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Sports Forum / Not many dogs barking these days
« on: September 11, 2021, 08:20:38 AM »
For the past two years every other thread, on this forum, was about those Aggies from Greensboro. They constantly bragged about how they were levels better than the rest of the HBCU world. Now what. I here crickets coming out of Greensboro. These guys let the worst team in the ACC toy with them. Apparently beating an extremely week Kent State, or the weakest ECU ever got to their heads. Now if I come across sounding happy they got stomped  last night, it's because I  am very happy.
I'm guessing that only two or three will continue to post... but only for awhile. The so called "HBCUs Alabama", will become jokes as soon as this year. They be begging to come back to the MEAC. In three years they'll will begging to play WSSU in Winston. Just watch.


I was just reading an article about the Bowie State football them that named three of their players as being among the best in DII. I then thought about our WSSU 2011-13 football teams that made runs in the playoffs. Bowie has been getting better every year for the last seven seasons. Could this be the year an HBCU win it all? I know they will have some stiff competition in the CIAA. Even WSSU will be much better than people think. Probably not good enough in dethroning Bowie... but time will tell. What are your thoughts.

Sports Forum / Any preseason picks?
« on: August 06, 2021, 08:30:32 AM »
Who are your picks for the four HBCU conferences this coming football season. Hear are mine:

SWAC - Alabama A&M followed closely by FAMU and JSU.
MEAC - SCSU followed by NCCU and NSU
CIAA - Bowie followed at a far distance by a much better WSSU team than in 2019 and VSU. Don't forget about Shaw either, they are the
     real sleeper.
SIAC - Albany State followed in what could be a toss with them in Savanna State

I agree that the two conferences should have cancelled the fall sports or any sports until we get a vaccination for this COVID 19 virus. However, some schools were looking to have an outstanding year. I really wanted to see what Bowie State do in football having that very though schedule. They had a lot coming back and a very good recruitment class. I think they would have been national contenders. In addition, I wanted to see what my WSSU Rams, Claflin University, and about three other CIAA schools would have done in basketball on the national level. I hope that we can carry this over until next year.

Sports Forum / Headline story in the year 2035
« on: June 23, 2020, 03:50:30 PM »
Headlines story in the year 2035

Many former Black Colleges want to leave their PWCs to form all HBCU conferences. Something that ended ten years ago. They are citing wanting more authority in scheduling rivals, more voting power on conference awards and dwindling black student enrollments at their schools. They are also complaining about the limits the conference is putting on the halftime band performances. Bands will now have to face the home stands during halftime shows. The limits put on cheerleader’s attire and routines was a concern. Visiting school attendance at the HBCUs facilities has been far less than the attendance at the PW conference schools, leaving many to believe that many of the conferences PWS fans are raciest. The conference’s office does not have enough black employee’s.
The mostly black schools want to be able to charge more student fees because they are able to get equal sponsors as their white conference counter parts. Something the conference will not allow, making it impossible for the black schools to compete. Schools will now require students to graduate in five years or less or be fined by the conference.

Sports Forum / Yes, the Rams are CIAA Champions. We're back.
« on: February 29, 2020, 07:14:37 PM »
We're back

Sports Forum / HBCUs should boycott A&T
« on: February 29, 2020, 07:35:20 AM »
I think that A&T's move to the Big South is such a sellout move that "ALL HBCUs" should boycott them. This is far bigger than some sport. They're saying that our sister MEAC schools ain't good enough, then want to keep playing some,just to make money to pay for them telling us to go to hell. They claim its the travel costs, but they won't travel 23 miles for a guaranteed sellout with WSSU. They also want to keep FAMU, and they are the furthest school away from their campus.
Some of you will think that it doesn't effect you, but it effects us all. We need to let them know that their are consequences for doing this move.

I'm asking all black people to boycott these fools. Even with their posts on this forum.

Sports Forum / Help me find the NC A&T huge win thread
« on: August 27, 2018, 08:06:47 AM »
I would like the congratulate NC A&T on their big win over Jacksonville State. This confirms them being a national power. I have never been so proud of a school that I don't like in my life. They got some real men on that defense. The MEAC better look out or it can get ugly for a few teams.

Great Job Aggies.  :bow:

The Best College Football Teams by State, Regardless of Division (2017)

In North Carolina it is... WSSU again this year.

