do folks not wash that film and pull the husk off of chicken!  :crazy:

Have y'all heard anything about this with LL Kool J! It's already full and the wait-list is long. I'm going try and catch it. Old school hip hop and our age is going to be off the chain

Hey Neymar come to Huntsville this weekend. The AKA's taking over. It's going to be some nice looking single women here dude. Come on and find you that wife you're looking for.

So sad this is what the world is coming to. :no:

Bra exposed and wigs flying, mother and daughter are seen trading blows with Spirit Airlines agents in video of wild airport brawl after they were hit with extra fees at the gate for their oversized carry-on baggage

The shocking footage begins with the two travelers grabbing and clawing at gate agents in the entrance to the jetway as the Fort Lauderdale-bound flight prepares to board.

The younger woman tugs violently on a Spirit staffer's dreadlocks while an airport worker in a high vis jacket slaps her over the back of the head and shouts 'get off, get off.'

General Discussion Forum / Lawton native talks about attending an HBCU
« on: February 13, 2023, 07:52:21 PM »
Wonderful article! You all should make sure you read.

LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - Lawton native Mackenzie Mims graduated from MacArthur High School in 2018 and then went on to attend Langston University.

Langston University is the only HBCU in Oklahoma. Mims said she wanted a different experience in life.

“To experience what it’s like to not be the minority and to feel a little more comfortable being myself,” said Mims.

She graduated in May of 2022 with a Bachelor’s of Science and Biology and was the top student of arts and sciences.

Man these pilgrims are sick in the head

Georgia woman who brought gun to polls said she was in ‘fear’ as Black Lives Matter handed voters water

A white woman who brought her gun into a Georgia polling place said Tuesday she was “in fear for my life” when the group Black Voters Matter handed out water to waiting voters and played hip-hop music during the 2020 election.

Black Voters Matter volunteers didn’t break any state laws, according to a vote by the State Election Board. It wasn’t until the next year that Georgia legislators banned distributing snacks and water.

How sick can you be 🤢

An elementary school teacher in Homestead was charged Wednesday with having sex with one of his students. The relationship, police said the 13-year-old victim told them, was “romantic” after referring to him as her “boyfriend.”

Davis Augustine Hodge Jr., 30, is facing four counts of using his authority to have sex with a child. Investigators say Hodge used his position as a sponsor of the school’s chess club to lure the then-12-year-old into his classroom at the West Homestead K-8 Center after school on Fridays, where they engaged in sexual contact at least four times.

He asked the child, referred to in court records as A.A., “to tell her parents she was staying after school for tutoring.” Police say Hodges and the child had sex three times in November and again in January. The teen told police that Hodge told her he was her boyfriend.


Will Smith and Martin Lawrence announced Tuesday they are making a fourth “Bad Boys” movie.

The actors made the announcement on Instagram, and Sony Pictures announced Tuesday that the untitled “Bad Boys” sequel is in early pre-production.

It will be one of Smith’s most high-profile new projects since he slapped Chris Rock at the Academy Awards.

In the Instagram video, Smith said, “It’s about that time!”

I don't know if you folks like documentaries like I do, but Fight the power how Hip hop changed the world is on PBS 8 pm central time tonight that is 9 pm eastern time

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