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I'm always happy to watch the broadcasts, but I think more production coordination is needed.  (1) The production units record the (halftime) segments with both university Presidents prior to the start of the game. Good insight. :nod:  Then (2) you play the interviews back-to-back during halftime, and get (3) none of the WSSU band performance. :nono2: Come back from that Coca-Cola commercial and attempt to go live to the band, but they're headed off the field now. :shrug:

I'll guarantee you that 50% of the viewers are interested in the halftime performance. 

Woman fired after video of her blocking man from entering his downtown loft goes viral
ST. LOUIS ( - The woman seen in a viral video confronting and blocking a St. Louis man from entering his downtown loft was fired from her job Sunday.

Sports Forum / Morehouse Maroon Tigers B-Ball: Undefeated!
« on: December 19, 2017, 04:57:32 PM »
Went to watch those Maroon Tigers play Central State last night.  We're not very big in the low post, but we were shooting the lights out! 88 - 66 win.  We're 10 - 0!!!! :clap:


Gov. Pat McCrory has signed into law...House Bill 972 on Monday afternoon.

The new law details who can view and obtain footage from body and dashboard camera. The footage is no longer public record.

 :shrug: :shrug: :shrug:


Appears that the newspaper won't cover JSU athletics anymore, or at least until JSU officials restore media access to players and coaches.  What gives?  :shrug:

General Discussion Forum / Atlanta Mayor Terminates Fire Chief
« on: January 07, 2015, 12:59:28 PM »
I'm interested in the opinions of the Onnidan family on this one:

It appears that the Fire Chief for the City of Atlanta was terminated for handing out a book to staff members...a book that he authored that contained faith-based opinions.  He was suspended for nearly a month, I believe...and when he returned from his suspension, he was terminated.

In his defense, he says he was given the green light to write the book by one of the city's counsel.  I'm not sure this is over...legally, that is...

Sports Forum / Hey Onnidan...Did Morehouse win its game vs. Kentucky St?
« on: November 10, 2014, 08:58:18 AM »
Front page says we lost....26-20.  :shrug:

I understand the outpouring of support for Trayvon Martin.  It was a senseless tragedy.  I'm also concerned that folks are not up in arms when there's black on black crime.  No marches.  No (concerned) media coverage.  No Black Panthers.  No church protests.  No blogging.  No Facebook.

This type of crime is the REAL epidemic. 

Folks are getting up in arms because Trayvon's life is obviously considered less important because of no arrest, and the callous disregard of the Sanford police, along with the arrogance of Zimmerman, and the lack of backbone by the (black) city manager.

God bless Trayvon's soul....but I'm not caught up in this story because for me, there's a bigger picture.  I wonder when we're going to LOVE one another.  EXPECT more, REQUIRE more, GIVE more.  Hold ourselves responsible when we do wrong...don't let someone else cause you to react in order to show them what our lives are worth. That type of misguided thinking cheapens the lives of black men and women across America.

Oh wait...stop the presses...'cause there is a white woman missing.  News at 11.  Meanwhile, brothers are STILL killing brothers, and most blacks are satisfied to treat it like business as usual.  Hypocrites?  Yes, I said it.  Can you tell me the name of the young South Carolina black woman who killed her kids recently?

Politics / Cain Not "ABLE"
« on: December 03, 2011, 03:43:35 PM » cut to the chase.  Why have a new campaign headquarters being polished up if you KNOW you're going to "suspend" campaign?  :shrug: I guess he still wants to raise campaign funds to pay of debt?

I was willing to give my Morehouse brother the ultimate consideration when he started out, but now it appears he & his campaign staffers have let each other down. 

That smoking commercial...WTF?  The coonery,  :crazy: the manufactured answers on Letterman, CNN, et. al....

...let alone my co-workers told me about the Pokemon thing a couple of weeks ago.

Let's see...he would become 45th prez...4 + 5 = 9......9....9....  okay, I know that was a reach. :thefan:

General Discussion Forum / AP Reports Family Plans to Sue FAMU
« on: November 25, 2011, 11:40:14 AM »
Attorney says suit planned in FAMU band death


The Associated Press

MIAMI — The family of a Florida A&M University drum major who died of suspected hazing will sue the school, an attorney said Friday.

The family of Robert Champion, 26, is spending the holiday weekend planning Champion's funeral, attorney Christopher Chestnut told The Associated Press.

The Atlanta resident was found unresponsive on a bus parked outside an Orlando hotel Saturday night after the school's football team lost to rival Bethune-Cookman. Police said Champion had been vomiting and complained he couldn't breathe shortly before he collapsed.

The cause of Champion's death hasn't been determined, and a spokeswoman with the Orange County medical examiner's office said it could take up to three months to learn exactly what killed him.

Law enforcement officials have said they believe some form of hazing took place before 911 was called. Chestnut said he also believes the injuries Champion sustained were consistent with hazing.

A spokesman for the school, which was closed for the Thanksgiving holiday, could not be immediately reached for comment Friday morning.

In Florida, any death involving hazing is a third-degree felony.

The fallout from Champion's death was immediate. On Tuesday, the school shuttered the famed marching band and the rest of the music department's performances. The next day, longtime band director Julian White was fired. And Florida Gov. Rick Scott said state investigators would join the probe and the college announced an independent review led by a former state attorney general.

Chestnut said Champion's distraught family believes the actions are "too little, too late."

Champion, a clarinet player, had recently been named drum major.

"He had worked all of his life to reach that goal and it ultimately cost him his life," Chestnut said.

The attorney said Champion's family hopes a lawsuit against the school will help raise awareness about the issue of band hazing.

"This is not an isolated incident," Chestnut said.

Hazing cases have cropped up in marching bands, especially at historically black colleges where a spot in the marching band is coveted. In many cases the bands are revered almost as much as the sports teams for which they play.

In 2008, two first-year French horn players in Southern University's marching band were hospitalized after a beating. In 2009, 20 members of Jackson State University's band were suspended over hazing accusations.

There have been numerous incidents at FAMU. In 2001, Marcus Parker suffered kidney damage after being beaten by a paddle.

Three years earlier, Ivery Luckey, a clarinet player from Ocala, Fla., said he was padded about 300 times, sending him to the hospital. He said he was emotionally and physically scarred. Some 20 band members were suspended and Luckey filed a lawsuit against the state Board of Regents. Reports indicate he settled for $50,000.

General Discussion Forum / Can (should) a credit union do this?
« on: July 07, 2011, 12:56:48 AM »
I have direct deposit to my credit union...which my wife and I joined over 12 years ago.  We have a Visa credit card with the same bank.  I have been paying the credit card bill online, from either my savings or checking accounts.

Last year, we filed for divorce, and the wife stopped her direct deposit into the account, and also tried to "remove" her name from the Visa card, which carried a balance.  Visa immediately alerted me via the mail, and I refused to release her from the responsibility to pay off the debt. 

I took my lawyers advice to remove her name from the checking and savings accounts, but would not remove her name from the credit card.

Since I closed that account, and restarted another at the same credit union (so that I could continue to pay the visa bill online) my soon=to=be ex has called the credit union, and they have REMOVED THE VISA ACCOUNT FROM MY ONLINE BANKING. >:(

We have not used the card since July of 2010, and have been paying it off.  Now, I can't pay the bill online, just because she made a call to the bank.  Does this make sense?

I called the bank, and all they would say is that they "received a call from my spouse alerting them of a pending divorce."  They could not answer why my online payment ability has been interrupted or cancelled.  They promised to send me a letter "explaining their actions."

Does this sound proper?

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