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General Discussion Forum / Live from the Met - Wagner’s Die Walkure
« on: April 02, 2019, 03:06:15 PM »
Guys, my boy Alum just tried to clown a brutha on the thread about Nipsey Hussle being shot down. Thought I would “elevate” the entertainment discourse and tell you guys how much I enjoyed seeing the Met Opera matinee broadcast this past Saturday of Richard Wagner’s second drama in his Ring Cycle, Die Walkure.

For the last five years or so, NYC’s Metropolitan Opera Company has selected a few of their Saturday matinee productions for simultaneous HD broadcast in movie theaters across the country.

I am a mini-Wagner fan, and Die Walkure is my favorite Wagner drama. Mrs. Strike is too an opera fan, but no particular fan of Wagner, and was definitely not in a mood to sit thru FIVE FREAKING HOURS of Wagner on a Saturday afternoon.  :lol:

But your humble poster THOUROUGHLY enjoyed the experience. And was fortunate to have been seated by an 84 year old white woman whose spouse did not accompany her - for the SAME reasons mine didn’t accompany me  :lol: - but who was VERY knowledgeable about Wagner. And that includes having attended once before the annual Wagner Festival in Bayreuth, Wagner’s hometown in Bavaria, Germany.

Anyway, I realize that what I’m posting is of little to zero interest to the VAST majority of peeps on this board. But seeing how Alum is one of the leading oenophiles on this board, secretly, this all probably intrigues him somewhat.

After all, wine and opera make great accompaniments, do they not?


Politics / Jacinda Ardern - New Zealand PM
« on: March 20, 2019, 11:11:25 AM » I the only one who regularly convenes on this board who has been awfully impressed with this lady’s leadership since the slaughter of 50 Muslims in two mosques a week ago?

Man, from the jump, the PM called the murderer for what he is, an extreme-right radical, white nationalist terrorist. There was no equivocating in her language whatsoever. When asked if she agrees with this BABOON in the White House analysis that white nationalists are not a growing worldwide problem, she simply said “no”.

She has met with Muslim leaders on two or three occasions since the tragedy, expressing her sympathy and grief on behalf of the NZ people in response to the mass murder. She covered her head with a scarf out of RESPECT for the Muslim practice/tradition of women covering their heads in public.

And, finally, Ms. Ardern’s office announced a short while ago that the Muslim National Prayer Service set for Friday (3/22)) will be broadcast on national television.

Is the PM of New Zealand a badazz or WHAT?  :clap:

Sports Forum / TN State/Hampton, 9/15 in Hampton CANCELED!
« on: September 11, 2018, 05:19:38 PM »
It was just announced that TSU's game at Hampton this upcoming weekend canceled due to the approaching hurricane expected to impact the Carolinas coast.  Perhaps not unexpected for most of you reading this, but it will be the SECOND WEEKEND IN A ROW that TSU's game was canceled due to bad weather.  Their game last Saturday nite against Jackson State, Southern Heritage Classic, was canceled due to lightning and driving rainstorms in Memphis.  The officials did not call the cancellation of that game until three hours past the 6pm scheduled kickoff.

This is shaping up to be QUITE a season for the Big Blue.  In my 37 years residency in Nashville, have NEVER observed two games canceled in a single season due to weather or anything else..........WOW!!  :(

General Discussion Forum / “On the Run” in Nashville
« on: August 23, 2018, 06:53:32 PM »
 :shrug:.........uhhhh, Mr. and Mrs. Carter are performing at Vanderbilt Stadium tonite, and I’ve heard NOTHING from you peeps about this concert.

So, wassup Ms. j and others, are you guys planning to leave or have you already fled the Beyhive?

Or are you simply no longer “drunk in love”?


General Discussion Forum / Happy 4/20 Day!
« on: April 20, 2018, 08:01:37 AM » those for whom it matters.


General Discussion Forum / Parkland, FL - Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS
« on: March 29, 2018, 12:28:58 PM »
 :(...........ok, so your humble poster and Mrs. Strike just returned to Nashville last nite after visiting my elderly and ailing mother in West Palm Beach. I shared with the board a few weeks ago the exultation Mrs. Strike and I had over the birth of my first grandchild. And now I must have equal compassion for the health of my octogenarian mother.

Anyway......after spending some time with family in Ft. Lauderdale, decided to take a short drive to Parkland, also in Broward Cty, site of the 2/14 massacre at the HS that took 17 lives.

