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The Drum / Doubts About Going to College
« on: Today at 09:41:21 AM »
More than a third of prospective college students are reconsidering higher education. And 43 percent of prospective students for one- and two-year programs are looking to delay enrollment, survey finds.


Bennett College in Greensboro, N.C., has achieved accreditation candidacy status with the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, the historically Black college announced Wednesday...

...Tell Robinson he’s not good enough to earn a basketball scholarship to Jackson State, and he’ll become Mississippi Valley State’s all-time leader in assists, while beating the Tigers seven times in eight games.

Tell Robinson he’s not experienced enough to be Jackson State’s athletic director, and a couple of years later the administration will be thrilled to hire him, having watched him turn Prairie View’s moribund program into a winner...

A conversation with players about life outside of the U.S. while playing professional basketball

Sports Forum / Sports great Rafer Johnson dies at 86
« on: Today at 08:19:07 AM »
Olympic gold medalist Rafer Johnson, who helped bring Summer Games to L.A., dies at 86

As the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles neared, city leaders knew they needed to start strong. Many doubted the city could pull off such a global event, and a weak or botched opening ceremony might prove them right.

For the key role of lighting the Olympic flame, organizers chose Rafer Johnson, winner of the 1960 Olympic decathlon gold medal and one of the city’s most treasured athletes. But in preparation for the opening ceremony, Johnson discovered a problem...

Sports Forum / Buddy Pough gets extension from SC State
« on: Yesterday at 06:49:02 PM »
Buddy Pough and South Carolina State have agreed on a deal that would allow him to coach next spring and fall.

Dawn Davis wants Bon Appétit to be the top destination for recipes, but also a place to gather and discuss the links between culture and food.

...Black sports agents

With each passing day, speculation mounted as Jalen Ramsey’s contract situation remained unsettled.

The Rams’ star cornerback had walked out of a virtual news conference at the start of training camp when reporters peppered him with questions. As the season opener approached, Ramsey picked up his cellphone and texted his agent, David Mulugheta.

“‘Look, I just want to let you know that if the deal gets done, if the deal does not get done, I appreciate everything you do,’” Ramsey wrote. “‘You’re still the greatest in my eyes.’”

Mulugheta appreciated the note. The two share a brotherly relationship: Ramsey is the godfather of one of his three sons. Mulugheta worked to secure every penny Ramsey deserved.

He delivered...


Tyrod Taylor will not file a grievance against the Chargers over the medical incident that led to the quarterback ultimately losing his starting job, a person from the NFL with knowledge of the situation confirmed.

Taylor suffered a punctured lung Sept. 20 while receiving a pregame injection meant to help him deal with pain from a previous rib injury.

Rookie Justin Herbert was forced to start against Kansas City when Taylor was unable to play.

Herbert has been the team’s starter since then, playing well enough to emerge among the league leaders in several passing categories.

While Taylor was recovering, coach Anthony Lynn continued to maintain that he would return to the starting job when healthy. But given Herbert’s performance, that did not happen.

Taylor’s only appearance since playing in the Chargers’ season opener came Nov. 8, when he replaced a shaken-up Herbert for a two-point conversion attempt that failed.

In his 10th season, Taylor signed a two-year, $11-million contract with the Chargers in March 2019. He’ll be a free agent after the season.


Jackson State athletic director Ashley Robinson had big goals for the university heading into 2020. Today, he's seeing a lot of those goals come to fruition.

A large goal for him was to make sure the existing athletic facilities were updated. The original plan was for the upgrades to begin this past spring, but the COVID-19 pandemic held them off.

The first phase of the $5-10 million upgrades began Oct. 1 in the Lee E. Williams Athletic and Assembly Center on the men's and women's basketball locker rooms.

In the Durrell Design Group markup, the locker rooms have blue carpet with the JSU logo on the floor and an animated Tiger highlighted by LED lights on the ceiling.

The JSU basketball lounge has four desktop computers accompanied by office chairs, a large projected image of the basketball schedule, blue carpet, a blue couch, a coffee table and a television, among other features.

"The idea for it came from the vision I have for this program and what this generation's looking for from a recruiting standpoint," Robinson said. "It came as a suggestion from my men's and women's head basketball coaches. We wanted to make sure we had a quality Division I locker room and lounge for our student-athletes."

The changes for the design around the Lee E. Williams Athletic and Assembly Center don't stop on the inside. The markups show new words that read "Tiger JSU World" over the ticket office and another corner of the basketball arena.

"With the AAC, we're giving it a new modern and new-generation look," Robinson said. "We want it to be an eye-catching building on campus. At the AAC, we do a lot in this building, not only on the athletic side, but on the administration and University side."

The practice football facility and a new track are included in the first phase as well. The track has eight lanes, and the practice turf football field will sit in the middle of the track with an awning over it. A sign with the JSU logo and a donor's name will hang from the top of the awning.

Each week, facility upgrades will be released, including the softball, baseball, soccer and tennis area. The bowling alley, coaching offices and strength and conditioning will also be upgraded.

Work on the facilities is expected to be done within the next three years. Upon completion, the university will look into building an on-campus football stadium.

"We have a football stadium that we can play in, hold our alumni and fans," Robinson said. "Our goal is to start talking and have an on-campus stadium as the ending goal, but our goal right now is to upgrade all of the facilities, all of our sports that we have on campus to enhance our program."

To help fund the renovations, Robinson asked for Jackson State alumni and donate to the Building Champions Fund or purchase football tickets online at Tickets are also available at Mississippi Memorial Veterans Stadium every day from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Right now, the attendance restrictions for games are at 25%, which would allow approximately 12,000-13,000 fans in the stadium.

For giving specifically, click on the "give" tab on The athletic director said giving has been up 40-50% since Deion Sanders was announced as the school's 21st football coach. Sanders officially starts on Dec. 1.

"I challenge all of our alumni supporters to continue to give so we can help grow the institution not from an athletic standpoint, but to grow Jackson State University as a whole and the city of Jackson," Robinson said.

This summer, 34-year-old Victoria Gray became the first person in the U.S. to have a gene editing therapy as treatment for sickle cell disease. “It’s a very big deal for me,” Gray said in a national media interview after learning the groundbreaking treatment was working. “It’s the change I’ve been waiting on my whole life.”

Gray, a Black wife and a mother of three from Mississippi, had been living with the complications of the inherited blood disorder that disproportionately affects African Americans for her entire life.

CRISPR is a new technique that involves cutting out a tiny piece of the mutation or defective gene that causes sickle cell disease in the hopes that the corrected gene will then work to make normal hemoglobin (a protein in red blood cells) instead of the sickle-shaped hemoglobin that gives the disease its name...

Voorhees College scholar athlete and baseball player Calvin Coach III completed his studies and has successfully met the challenges presented as a Competitiveness Scholar by the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities...

Sports Forum / New-look Hampton knocks off George Washington
« on: Yesterday at 08:31:17 AM »
Hampton University lost two of the top scorers in Division I basketball last season. But new stars appear to have emerged.

Sports Forum / Hot-shooting Morgan State holds off Lincoln
« on: Yesterday at 08:29:59 AM »
Morgan State and Lincoln University met in a matchup between MEAC and CIAA squads. LU gave it a shot but MSU had too many shooters.

Sports Forum / Norfolk State and Old Dominion are reluctant rivals
« on: Yesterday at 08:28:23 AM »
Wednesday’s Norfolk State-Old Dominion matchup will be just the 20th time the two programs who share the same city have met.

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