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Dont mess with Maxine!   :nono2: :nono2: :nono2:

GOP lawmaker fumes after Maxine Waters turns the tables on him at House hearing

The House of Representatives Rules Committee hearing denouncing socialism was turned upside down when longtime Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA), repurposed a line of questions from Representative Nick Langworthy (R-NY) about the prevalence and adoption of socialism in the United States.

"We will not have a cradle to grave dependency," Langworthy said in the hearing. "This country will not be all things to all people. We cannot create an expectation that government is all things to all people."

Langworthy then turned his questioning to Waters, who was testifying as a witness in the hearing.

"Do you agree with Donald Trump's statement in the 2019 State of the Union that America will never be a socialist country," Langworthy asked Waters.

Waters then took control of the dialogue, first referencing the high level of debt spending that occurred during the Trump administration then questioning the validity of Langworthy and the Republican party's stance against socialism. Waters also spoke on the "Democratic spending myth."

"There are industries [Republicans] support, and now you think they are ripping people off," said Waters.

MAGA Radio Host Tells Trump: ‘Nobody Cares’ About Your ‘Grievances’

MAGA-boosting radio host John Fredericks has turned on Donald Trump, telling the former president in no uncertain terms on Tuesday that “nobody cares” about his petty media feuds and “grievances” anymore.

Fredericks, a longtime supporter of the twice-impeached ex-president, largely took issue with how Trump has seemingly ignored political issues while focusing his attention on far-fetched lawsuits and complaints about “fake news.” Additionally, Fredericks grumbled about Trump privately backing Ronna McDaniel in her successful re-election bid for Republican National Committee chair.

“President Trump is going to do what he wants,” Fredericks declared in a clip first flagged by Raw Story. “I think he should have stayed out of it totally, not even send surrogates. Just let the chips fall where they may. Same with [House Speaker Kevin] McCarthy.”

The far-right wing of the GOP recently pushed for McDaniel to be ousted as RNC leader after the party’s disappointing midterm election results, rallying around conservative activist Harmeet Dhillon. Fox News star Tucker Carlson went so far as to say “we are rooting for you” to Dillon before the RNC election, which she lost by a fairly wide margin.

How long will it take for Olds to defend the employee that lost his job?   :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:

He told a gas-station customer, ‘I don’t serve Black people.’ What his Idaho employer did

A jury has awarded an Oregon woman $1 million in damages after finding she was discriminated against by an employee of an Idaho-based gas-station operator who told her, “I don’t serve Black people.”

The Multnomah County jury’s award to Portland resident Rose Wakefield, 63, included punitive damages of $550,000.

Wakefield’s lawyer, Gregory Kafoury, said she stopped for gas at Jacksons Food Store in Beaverton, Oregon, on March 12, 2020, and saw the attendant, Nigel Powers, ignore her and instead pump gas for other drivers.

When she tried to ask for assistance he said, “I’ll get to you when I feel like it,” according to Kafoury.

Attendants are required to pump fuel for motorists at gas stations in Oregon’s larger population centers including Portland and the nearby suburb of Beaverton.

300 wounded Wagner mercenaries brought to hospital in Luhansk Oblast, but ‘doctors refuse to treat them’

The General Staff said in its regular morning report that the doctors in Yuvileine refuse to provide medical assistance to the Wagner mercenaries due to the fact that most of them are carriers of such diseases as HIV/AIDS, syphilis, tuberculosis and pneumonia.    :tiptoe: :tiptoe: :tiptoe:

It was earlier reported that the Wagner Group was recruiting many of its mercenaries from Russian prisons. Many of the convicts are infected with serious infectious diseases, including HIV/AIDS.    :nono2: :nono2: :nono2:

Marjorie Taylor Greene Mocked After Her Amendment Fails Spectacularly

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) offered an amendment on Thursday ― and it quickly went down in flames.

New House rules put in place by the Republican majority allow any lawmaker to offer an amendment. The Hill reported that led to some 140 amendments being proposed for a bill regarding the use of the strategic petroleum reserve. Greene’s proposed amendment would have forbidden President Joe Biden from selling oil from the reserve.

The conspiracy theorist ― who spoke last year at a white nationalist event ― was joined by just 13 others as the amendment failed 14-418.