By now, most if not all of you folks have seen the still pics/video of the memorial that has developed along a good deal of the fencing surrounding the parking lot at the school. Most of the flowers, teddy bears, and other tributes have withered through the exposure to the elements over the past six weeks.

But what REALLY struck me after driving around a few streets near the school, is that seemingly EVERYONE resides in a gated community, with views from the street obscured by thick shrubs and other foliage.

So it was clear to THIS poster that, prior to the massacre, what was advertised as a strong
feature of living in Parkland was a sense of “exclusivity,” and “safety,” and I don’t have to tell you guys what demographics are implicated if THAT is what you are selling to prospective homeowners.

There are more thoughts, but I’d like to hear from other peeps with some familiarity of this

 ;D........guys, your humble poster and Mrs. Strike are pleased beyond all measure to announce here what what we have been sharing with friends and family all week.  And that is the arrival of our first grandchild, a girl,born last Sunday nite. Mommy, Daddy and baby are ALL doing well.She came in at 6lbs, 5ozs, and G-Ma and Pa-Pa can't stop looking at photos and videos of this bundle of joy.

Many of you will recall that when I first started posting on this forum - and for sometime simultaneously on the old meacfans forum - I would routinely refer to my daughter as "sweet and precious, Ms. Strike".  Well, she's all grown up, a full-fledged millenial, and now a mommy.  Ms. Strike is an only child.  And for the overwhelming majority of her life, I have lovingly personally referred to her as "the baby".  So now with the arrival of her daughter, I am distinguishing the two as Baby I and Baby II.  :)

While neither Mrs. Strike nor your humble poster is interested in spending our lives in anyone's rocking chair doting on this baby, her birth really does give NEW meaning to our lives.

Guys its true...........Jesus REALLY DOES love the little children of the world.  :)

Politics / So, it's really going down today....
« on: January 20, 2017, 07:51:07 AM »
 :no:.......the day that most SANE people have been dreading since 11/9 will really happen today. The so-called, slave owning Founding Fathers devised a system where an unabashed CON MAN will take the presidential oath of office.

Is this the beginning of the end of the republic as we know it?

Invite peeps to ruminate here as we enter this DANGEROUS era in this country's history.

God help us.  :(

General Discussion Forum / The movie - Anthropoid
« on: August 14, 2016, 05:21:38 PM »
.......uhhh, Cholly, B4L, soflo, Alum, Wildman, M&G, GK, et al who have an appreciation for good cinema.

Saw this movie last nite and it was BRILLIANTLY done.  I understand it was shot in a particular film to render the sense of foreboding and doom that permeates this entire movie.

For those unfamiliar, the movie is based on actual historical events. It's set in WW2 Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia.  Among other things that you are reminded of when watching this film is that, not only did the Nazis mete out brutal and ruthless treatment of the Jews within their zone of power, they could be equally as cruel to non-Jews in the countries/lands they occupied.

Invite peeps to check out other sources for the plot lines to this movie.  But in a nutshell, the Czech government in exile in London devise a plan to drop several members of the Czech resistance movement in the forests in the Czech Republic under cover of nite.

Their ultimate plan was to assassinate Hitler's Nazi governor of occupied Czech, a dude named Reinhard Heydrich. Heydrich was a particular NASTY and mean mofo.  And when I say "nasty," I'm not alluding to any kind of hip-hop terminology.  I mean dude was a completely RUTHLESS dude who, in additional to being the Number 3 most powerful person in Hitler's regime, was one of the main architects of The Final Solution, the Nazi's plan to exterminate European Jewry.

Could go on, but wont.  Y'all just need to walk not run and see this movie.

General Discussion Forum / Music for the soul
« on: June 22, 2016, 06:41:26 PM »

So you guys occasionally discuss music that moves you in some way or has some particular value for you.  Your humble poster was in a funk recently, suffering from a bout of melancholia or something, and came across this tune.

The singer may be familiar to some of you, perhaps most, has a beautiful tenor voice, and does a stirring job on the recording of this song.  As I proceed well into the "mystery" of middle-aged negro male status, songs like this begin to have special meaning for me.

Like to hear you guys thoughts.

[Poster's note: although I was aware of this song prior to coming across the recording set forth at the top^^^^^, I was NOT aware that it is also apparently used in a certain current action film.  :lol:]

General Discussion Forum / Vacation cruise
« on: April 06, 2016, 12:58:52 PM »

Your humble poster realizes that many of you peeps are experienced travelers, indeed many of you have traveled around the world.  Your humble poster's travel experience will be toward the opposite end of that travel continuum, so kindly be patient when I relate just a couple of items from my recently completed FIRST TIME cruise experience.

