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Sports Forum / Myles Garrett vs the Jets last night
« on: September 17, 2019, 12:48:32 PM »
That dude last night was ridiculous. He tried to kill both Jets QB’s last night. He took out the backup with a tackle that I thought dude would get to ride on back of the John Deere. On one play, he got two penalties. He was offsides, then straight up blasted the QB on a late hit.

Then they brought in the third string dude and he basically did a damn DDT on his arse. Smoked dude on his freaking head.

He was a damn terrorist to the Jets last night. That QB had nightmares about his crazy arse last night.

Sports Forum / Antonio Brown
« on: September 06, 2019, 01:17:28 PM »
Dude is the epitome of stupidity. I wouldn’t blame the Raiders one bit if they suspended him for game one. All the power and leverage he gained in his new deal, he threw it away acting a damn fool.

Now that football season is here...time to fire up the Hulu + Live TV subscription.

Still trying to desperately replace my NFL Sunday Ticket experience from when we had DirecTV. I did hear there is a student subscription for like 50/yr if you have a valid .edu email addy....damn college kids....

Politics / China just bitchslapped Trump
« on: August 23, 2019, 09:04:43 AM »
They just slapped the taste out of his mouth....imposing $75 Billion in tariffs. Now...that’s what I call a boss move....big bank bout to take little bank now....China told him “I’ll take your little 10% tariff and super size it for you!”

Trump better get that TelePrompTer font fixed now....he’s gonna mispronounce all kind of words today with his dumbass....


General Discussion Forum / Ray Lewis on DWTS
« on: August 21, 2019, 10:44:46 AM »
I don’t watch the show but am only imagining how hilariously funny that will be. I betcha dude gonna bust out his dance from the Ravens at some point.

I can only imagine the sheer horror of the judge critiquing Ray’s dancing prowess.

Three shootings over the weekend resulted in two homicides and one non-fatal injury. All three victims were not the intended targets nor involved in the altercation that preceded the shooting.

In a span of a few hours Saturday, a high school senior was shot and killed as a fight broke out on a basketball court in North college Hill. Damn fools get to fighting and one starts shooting. Kid is shot and killed. Dude was just there playing hoops and got hit. 21 year old fool arrested for murder.

Hours later, a man is riding the bus home from work. Some goons are fighting and gunfire erupted. Man is shot and killed on the bus. The bus driver diverted the bus and rushed the injured man to a local hospital where he passed away.

Last night, some dude was shot in Piatt Park downtown around 11:15 while riding his bike home. He survived. No details on the shooter or those involved sans the obligatory black male between 18-29 years old.

It’s clear to me these dudes can’t shoot straight as they are hitting everything but their target. I think they are all shooting while running away and have zero concern if anyone else is hit.

I hope they find these creeps and freaking put them under the damn jail. Life without bail is too kind. Send em to Lucasville with a date with the gurney.....they don’t even deserve to see daylight....

Should be ready in Spring 2020...

I can't frigging wait....

10th fastest in the world....7th Giga Coaster in the world

300' high...91 MPH...5,321 feet of track.....8 hills and summits.....

hot diggity damn......

Your boy done bent over and grabbed his cankles again.....and yes, he got CANKLES....

What’s the delay on the enforcement of the 10% tariffs on Chinese goods? All talk and no action.....Like I tell my twins....your actions speak louder than your words....

You been BAMBOOGLED again!!!!

Politics / These cretins are lower than whale sh!t
« on: August 09, 2019, 09:15:34 PM »
The baby that’s being held had its parents murdered by a man who followed trump’s words and decided to
Murder folks in Walmart. These cretins did a photo op with that baby....despicable and sad....

WTF is the thumbs up for?


Grown arsed man attacked a 13 year old teen for not removing a MAGA hat during the anthem and now blames Trump and his rhetoric as the root cause.

Politics / Dude is the dumbest ever!!
« on: August 05, 2019, 11:32:08 AM »
Memo to the unequivocally and unprecedented dumbest, ignorant person to occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the offfice Of The Presidency.

The shooting overnight Saturday occurred in Dayton, not Toledo. 

No wonder dummies like y and OS support him. Can’t make an original thought or comment correctly. Maybe Melanie should get him Reading For Dummies as a end table book....and place it next to his Diet Coke and Big Macs.....

Politics / Yet another lie....3% Economic Growth
« on: July 26, 2019, 10:20:10 AM »

Quoting my man DJ Khalid.....”ANOTHER ONE!!!”

Trumpnoccio strikes again!!

This mofo make Pinocchio look tame.....

Yet no one holds him accountable for anything. Didn’t he miss his target by 20% or so? Freaking moron....

General Discussion Forum / Yellowstone Park Bison!!!
« on: July 24, 2019, 01:24:44 PM »
Parents should be charged with wonton endangerment of their kid for allowing her to be that close to a free roaming bison. She’s lucky to be alive. It tossed her in the air like a rag doll. Witnesses cited the family was “petting” the bison before the incident.

‘87 Bubble Thoughts.....
What does one say whilst petting a freaking bison?
Did it piss off the bison when she called it a buffalo?
Wonder if she may have said “you need a tic-tac!” to the bison?
Did someone yell “Ole!”?
Wonder if someone tried to milk the male bison and made him slightly upset?

General Discussion Forum / Happy Birthday Loser Cake
« on: July 23, 2019, 01:07:16 PM »
I am not buying that bs for one nanosecond. They put them words on that cake and freaking knew it in advance. You mean to tell me no one looked over the cake before buying it? They need their collective arses beat down....

General Discussion Forum / Only in Murderham,,,,,
« on: July 22, 2019, 01:57:26 PM »

Man, you couldn’t pay me $1M to be near one of these things....this is unbelievable....the best Hollywood script writers can’t come up with crap like this....

Two fools all up in each other’s grill with Complex Halitosis
Woman A pulls out a piece and busted a cap In Woman B.  Woman A flee the scene
Woman B’s sibling is on the scene and takes off after Woman A to get her license plate.....yeah right mofo...I ain’t buying that crap you selling....
Woman B’s brother wrecks the car and got injured. Woman A was picked up by Mystery Driver who followed Woman B’s brother
Woman B & her no driving Brother were taken to the UAB Trauma Center
Woman A is trolling MurderHam waiting for their release from the hospital....only to send them back there or to the morgue....

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