Some believe Greene frenemy Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) was subtweeting her with this boast later in the day:

George Santos Personal Loan Admission Puts Republicans in Impossible Position   :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:

Questions about the funding of George Santos' congressional bid intensified on Tuesday after the New York Republican filed an amended Federal Election Commission report in which he no longer claimed a $500,000 loan received had come from the "personal funds of the candidate."

Santos was already facing calls to resign from Congress, including from his local Republican Party, after it emerged he had lied about much of his background including attending college, working for top Wall Street firms and his mother being in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

In his updated federal finance report, filed on Tuesday, Santos had unticked the box claiming a $500,000 loan to his campaign came from "personal funds of the candidate," which had previously been ticked. However, he again said the loan came "from the candidate," triggering confusion about the money's origins.

He also said in the amended filings, first reported by the Daily Beast, that a $125,000 loan, which his campaign received on October 26, was not from his "personal funds," but failed to explain where the money had come from.

How many are into this conspiracy theory?  The internet is really good at spreading this stuff.

Claim: After Damar Hamlin collapsed from cardiac arrest during an NFL game on Jan. 2, 2023, he died due to the COVID-19 vaccine, and a "body double" began standing in for him at public appearances.

Rating: False

On Jan. 22, 2023, weeks after collapsing during an NFL game and being hospitalized for cardiac arrest, Damar Hamlin returned to the team's stadium to watch a playoff game. Wearing a red outfit, his head covered with a hoodie, a mask, and glasses, the first public appearance at a game since his medical emergency sparked numerous online rumors that he was not really there — rather, according to one conspiracy theory, an individual was standing in for him after the "real" Hamlin had died due to the COVID vaccine.

Politicians have ruined the teaching profession.   :nono2: :nono2: :nono2:

"Everything Is Better": This Woman Left Her Job As A Teacher To Work At Costco, And It Has Started A Conversation About What Working As An Educator Is Like Right Now

A former teacher went viral after sharing how she felt leaving the education field, and it may not be what you expect to hear.

I used to be a teacher and now I work at Costco. This is my first year not having a winter break. I do not miss it at all. My pace of my work life now is so much better, I am not sick or exhausted like I used to be when I was a teacher. When I was a teacher I used my winter break basically to recover and go into the next semester of just surviving. fformerteachertteacherquittokccostcotiktokrretailworkereexteachertiktokccareertransitiont#teachersonbreak

In a TikTok that now has 4.2 million views, Maggie Perkins, who goes by @millenialmsfrizz on the platform, reflects on her post-teacher life. "I used to be a teacher, now I work at Costco," she said in the clip. "This is my first year not having a winter break, and how do I feel? I feel great."

Trump drops $250 million lawsuit against Letitia James after judge's stark warning

Former President Donald Trump has withdrawn his $250 million lawsuit against New York Attorney General Letitia James, ABC News reports.

The withdrawal comes after U.S. District Judge Donald Middlebrooks warned Trump's legal team that the lawsuit was borderline frivolous.

"Plaintiff, PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP, by and through his undersigned counsel and pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. P. 41(a)(1)(A)(i), hereby voluntarily dismisses his claims in this action against Defendant, LETITIA JAMES, without prejudice," the letter said.

The lawsuit sought to shield Trump's revocable trust from James, who is suing the Trump Organization for fraudulent conduct.

This man should be able to defend his property!!!

Man arrested after killing 24-year-old trying to steal his car, Missouri cops say

An Illinois man has been arrested in the fatal shooting of a 24-year-old outside a Missouri gas station, police say.

The fatal shooting happened around 2:10 a.m. on Jan. 7 in the parking lot of a Conoco gas station, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department said.

Surveillance footage showed Jesse Lopez was trying to steal a car belonging to Brett Kress, when Kress shot at him, KSDK reported, citing a probable cause statement. Kress, from Sauget, Illinois, chased after Lopez and shot him three times, according to KSDK.

Officers found Lopez unconscious and not breathing. He was pronounced dead at the scene, police said.

Police in St. Charles County, which neighbors St. Louis County, discovered a “suspicious vehicle” on Tuesday, Jan. 17, that officers determined belonged to Kress, KMOV reported. He was captured nearby hiding in a shed of a mobile home park, according to the TV station.

Kress, 26, was charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action, St. Louis police said.