Sports Forum / WSSU Ram fans don't be mad at me
« on: November 22, 2017, 09:26:15 AM »
I think it is time to give those dogs credit for an outstanding season and to show them my support. It is not every day that a HBCU go undefeated. As their rivals, I have been a huge critic of them. I have always said that winning affords you the right to talk smack. Right now, they deserve that right. I still do not like ya’ll and I know you don’t care.
 :bow: :clap:

Sports Forum / Bad news WSSU fans... Hurst will not be back
« on: July 31, 2017, 10:38:50 AM »
I just read that Hurst, our all world running back, will not be back this year. This could really hurt us, because this kid was really special. This leaves us with only one special back and three other good backs. But we will be okay, but not as scary on offense.

Sports Forum / The best HBCUs has to offer
« on: June 30, 2017, 11:54:55 AM »
I found this list below on WSSU website. It lists the HBCU Awards finalist for 2016. The sports categories are near the end. My hats goes off to NCCU and VSU for so many nominations. But all on this list deserves to be noted.

Best Marching Band
Talladega College Marching Tornadoes
Alabama State University Mighty Marching Hornets
Prairie View A&M University Marching Storm
Miles College Purple Marching Machine
Tennessee State University Aristocrat of Bands
Southern University Human Jukebox

Best Choir
Morgan State University Choir
Virginia State University Gospel Chorale
North Carolina Central University Vocal Ja-- Ensemble
Bethune-Cookman University Concert Chorale

Best Student Government Association
Morehouse College
Prairie View A&M University
Dillard University
Tennessee State University
Jackson State University
Virginia State University

Best Student Organization
Fayetteville State University Student Nurses Association
Oakwood University Honda Campus All-Star Challenge Team
Office of University Engagement and Lifelong Learning – Univ. of Maryland Eastern Shore
Service Spree – Hampton University
Alcorn State Honor Student Organization
Awards in Publications

Best Student Newspaper
The Hilltop – Howard University
Southern Digest – Southern University
Campus Echo – North Carolina Central University
The Maroon Tiger – Morehouse College

Best Alumni Publication
1867 The Magazine – Prairie View A&M University
Alumni Life Magazine -Tennessee State University
NCCU Now – North Carolina Central University
Alcorn: The Magazine – Alcorn State University
Legacy Magazine – The University of the District of Columbia
Awards in Academic Excellence

Best Research Center
Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center
Florida Memorial Department of Communications
Otis Floyd Nursery Research Center – Tennessee State University
Louisiana Cancer Research Consortium (Xavier University of Louisiana)
Clark Atlanta University Center for Cancer Research and Therapeutic Development

Best Fine Arts Program
Alabama State University College of Visual and Performing Arts
Norfolk State University Division of Drama
Hampton University Department of Fine and Performing Arts
Dillard University Theater Program

Best Business Program
Virginia State University
Morgan State University 
Jackson State University
Delaware State University

Best Science, Technology, Engineer and Mathematics (STEM) Program
North Carolina A&T College of Engineering
Florida A&M University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine
Dillard University Department of Physics
Tennessee State University College of Engineering

Best Nursing Program
Fayetteville State University
Lincoln University
Tennessee State University
Southern University

Best Social Work Program
North Carolina Central University
Fayetteville State University
Winston-Salem State University
Morgan State University
Awards in Alumni Activity

Male Alumnus of the Year
Michael Bonner – Elizabeth City State University
Michael Johnson – North Carolina Central University
Faraday Okoro – Howard University
Ibram Kendi – Florida A&M University
Damon Lee – Tennessee State University

Female Alumnus of the Year
Dorothy Perrault- Dillard University
Rep. Alma Adams – North Carolina A&T State University
DeShauna Barner – Virginia State University
Rear Adm. Sylvia Trent-Adams – Hampton University

National Alumni Association of the Year

Southern University Alumni Federation
South Carolina State University National Alumni Association
Florida A&M University National Alumni Association
Morehouse College National Alumni Association
Awards in Athletic Excellence

Female Coach of the Year
AnneMarie Gilbert – Virginia Union University
Sheba Harris – Central State University
Vanessa Blair-Lewis – Bethune-Cookman University

Male Coach of the Year
Alan Green – Xavier University of Louisiana
Montez Robinson – Alcorn State University
Mike Newell – Dillard University
Reggie Barlow – Virginia State University
Jerry Mack – North Carolina Central University
David Six – Hampton University

Female Athlete of the Year
Taylor White – Virginia Union University
Shelby Williams – Prairie View A&M University
Malia Tate-DeFreitas – Hampton University
Amber Hughes – Tennessee State University
Ariane Williams – Xavier University of Louisiana
Tia-Adana Belle – Saint Augustine's University

