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Give em all you got in the tourney!

Honda Campus All-Star Challenge, America's premier academic quiz competition for students at HBCUs kicks off its 30th Anniversary season with NQT Weekend!

Seven sites and 65 schools will compete to be named among the Great 48!  The events start tomorrow with Harris-Stowe State University (St. Louis) hosting  Oakwood Univ., Langston Univ., Philander Smith College, and Kentucky State Univ.

The action continues on Saturday at the other host sites:   Dillard University (New Orleans), Morehouse College (Atlanta), Morgan State University (Baltimore) North Carolina A&T State University (Greensboro), Prairie View A&M University, and Virginia State University (Petersburg).

To find out where your favorite HBCU is competing, click:

Make sure to come out and support our scholars, for this family friendly and entertaining gameshow style event.   

For more on HCASC including videos, history, etc, visit or follow on twitter:  @hcasc and on Instagram @hcascpix.

Sports Forum / CIAA is off to B-more!
« on: January 07, 2019, 04:30:17 PM »

Been saying this for years.  Have a great time Marylanders!


This has breitbart and the washington times in a tizzy.   :lol:

Politics / Chuck Grassley to apply for Trump's farmer bailout money
« on: October 01, 2018, 11:38:31 AM »
Republican Senator Chuck Grassley has been at the forefront of the news as of late.  As the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he has been the man in charge of leading the committee’s hearings on Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Grassley has also been a staunch Trump supporter since the President has been inaugurated.  In fact, he has voted in line with Trump’s positions 90.9% of the time.  Some of Grassley’s loyalty to Trump has been seen in the form of his support for the president’s $12 billion farmer bailout.  The bailout is essentially President Trump’s way of reimbursing farmers who have seen their profits dwindle due to Trump’s own tariffs.  In other words, Trump caused farmers to lose money, so he’s using tax-payer dollars to pay them back.

The owner is a hypocrite and a coward all rolled into one. 

A letter given to employees of Acura & Volvo of Athens has sparked controversy for informing employees that Nike apparel would no longer be allowed on the premises of the dealership.

“Effective October 1, 2018, wearing any Nike apparel (including shoes) will not be allowed on the premises of Acura & Volvo of Athens. Without getting into detail, let’s just say, this policy is as important to the owner of this dealership as these previously mentioned,” the letter read.

The letter, dated Sept. 20, also asked employees to refrain from talking about politics or religion in the workplace.


As annoying as CTG can be at times, he has long held that he did not rape the then teenage Jessica Reid.  I hope this can put this story to rest now.  He already plead guilty to another offense and moved on with his life.  I hate it for the young lady, but I hope she can move on as well.

General Discussion Forum / Watch fans: Talley and Twine?
« on: July 11, 2018, 04:49:02 PM »
REviews?  They are a black owned company from VA.  Give me some good news folks.

DURHAM, N.C. — The NCAA Committee on Infractions levied sanctions against North Carolina Central University Wednesday for failing to properly monitor its academic certification process.

The NCAA says NC Central miscertified 22 student-athletes in seven sports from 2012-13 through 2014-15.

NCAA: NC Central failed to monirot its certification process
According to the COI report, the improper certifications came from a "single, but repeated, error of counting foundational courses toward student-athletes’ percentage-of-degree completion."

Full Story

General Discussion Forum / The 29th Honda Campus All-Star Challenge
« on: April 08, 2018, 01:55:48 AM »
Kicks off tomorrow with 48 HBCUs competing in eight divisions.  Round Robin play will occur over two days, with a Sweet Sixteen playoff round finishing off the competition on Monday.  The final eight teams will be featured in live stream at on Tuesday at noon (EDT).

Follow your favorite HBCU at

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