Transgender men can get pregnant. Here's what they wish more people understood.   :tiptoe: :tiptoe: :tiptoe:

When Danny Wakefield gave birth to their first child in 2020, it brought to light a string of issues faced by transgender parents in the health care system.

“I had a really hard pregnancy,” Wakefield, 36, who is transgender but also uses they/them pronouns, tells Yahoo Life. During emergency room visits, Wakefield says they were met with “snickers” from nurses, as well as “doubt, disbelief and a lack of knowledge” from physicians ill-equipped to handle their needs.

“In one instance, it took an hour and a half to get them to treat me because they didn't believe I was pregnant,” Wakefield says. “The doctors and nurses would talk quietly among themselves, asking each other questions about me, instead of asking me directly — the patient who's sitting right in front of them.”

Stories like Wakefield’s are not uncommon, says Dr. Juno Obedin-Maliver, assistant professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Stanford University School of Medicine. That’s mainly because the medical establishment — and society at large — has little knowledge about pregnancy in the trans male population.

Is this the end or will they start worshipping him again?

Trump Bashes Evangelical Leaders Withholding Endorsements as ‘Disloyal’

AFTER LONG CLAIMING that evangelicals would never abandon him, former President Donald Trump is now accusing one of his most prized voting blocs of “disloyalty.”

In a Monday interview with Real America’s Voice, Trump called hesitance from evangelical leaders to endorse his campaign a “sign of disloyalty.” “Nobody has ever done more for right to life than Donald Trump,” he said, accusing leaders of the anti-abortion movement of not capitalizing on the overturning of Roe v. Wade to secure better results in the November midterm election.

Trump’s worries regarding the security of his relationship with evangelical leaders and the anti-abortion movement have been festering for some time. As Rolling Stone previously reported, Trump — who had for years maintained that his appointment of conservative judges, pro-Israel foreign policy, and the end to a federal right to abortion would secure the undying loyalty of evangelical voters — was blindsided by the lack of enthusiasm following his announcement of his third presidential bid.

The silence, or in some cases outright criticism, from religious groups and anti-abortion advocates may have been spurred by Trump’s private panic over the end of Roe. Multiple sources told Rolling Stone in June that behind closed doors the former president was “s**tting all over” the overturning of America’s abortion rights, and feared the fallout of such a decision would cost Republicans in the long run.

George Santos 'was a Brazilian drag queen who used the name Kitara': Report claims lying Republican has ANOTHER identity   :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: 

Photos emerged on Wednesday allegedly depicting New York Republican Rep. George Santos living as a drag queen named 'Kitara' in 2008.

The embattled freshman congressman has been under growing pressure to resign as details of his backstory continue to fall apart, after he admitted last month to lying about his career and education credentials.

Questions have also been raised about where Santos, who is wanted by Brazilian authorities, got his apparent wealth in recent years as well as the $700,000 of his own money he loaned to his campaign.

He's refused to step down, and since getting to Capitol Hill, Santos has appeared to align himself with conservative lawmakers - many of whom have made opposition to community drag shows a cornerstone of their culture war platforms.

House republicans deliberate crashing of the economy, social security and Medicare

It looks like the house republicans are determine to send the country into default or close to it. This cost of doing this will result into economic damage.   :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:

I am trying to make a decision if I want to sell half of my investment assets and move that money into cash. Interest rates are rising and will rise more with their actions, this might be the best way to grow my money in 2023.   :shrug: :shrug: :shrug:

Any thought?   :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:

Ivana Trump's $34 Million Estate Gives Insight to How She Felt About Ex Donald Trump Before She Died

Ivana Trump passed away last July, but her will and the $34 million of assets she left behind offered a lot of insight into her family dynamics. She left her children, Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric well taken care of, but she didn’t leave anything behind for her ex-husband, Donald Trump.

It’s probably rare for a former wife to leave anything to her ex, but Ivana left one property for her fourth ex-husband Rossano Rubicondi, who predeceased her in death. According to Forbes, the adult children are all splitting the proceeds from the sale of her $26.5 million New York City townhome, which needs a bit of TLC. It hasn’t sold yet, but it should add a significant chunk of change to their net worth. (Remember, Donald Trump has only been loaning, not giving, money to his kids so far, according to his tax returns.)

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