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All Georgia Public HBCU’s See Enrollment Declines, Fall 2019

Meanwhile, State Senator Lester Jackson proposes a Bill to advocate a separate governing system for the three Universities to guide their own future and develop their own programming, inclusive of professional/terminal degrees.  Many in Georgia wrongly misinterpret the Bill as a merger of the three institutions into one (1) institution, despite what the Bill actually reads, sustaining all three institutions and advocating for a separate governing system with its’ own board of trustees/directors, to ensure a brighter future for the Universities.  Instead of getting caught up in a name GAMU (which would be the name of the new governing body, not the name of the three institutions, we should caught up in a concept of autonomy that may be our only chance at elevating the three institutions into something slightly more than juco's.     

What I don’t understand is given the historical mistreatment of the Georgia public HBCU’s under their current system of governance (The University System of Georgia/Board of Regents) which  is well documented, seemingly deliberate, and in some instances admitted, is why  loud voices from the black community refuse to cut ties with its' current governing system (The University System of Georgia) to implement one of their own (like what we see in neighboring state public HBCU with better programming), which could prove beneficial and in some ways autonomous?  Don't get me wrong, they would still be State institutions, so the word autonomy is far-fetched, but clearly some since of self governance and decision making over finances  and programming can have some positive effects.  And depending on who you are talking to, some negative effects.  Positive - take for example NCA&T with their own Board of Trustees.  Negative - South Carolina State - whose board is a nightmarish soap opera, keeping the local T&D (Times & Democrat) Newspaper alive and abuzz.

But my opinion is just that

Here we go, the numbers:


ASU:    6,122 (of this number 70% FTE or full time enrollees) -  -3.9% decline from the previous Fall
FVSU:  2,624 (of this number 85% FTE or full time enrollees) -  -.5.5% increase from previous Fall
SSU:    3,688 (of this number 84% FTE or full time enrollees). -  -9.5% decline from the previous Fall

Undergraduate enrollment                          Graduate Enrollment
ASU:              5,788                                                      344
FVSU:            2,293                                                      331 
SSU:              3,502                                                      186

Albany State is the most diverse HBCU in Georgia at 75% black.  Albany State's 2nd largest demographic is white.  The bad news (depending on how you look at it, or who you are looking at it), Albany is down already to only 843 white students from 2,153 whites at the beginning of the (Albany/Darton) merger.  This means white flight is going as predicted.  However, hispanic/latino population at Albany at time of merger was only 169, now that number has nearly doubled, 320 hispanic/latino students this Fall 19. 

Savannah State is 81% black.  SSU’s 2nd largest demo are hispanic/latino students 355.  SSU has also experienced a little white flight or less white interest with only 140 white students down from the mid 200’s in recent years.  SSU’s decline in white students coincides with the downgrade in athletics from Division I to Division II, meaning a good number of SSU athletes at the DI level were white.   

Fort Valley is 92% black, With 72 white students and 49 hispanic/latino students - combined 121

New Student Enrollment Fall 2019                  Fall 2018                 Difference
ASU total.    1,878                                                    2,212                 down 334 students
FVSU total      631                                                       782                 down 151 tudents   
SSU total     1,108                                                     1,122                down 14 students

                             Out of State           Out of Country     Total Non US  (Non Resident & Resident)         Total Non-Georgia
ASU                           334                             39         111                                         484
FVSU                         178                               8           19                                         205
SSU                           637                             54           83                                          734

                       Female =  Male Ratio

ASU         73%   =   27%
FVSU               63%   =   37%
SSU         62%   =   38% 

 know I promised to leave this thread alone but Kim Foxx FINALLY admits that prosecutors was uncertain about this PURPORTED MOUNT OF EVIDENCE against Smollett, and the move to NOLLE PROSSEQUI and/or DISMISS this case was due to insufficient evidence. 

"On Friday, Foxx submitted an op-ed to the Chicago Tribune in which she said that some of the evidence and testimony against the “Empire” star “would have made securing a conviction against Smollett uncertain.” Foxx noted that Smollett, however, had not been exonerated or found innocent."

(Well umm yeah that's what happens when you dismiss a case, a person can't have a trial and be exonerated.)

“For a variety of reasons, including public statements made about the evidence in this case, my office believed the likelihood of securing a conviction was not certain,” Foxx wrote without elaborating.

And of course, Brother Al weighs in on Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and police

“I found it strange that the mayor who didn’t hold a national press conference when the Laquan McDonald’s tape wasn’t released, I find it strange that the police chief that didn’t say a word, when they let an election go by and couldn’t find the tape, but all of the sudden, you have selective outrage and you start attacking Ms. Foxx,” Sharpton preached as a crowd of a couple of hundred people rose to its feet and cheered. “This is of national concern. We are not going to sit by and allow her to be questioned when you didn’t question Van Dyke, you didn’t question the tape, you didn’t question anything else.”

“I think they need to understand there will be a national reaction to them trying to profile Kim Foxx,” Sharpton said. “This hasn’t nothing to do with Jussie Smollett, this has something to do with a black woman having the power that every prosecutor has.”

