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Sports Forum / Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium
« on: July 16, 2019, 02:56:16 AM »
Why do some people insist on saying that 2008 tornado that hit downtown Atlanta had nothing to do with as a determining factor for replacing the Georgia Dome when there is clear proof in the feasibility study that was done to renovate with an entire new roof of the Georgia Dome versus building a new stadium???  The report doesn't have to say tornado for one to see that the cable roof of the Georgia Dome was a major item of concern.  When the cantilever columns that supported the cable roof started to sway 3 to 4 feet in each direction, it was definitely one of those 'oh sh!t' moments in the Georgia Dome.  Plain and simple, structural supported roof section are not supposed to sway 3 to 4 feet in each direction. That's way to much stress and strain on steel columns. Bolts connecting the columns to their concrete base could have easily sheared off.

Feasibility Study:

News Article:

Clear evidence that some us don't like to read reports that concerns the future development of our cities and states.  Also, the report was completed in 2010, which means they had to have started looking at this two years ago in 2008.

Newman High School in New Orleans is also the same school Odell Beckmon, Jr. attended.

I'm sure his grandfather Archie Manning made sure his grandson Arch understood the game long before he started high school.

From the movie 'Phone Booth'.  He lies so much that he should have been president.

A rich/poor state that is on trickle down economic steroids.  Corporations have gotten rich and are getting richer in Louisiana while a vast number of its people are poor.  After 8 years of Jindal, the gap has widen.

Politics / Republicans have completely lost 'Reagan Country'
« on: November 17, 2018, 09:05:09 AM »
Orange County, CA is where Reagan's conservative movement got its start.  It is now entirely blue. I still remember calling Orange County 'The Orange Curtail' back in the 80's and 90's.  Is this a sign that the Trump Movement is causing Reagan's Conservative Movement to crumple???

I'm glad to see the alumni has taken an active role in Bethune-Cookman's affairs.

There are also lawsuits in Georgia and Alabama as well.

Louisiana's congressional districts dilute black vote, lawsuit claims

I'll wait until he makes his video while sitting on a plane, eating chicken, telling us how many jump shots he made, and how legit his money is before I believe this news story.

Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis Arrested For Felony Assault After Surrendering

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