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:shrug: How do you like YOUR grilled cheese sammiches?

Me?  sliced tomato, bacon, and I alternate between gouda, provolone and white cheddar cheeses...and a bowl of tomato basil soup. YESSIRR!!!  :bow:

The Best Cheeses For Grilled Cheese, According To People Who Truly Know


Growing up in the projects of Queens, Raheem Lewis was an angry young man surrounded by drugs and violence.

“I was a bad individual. I was just always angry, and I didn’t know why I had the anger,” he tells The Post. “I was just a mad kid.”

Then one day, he was handed an unlikely lifeline: yoga.

In 2012, Lewis found himself on a yoga mat with two friends after local activist Erica Ford sent them to a class to keep them out of trouble.

General Discussion Forum / How to stop a crying baby?
« on: April 12, 2019, 09:50:29 AM »
How to stop a crying baby?

This dad’s trick might work

the baby's expression is priceless!!!!!

Sports Forum / Miles releases 2019 football schedule
« on: April 12, 2019, 09:02:07 AM »
I like to call the Golden Bears...
The Golden Grizzlies ;D

Miles College
has officially released its 2019 football schedule as the Golden Bears look to win a Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference title for a second consecutive season.

The Chicago Classic is cool and all but I'm glad we are finally playing back AT Miles campus versus some classic all out of the doggone way. With only 2 hours between Miles and Da'House, I don't like taking this matchup so far from either campus. But, I digress.... see yall on Sep. 14.

A five-year investigation supported the officers claims of racism

Three Black New York detectives who had sued the NYPD’s Intel Division for discrimination were awarded a $700,000 settlement.

Jon McCollum, Theodore Coleman and Roland Stephens accused the division’s commanding officer, Chief Thomas Galati, of systematic discrimination for bypassing them in favor of promoting white, less qualified, colleagues, according to The New York Daily News. The detectives, two of whom are retired while the third, Coleman, is deceased, also named Galati’s predecessor, former Deputy Commissioner David Cohen, in the 2017 suit. Both Galati and Cohen are white.

Read on:

Woman connected in pastor’s shooting death a ‘certified anger management specialist’

COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. – New details are emerging about the woman connected to the slaying of a Memphis pastor and injuring his wife at a Collierville apartment complex Thursday night.

Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church announced that Pastor Brodes Perry had died Friday, but didn’t specify how he died.

Collierville police have charged Latoshia Daniels with first-degree murder, in addition to attempted murder and other charges, but have not released the victims' names.

The Commercial Appeal is reporting that sources have confirmed Daniels was charged in connection with the shooting.

Listen to this commentary...OH MY!


I can understand this woman wanting the death penalty for the young man who shot and killed her husband.

 :shrug:Now if she was the mother of the young man pulling the trigger instead, would she still be Pro-Death Penalty?

I personally go back and forth with it myself too.


whoever put this together,


USED to be 'mama's baby, daddy's? maybe'  now you can't even trust that. WHY would she do this? She said FOR FUN? What?  :shrug:

I swapped about 5,000 Babies in 12 years I worked in maternity ward at UTH - Elizabeth Mwewa

A Zambian nurse, Elizabeth Mwewa, has confessed her sins on her sick bed as she asked God for forgiveness, Zambian Observer reported.

The nurse who used to work at The University Teaching Hospital (UTH) in Zambia confessed that she has exchanged over 5000 babies during 12 years of service.[/font]

Jennifer Hart drove her six children to their deaths as her wife looked up how much they would suffer, a jury says

As the car was in motion, Sarah was busy with the searches:

"How easily can I overdose on over the counter medications?"
"Can 500mg of Benadryl kill a 125lb woman?"
"How long does it take to die from hypothermia while drowning in a car?"

They intended to kill their 6 children, jury finds

The horrifying details emerged Thursday after a coroner's jury unanimously ruled that Jennifer and Sarah Hart intended to die along with their six adopted children: Markis, 19, Jeremiah and Abigail, both 14, Devonte, 15, Hannah, 16, and Ciera, 12.


Years before Elisabeth Hasselbeck was fired from The View in 2013, she declared she was quitting after a fiery on-air confrontation with Barbara Walters. And she had some choice words about her departure. A clip revealed exclusively to Variety contains the f-bomb filled fight that led to the longtime daytime show host yelling “I quit. I’m quitting.”

:shrug: How come yall cannot visit the Grand Canyon WITHOUT falling in? What in ice blue heyal are yall doing out there? Seriously?  :shrug:

CNN)A 67-year-old man died after falling over the edge of the Grand Canyon, bringing the number to three deaths at the popular tourist destination in the past eight days.

The visitor fell Wednesday near the Yavapai Geology Museum, which is on the South Rim in Grand Canyon Village, according to the National Park Service.

Last week, two people died while visiting the canyon.

On Thursday, a man from Hong Kong was taking pictures at an overlook when he slipped and fell, according to the Grand Canyon West.

The man, who was in his late 50's, was part of a tour group visiting the Eagle Point observation area at Grand Canyon West and was apparently taking a selfie, according to David Leibowitz, a spokesman for Eagle Point

 :shrug: Me? 

The Brothers Johnson Greatest Hits


An Arby’s worker has been fired and arrested after an altercation with a customer turned fatal. According to Tulsa World, 25-year-old Deionna Young was working in an Arby’s drive-through when Desean Tallent came through. Police say Young was the manager of the Tusla, Oklahoma location and got into an unspecified altercation with Tallent, who then spit on her and threatened her.

Tulsa World reports that Tallent returned an hour later and Young chased him out of the parking lot where he’d retreated in his own car. Young was armed and shot into Tallent’s car, killing him, according to police.

Sports Forum / The Worst Stadiums in the NFL
« on: March 28, 2019, 03:23:32 PM »

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