Male Athlete of the Year
Corlon Knight – Florida Memorial University
Chad Williams – Grambling State University
Tarik Cohen – North Carolina A&T State University
Juan Scott – Central State University
Zach Lofton – Texas Southern University
Lenard Tillery – Southern University

Women's Team of the Year
Savannah State University Cheerleading
Bowie State University Bowling
Virginia Union University Women's Basketball
Central State University Women's Basketball
Xavier University of Louisiana Women's Tennis
Hampton University Women's Basketball

Men's Team of the Yea
North Carolina Central University Football
Hampton University Men's Basketball
Xavier University Men's Tennis
Saint Augustine's University Men's Track and Field
Tuskegee University Football
Grambling State University Football

Awards in Individual Achievement
Female Student of the Year

Jennifer Mullings – Fayetteville State University
Ariel Walker – Alcorn State University
Jeaiza Maria Quiñones – Prairie View A&M University
Cheslea Bosley – Dillard University
Brittney Lamb – Elizabeth City State University
Aria Hill – Hampton University

Male Student of the Year
Lenard Tillery – Southern University
Jonathan Hill – Morehouse College
Perry White – Southern University
Jordyn Hawkins-Ripple – Hampton University
Aliou Diouf – Central State University

Female Faculty Member of the Year

Linda Hayden – Elizabeth City State University
Ann Toler Hilliard – Bowie State University
Anika Simpson – Morgan State University
Tameka Hobbs – Florida Memorial University

Male Faculty Member of the Year
Moustapha Diack – Southern University
Abdalla Darwish – Dillard University
Anthony Stockard – Norfolk State University
Carlos Rodriguez – Delaware State University

Highest Honors
Female President of the Year

Glenda Baskin Glover – Tennessee State University
Roslyn Clark Artis – Florida Memorial University
Cynthia Jackson-Hammond – Central State University
Tashni Dubroy – Shaw University

Male President of the Year
Walter Kimbrough – Dillard University
Michael Sorrell – Paul Quinn College
Harry Williams – Delaware State University
Harold Martin – North Carolina A&T State University
William Harvey – Hampton University
Makola Abdullah – Virginia State University

Historically Black College/University of the Year
Central State University
Paul Quinn College
Tennessee State University
Hampton University
Virginia State University
Shaw University
Florida Memorial University
North Carolina Central University

Sports Forum / Any TU fans want to bet on the WSSU game?
« on: September 18, 2015, 09:56:05 AM »
I have all the respect in the world for TU, but come Saturday, all bets are off. We are going to beat the socks off you guys.  :nod:

If any of you TU fans want to bet a friendly t-shirt or hat just send me a message. The loser will send the winner a hat or t-shirt of the losing team. I have always wanted a TU hat, so I thought this would be a "easy" way of getting one.  :lol:

Any takers?

Sports Forum / Athlon Sports 2015 Football Poll
« on: June 19, 2015, 03:10:54 PM »

Where are the 9-3 NC A & T Aggies?  :shrug: I am sure you get the picture now. Being left out is a way of life for some HBCUs.  Even Western Carolina got in.

1. North Dakota State
2. Illinois State
3. Sam Houston State
4. Jacksonville State
5. Villanova
6. Eastern Washington
7. Coastal Carolina
8. Chattanooga
9. New Hampshire
10. Youngstown State
11. Northern Iowa
12. Liberty
13. Montana State
14. James Madison
15. Eastern Illinois
16. McNeese State
17. Montana
18. Idaho State
19. South Dakota State
20. Richmond
21. Eastern Kentucky
22. Harvard
23. Western Carolina
24. Cal Poly
25. Indiana State

Congratulations to Alcorn for representing HBCU. But where those are big mouth NC A&T Aggies, and NCCU Eagles. I guess sharing the conference championship, in the worst conference in American, is not enough to get any votes. That 98-3 record did not help much did it? Outside looking in is normal for you guys, so I am sure these ranking don't offend you at all.   :lmao:

2015 Sporting News FCS Preseason Poll Rank School
1 North Dakota State
2 Sam Houston State
3 Illinois State
4 Villanova
5 Eastern Washington
6 Coastal Carolina
7 Jacksonville State
8 Chattanooga
9 Montana State
10 Youngstown State
11 Northern Iowa
12 James Madison
13 Idaho State
14 Eastern Kentucky
15 Montana
16 Liberty
17 Stephen F. Austin
18 New Hampshire
19 Indiana State
20 Alcorn State
21 Southeastern Louisiana
22 Northern Arizona
23 South Dakota State
24 Charleston Southern
25 Eastern Illinois

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