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Sports Forum / DEM EAGLES!!
« on: March 16, 2019, 03:12:31 PM »

I talk smack a lot.....and I love doing it :lol:
But kudos goes to the best MEAC basketball coach in March since Don Corbett.  The way Central came out of halftime to put their stamp on the game was Moton personified. 

Norfolk's coach can't match wits with Moton.  Norfolk choked.....but Central had their hands on their throats, too.

Congrats to the Eagles.  Congrats to Moton.  Represent the MEAC well, irrespective of where you land in the tournament.  I'll be pulling for ya :popcorn:

Sports Forum / France's National Soccer Team
« on: July 15, 2018, 01:22:24 PM »
Congrats to France for winning the World Cup......
.....but damn, I didn't know if I was watching France or UNLV. :o

They got more colored boys on their team than Golden State  :lol: :nod:

Somebody better tell Trump immigration has its perks  :lmao:

Hope Solo done told us......this country club soccer the USA is playing ain't gonna cut it.   :no:

And it was in the New Orleans Zoo, virtually in y'all's backyard, no less......... :lmao:

Tell y'all's starting QB to change his name to Valero.  It may not help y'all against us in the Celebration Bowl, but it may help you at least beat Grambling  :lmao: :lmao: (I'm killing myself) :lmao: :lmao:

Find a pastel blue and yellow jersey for this playa here.  He's the only Jaguar I know in Louisiana that's got some fight left in em' :laugh: :popcorn:

Sports Forum / Central, Please Talk to your Coach
« on: November 18, 2017, 09:17:22 PM »
I’m not gloating over the win today.  Don’t get me wrong - I’m happy we beat y’all on the way to going 11-0 and winning the title outright.  Look, I know us Aggies committed a lot of penalties today as well, so we’re no choir boys.....

....but some of the penalties/behavior you all have engaged in over the past year is just embarrassing and unbecoming.  From the premature celebration at the Celebration Bowl last year, to the tons of penalties you commit in virtually every game, to the ejections and penalties today.....Coach Mack needs to be called to the carpet on this one.

As much crap as I give you guys (which is mostly in jest; I actually pull for you guys more times than not)....I’m being 100% straight up with you guys.  This brand of football will ultimately come back to embarrass you as a program and school.  You can be tough and aggressive without acting like prehistoric cavemen.   

Tell your coach to get his act together and cut out all of the bullisht antics on the field.  It doesn’t intimidate anybody.  It just makes you look foolish and undisciplined.  The best of luck to you guys for next season.  Lord willing, I’ll be at O-Kelly-Riddick Stadium this time next year watching 2 top notched rivals go at it again.

Sports Forum / Hey Eagles, Guess What Song NSS is POPLOCKIN' to???
« on: November 11, 2017, 05:15:58 PM »


« on: April 18, 2017, 10:52:38 PM »
This is huuge :o :o :o :o
Fox has some white male entitlement issues they need to fix.  This has nothing to do with how you swing politically.  Huge Fox white male figures have been abusive to women.  There's a nasty culture there they are gonna have to correct.

« on: March 23, 2017, 03:40:42 PM »

For all of those people calling for Jesse Williams to be fired from Grey's Anatomy for his "racial diatribe" at the BET awards, especially when he talked about cop-on-black folks violence.......look at the Baton Rouge shooting and tell me how you feel now.

FYI --- I'm not anti-cop.  I don't believe every cop vs black person incident is ALWAYS the cop's fault.....but to shoot a dude ON HIS BACK AND SUBDUED is beyond inconceivable.  This is absolutely infuriating.   I wouldn't wish that on anybody - man, woman, or child - irrespective of color. 

Sports Forum / GetUpLazarus.....Rams 17- Bowie 14 FINAL
« on: November 14, 2015, 05:21:20 PM »
 :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:
Big up to the Rams......hey folks, say what you want, but they navigated their way to the title fair and square.  Big ups to my play cousins to the West....

Sports Forum / I don't think Charlie Strong lives to coach tomorrow
« on: October 03, 2015, 02:19:27 PM »
It's 44-0 TCU over Texas, with 12 minutes left in the 3rd qtr.  I may be wrong, but I have a feeling he won't be Texas's head coach this time tomorrow.....

« on: August 15, 2014, 06:25:25 PM »
If Darren Wilson (the white Ferguson cop) is found to be guilty of killing unarmed Michael Brown, he deserves his just punishment...... with that being said, Michael Brown brought a lot of this on himself. 
I have thought about this for the last few hours.....

Think of any town in America....if a white man is walking down the middle of the road obstructing traffic, would a cop pull him over ----- YES.

Do I believe Michael Brown angrily confronted the cop because he thought the cop knew about his strong-armed robbery ------ YES.

Do these incidents justify the cop killing him dead in the street ----- NO.

However, young black men have to understand that they cannot conduct themselves like clowns or thugs and expect a positive outcome when they come into contact with law enforcement. 

If 100 young black men were asked if cops have it out for them, I would venture to say that at least 50% of them would say ----- YES.

With that being said, why in the hell would you do something that would place you in the attention of the people who you say have it in for you?????

If Michael Brown was walking on the sidewalk or on the correct side of the road, there is a high likelihood that cop (who didn't know about the store robbery) would have driven right by him.

I am by NO MEANS CONDONING Brown's brutal murder; but we have to do a much better job of teaching OUR YOUNG BLACK MEN on how to conduct themselves like mature black men. 

I have a 14-year old son; I constantly remind him of what society thinks of him and how it will likely be a lifelong quest for him to conduct himself in a way that debunks the stereotypes many have of him without even saying the first word to him. 

If he carries himself foolishly in a situation/scenario....the outcome of that situation/scenario will also be foolish.  There's simply no way a young black man can think he can act or carry himself foolishly in public and think he ain't gonna get checked by authorities.....NONE!!!

If you have young black sons, nephews, grandsons, etc ------ TALK TO THEM.  Teach them how they need to conduct themselves in public.  As I said before, IT DOES NOT CONDONE THE WHITE COP FOR GUNNING HIM DEAD IN THE STREET.....but when you have robbed a store and are walking in the middle of the street, blocking traffic in both directions (all within a matter of minutes) - you are inviting the police to check you.

In essence, we have to stop contributing to our own downfall.

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