I was so swamped with work - including clearing my schedule for the 3/27 - 4/3 cruise dates - that I simply had very little time to research the damn thing.  I didn't even start packing for those seven days and nites until 3/26, and it simply never became CLEAR in my mind until around 3/25-26 in what ports were we stopping and what airport, Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, that we were flying into. I had to CONTINUOUSLY ask Mrs. Strike those questions, which she answered, but with increasing understandable annoyance.

Anyway, wish I had the benefit of some of you more experienced cruisers BEFORE I headed out on the journey.  Mrs. Strike had been on three previous cruises with girlfriends, family members, etc., but your humble poster always demurred.  Anyway, better preparation would have helped with the following issues:

 1) seven days for a first time cruise was a bit too much for me, I would have been better off with a three or four days deal.  About the evening of day 4, I was so miserable that I was damn near LITERALLY in tears.  The site of being on the open seas of the Caribbean every time I exited my stateroom in the mornings was more than a bit disturbing to me.  :(
2) I was NOT prepared for the presence of so many children on that ship, ranging from infants in carriers/strollers to teenagers.  But it was the teenagers presence that caused the most angst for me.  One nite around 1:00am, I go the pizza parlor to get some food, and these kids were running around the ship buckwild.  I guess the parents weren't TOO concerned as where in the hell could these kids go?  We were on the open waters.  :shrug:
3) As predicted, the ports of call - Dominican Republic, St. Thomas, VI, Puerto Rico and Grand Turk on Turks and Caicos - were pretty much tourist scams.  You're basically allowed about 4-5hrs off the ship at each of those ports, which turned out to be more than sufficient time for the merchants waiting on a bunch of idiot tourists to separate you from your hard-earned US currency. Of course, all the white folks looked forward to BOTH on the ship and at these various Caribbean ports was to lay in the sun.  Its something about THEM and their need for sun that I'll never understand.  :shrug:  Did get a chance, however, to actually go into the "hood" on Grand Turk, and the people there were fairly sweet and charming.  But my thought was that we'd rather do business with African descended folks than the large, white controlled companies that owned the shops at those tourists merchant malls.  And, then, what was MOST surprising about the experience was.........
4) the presence of so many negroes on the ship.  I had heard and read that "we" cruise, but experienced it first hand on this trip. It was just my gut feeling that our presence on the ship fairly approximated our presence in the US general population, around 13%.  And there were a total of over 3K paid customers on the ship, along with a staff of around 1K.  And all this time I thought the only time negroes went on cruises was the Tom Joyner deal...............just kidding.  :lol:

There is much more I can say, but I did not intend for this to be a travelogue.  And, AGAIN!, I realize that my recently completed experience is small potatoes for many of you, and that you wouldn't be caught DEAD on any cruise line unless its Viking or something similar.  ::)  I was on Carnival Splendor, btw.

General Discussion Forum / The movie Race - the Jesse Owens story
« on: February 22, 2016, 04:00:39 PM »
???..........uhhh, is there a reason why none of you guys have started a thread about this movie?  Well, if there IS a reason, it damn sure better be a good one because this was a TERRIFIC movie.  Enjoyed it immensely.  :clap:

Many, if not most, of you know the basic story of Jesse Owens, the black track sensation at Ohio State who competed in the 1936 Berlin Olympic games that was supposed to showcase Hitler and the Nazis theory of the superiority of the aryan (white) race.  Well JO shattered that "theory" by winning four gold medals.  So that's the basic outline of what many of you may have learned in your high school history classes.

But there is a WHOLE LOT MORE to the story, including a full and rich backstory, and I could not commend this movie more to your guys.

Negroes have been whining and complaining about our exclusion from the Oscar nominations, so here is an opportunity to see a movie that celebrates US!!!!!!

General Discussion Forum / Diana Ross: "In the Name of Love" Tour
« on: February 03, 2016, 11:23:49 PM »
......guys, as promised in a recent comment on some thread whose subject matter currently eludes me, what follows is a review of DR's concert in Nashville earlier this evening.

You listeners of Tom Joyner will recall about two-three months ago, he started the hype about a MAJOR performer for his upcoming annual spring cruise. Tom hyped it pretty big, saying that the particular performer was bigger than the whole then announced lineup combined. When he finally announced it was DR, I could hear a collective groan all across Joyner's listening audience. Now, prior to tonite, your humble poster had seen DR perform twice in my lifetime. But BOTH times were over 30 years ago.