General Discussion Forum / GEORGIA PUBLIC HBCU'S AT A GLANCE
« on: November 10, 2018, 07:48:02 AM »


      Total Enrollment   Change in enrollment      % of FTE (Full Time Enrolled)
ASU      6,371         -3.75%            68.5% (-1.0 decline)
FVSU   2,776         +.09%            85.2% (+1.9% increase)
SSU      4.077         -7.9%             84.5% (-8.2 decline)

      Total Enrollment       Total Enrollment Fall 2017
ASU      370            353
FVSU    417            408
SSU      182            190

      BLACKS                      WHITES                         HISPANIC/LATINO
ASU      4,618 (72.5%)      1,025 (30% decline - 1456)      285 (44% increase)
FVSU   2,541 (91.5%)       97                                      49
SSU      3,334 (81.8%)      173                               365

      OUT OF STATE         OUT OF COUNTRY          NON US     
ASU      328 (+31 FROM ’17)         28 (-18 FROM ’17)      103
FVSU   175 (+26 FROM ’17.          19 (-2 FROM ’17)      29
SSU      650 (+25 FROM ’17)      58 (-9 FROM ’17)      90   


ASU continues decline but stops the hemorrhaging with only 3.7% loss.  SSU continues bleeding with Cheryl Dozier at helm.  FVSU, although modest continues increase in enrollment.

FVSU outshines in the number of graduate/professional students enrolled.

ASU is the most diverse but continues to lose white students at a rapid rate – another 30% decline this year in white student enrollment. 

SSU attracts more non Georgia residents and more international students. 


General Discussion Forum / THE BOBBY BROWN STORY
« on: September 08, 2018, 02:46:01 PM »
I'm not buying it.

I mean his co produced version of the events.  ;D

Albany State and Savannah State saw the largest declines in enrollment, respectively, for Spring 2018 of all comprehensive universities the USG.  Fort Valley again saw a very slight increase. 


ASU:    5,729 (of this number 63% FTE or full time enrollees) -  -7.7% decline from the previous Spring
FVSU:  2,513 (of this number 85% FTE or full time enrollees) -  +.08% increase from previous Spring
SSU:    4,128 (of this number 84% FTE or full time enrollees). -  -5.2% decline from the previous Spring

Undergraduate enrollment                          Graduate Enrollment
ASU:              5,413                                                      316
FVSU:            2,148                                                      365  (Went from being the very last in graduate enrollment to the 1st amongst GA HBCU's)
SSU:              3,951                                                      177

Albany State is the most diverse HBCU in Georgia at only 70% black or African American.  SSU 82% black and FVSU 92% black
Albany State's white enrollment in Spring 17 = 1,768.  White enrollment Spring 18 = 1,162.  The white enrollment is what is to watch - this is a staggering -35% decline in enrollment. 

New Student Enrollment Spring 2018            Spring 2017
ASU total 380                                                         575.                 down 195 students
FVSU total 131                                                        176.                  up by 45 students   
SSU total 243                                                         159                   up by 84 students

                             Out of State           Out of Country
ASU                           264                             35
FVSU                         135                              17
SSU                           583                              60

"Among four-year schools, the largest enrollment declines were 10.6 percent at Savannah State University and 7.6 percent at Albany State University."

I am not surprised about Savannah State.  An inept, incompetent, and unambitious Cheryl Dozier - who lacks the skill set of an CEO coupled with the move to DII athletics and a Georgia Southern takeover has had an immediate impact on SSU.



Sports Forum / SSU Athletic Montage
« on: May 07, 2017, 11:54:26 AM »

The judicial system is getting worse by the day.  White rapists walk free because judges are reasoning that they can't handle jail, so jail is inappropriate for such a vile crime.  Just proof that jail cells were built for black men and women.  

Now somehow 5 black lives changed, impacted by a racist in Minnesota who sprayed them with bullet fire - was somehow only worth a 15 year sentence (and they wonder why there is a black lives matter movement - it's because that they show us daily through actions like this that black lives don't matter).


It's getting horrible in these courts and the disparate sentencing between black and white men. I've seen black men get worse in scenarios where a firearm was involved and no-one was actually shot or hurt.

Sports Forum / 3 point happy SSU defeats PAC 12 Oregon State
« on: December 11, 2016, 09:14:56 PM »


 :clap: :clap:

General Discussion Forum / LOVE JONES - THE MUSICAL
« on: November 14, 2016, 09:21:15 AM »
This play did not live up to expectations. I saw it in Atlanta last night and was disappointed. It was incessantly juvenile and overly comedic. The love of "Love Jones" (the movie) was the sophistication of the jazz, poetry, good script writing, romance and seamless talent. This play lacked all. The singing, although meant to be inspiring, seemed to be a horrible screaming and belching out of ballads from the 90's and early 2000's, extremely overbearing.

If you are in your 20's and maybe early 30's, and have romanticized the use of the "N" word (ad naseam), enjoy "Madea Like Caricatures", and loud mouthed angry black women stereotypes, then this play would fancy your delight. However, if you are a mature, jazz and poetry loving African American, who despise the above-mentioned stereotypes - STAY HOME.

Sports Forum / Win Win Tonight for SSU
« on: February 07, 2016, 11:11:26 PM »
Cam's parents are SSU alum.  His father played Tiger football, which means he has SSU pedigree. 

Denver Broncos, the franchise, is special to us...and not just because of the blue and orange, other than the colors, we share Shannon Sharpe who won two national titles with the Broncos.

So All and All, I'll take my victories where I can find them, but then of course that might go without saying considering I am an SSU football fan  :lmao:.


White substance found on the Savannah State football field

Preseason football practices at Savannah State were suspended after a team member reported finding an unknown white powdery substance on the field.

Local police, federal investigators, and HAZMAT responded to the scene.

After an analysis of the white powder, HAZMAT officials determined that the white substance unknown to the players was actually the goal line; also known as the end-zone.

Practices resumed after it was determined by officials that the team was unlikely to encounter the white substance again this season

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