Both times were great shows, but I had relegated DR to that pantheon of former great black entertainers. But from her opening number, I'm coming out, to her closing numer 80 minutes later, Reach out and touch, DR reminded everyone in the Nashville symphony hall why she once was and is STILL The Boss. She sang a litany of a good number of the major hits, and had the audience, mostly baby boomers and majority white, rocking. There were four costume changes in an 80 minutes show, with DR wearing the very high-end haute couture fashions for which she is known. Mrs. Strike commented that each of DR's beautiful dresses with matching sheer, fur-lined capes probably cost in the $4-5K+ range.

Her voice was in fine form, and she simply looked fabulous. It was CLASSIC DR that we have come to know for decades, elegant and classy. Those of you who may catch her in your city or on the Tom Joyner cruise are in for a treat.  :clap:

General Discussion Forum / Ms. j, where are you?
« on: December 23, 2015, 06:51:58 PM »
.........uhhhhh, perhaps it may be time for you to ONCE AGAIN deliver your admonition to peeps about flooding this page all at once with a bunch of new topics before folks have an opportunity to more fully discuss topics already posted.

Additionally, to facilitate conversation on this board, it would ALSO be helpful if the author of new topics expressed an opinion THEMSELVES about a topic instead of just posting a headline and a link.

But, again, reminding peeps of these issues is a matter to which I will most GRACIOUSLY defer to Ms. j who is able to express these concerns in her own unique way.


15 your humble poster was returning to Nashville yesterday morning (11/4) after completing business in an area near Columbus, GA.  Was headed back home using the same route I used going down.  And that was a route that went south through Alabama and not southeast through Ga, as I wanted to avoid the DREADED traffic in the ATL area.

So I'm in Opelika, AL, just finished pumping gas, and getting ready to proceed home when it hit me.  Opelika is in the same southeast AL region as Tuskegee.  Pulled up the GPS, discovered its only 30mins away, and then got going.  And, MAN!, am I pleased that I did.  :clap:

Guys, won't go on and on - I've been rebuked by a couple of posters who say most of my posts read like treatises  :lol: - but it was one of those moments in my life I'll remember for a long time.  The ONLY other time I had been on the TU yard was around 20 years ago, and don't remember much from that trip other than Booker T. Washington's home, The Oaks, was closed.  I was VERY disappointed.  :(

But got to tour it yesterday, and was simply overwhelmed. Its just an INCREDIBLY beautiful home, completed over 100 years ago.  Booker T. Washington is one of my heroes.  His home, as well as the Carver museum, are managed by the National Park Service.  The only other person on the tour with me was a middle-aged looking white business type from Denver, who drove to Tuskegee after a week's worth of business in Birmingham.  Because I have read so much about BTW over my lifetime, I had to LITERALLY restrained myself from interrupting the park ranger - a VERY knowledgeable brutha, btw - who was spewing very accurate facts about BTW.  This white guy knew very little about BTW, George Washinton Carver, or the university prior to yesterday.  But he impressed me as the type who just might drop a few "coins" on the school, he seemed so impressed.

 Prior to seeing the home, I toured the George Washington Carver museum. And I saw the same white guy I just referenced there as well.  I was absolutely ASHAMED at how LITTLE I knew about GWC before touring the museum.  Dude was nothing less than a freaking GENIUS with all the work /studies/innovations he did with the peanut and other agricultural products.  Seriously, guys, was so humbled at this man's brilliance I was in tears when I left.  :'(

Those of you who are alums of Tuskegee, grew up in the area,  or have had the privilege of being in the town and on the yard know what I'm talking about.  But for those of you who don't fit in ANY of these aforementioned categories, if you find yourself within a 50mis radius of Tuskegee, and have the time, it will be one of the most stunning trips you have ever taken.

Btw, as Skegee peeps on this board are well aware, it is Homecoming week, and the yard looks absolutely beautiful with banners and all welcoming alumni.  And city workers were on the town square pressure washing the sidewalks and all.  Tuskegee, AL, is small town, "Norman Rockwell-like," in appearance.  Its just your prototypical small, Southern city, with a predominantly black population, and from the mayor down, most of the city officials are black.  Btw, saw the football stadium, the playing field was in "picture perfect" shape, and I am STILL pondering how in the WORLD they are able to pack all of those folks in the area for a Homecoming football game?!?!?   :lol:

Does it sound like I was VERY moved by my visit to the city and university?  :lol:

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