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Jesus christ. They sure are trying to make a hero out of him.

Wish my brother was an anchor on a cable news network. Could probably get an hour or two every day to spit bollocks.

This country is so a-- backwards it begs belief. >:(

According to the stimulus calculator located here:

I, a single male who recorded slightly below 95k last year on my w2 will only be eligible to receive $200 of the 1200 payment. If we are all in this pandemic together why is there a limit on the checks. We should all get the same amount to face this. Why create these artificial lines?

Its BS.

Politics / Is Pelosi's 10k Student loan reduction bill passes today
« on: March 24, 2020, 12:58:56 PM »
I'd be a "centrist" dem  for the rest of my life.


General Discussion Forum / I dont get these young girls.
« on: March 16, 2020, 10:53:26 PM »
Bae(Yes, I call my girlfriend that now.....dont judge me) officially got two weeks off her job because of Corona. Cool. I told her she should quarantine like everybody else is doing and take it easy. Im working from home so we can facetime all day or whatever.

She gets it in her head that she should break the quarantine to fly ALL the way across the country to hang out with me for 2 weeks because flights are cheap. Now I know she dont have money like that to burn so I tell her to use that money to stock up her place so she doesnt have to go out during the quarantine period. She gets offended. She starts talking about how I dont care about her(despite the fact that I told her not to fly across the country for her safety), and Yells for absolutely no reason.

Solid. I tell her I hope she has a nice day, but I have to get back to work so I politely hang up on her.

 I actually put the phone on "Do not Disturb" and took a nap. I wake up and shes called like 8 times. Sent me a picture of her feet...which looked nice and was obviously an attempt to get me to reply, but then a bunch of texts afterwards saying im using her. I call her and shes crying and apologizing. I say its fine and that she should stock up on some food. She then begins the "Why cant I visit" routine again.

This doesnt even seem like a reason to have any sort of argument. I thought it was her Autism going off and her pretending to have an argument because thats how she think relationships are, but her non spectrum roommate is over there agreeing with her about me being a "Jerk" for not letting her travel across the country during a pandemic just to sit in my apartment with me as I work. It just seems so juvenile.

Politics / I lost almost 50k in my 401k the past week.
« on: March 13, 2020, 09:47:32 PM »
Trump is done. :no: :no:

If he doesnt have the economy what does he have?

Sports Forum / I probably wont go back to sports when it comes back
« on: March 13, 2020, 09:11:14 PM »
I've found myself falling more and more out of love with spectator sports as I age.

Sure, I like to play tennis in the neighborhood sometimes. Even shoot a few holes of golf. But the days of spending a day sitting on the couch watching football(soccer)? Probably gone if its gone too long.

Too many other things in life now. :shrug:

General Discussion Forum / This forum is in big trouble
« on: February 22, 2020, 09:55:58 PM »
An entire day of a simple MySQL table repair has impaired this forum. This is more than an oversight. This is a "I cant justify running a simple repair script" event.

Hard times ahead.

General Discussion Forum / Black couple retires at 40 and moves to Portugal
« on: February 17, 2020, 12:13:29 PM »

They saved 2 million in 8 years.

She was making 70k a year
He was making 98k a year.

Pretty amazing stuff.  They are only 10 years older than me. I wouldnt want to ever live in Portugal though :no:

General Discussion Forum / Russell Wilson stay winning
« on: February 08, 2020, 04:15:47 PM »
You know what. I am on going to go on record and say I was wrong.

I thought Russell Wilson had too much to lose by dating a woman below his level(subpar female singer, thot for a hood guy, had his kid), but dude has pretty much leveled her up.

Shes not A list, but shes a solid B list celeb now on her own right.
She's cleaned up really well. No hood mannerisms.
Gave him two healthy kids
Leveled up his swag-->He has credibility with black dudes now.

Dude won.

British media has found Kobe's mom. Still in Vegas with his dad nearly a week after their son died.

Cant be near her Son's family, and probably not going to be invited to his funeral just because she chose to play god over his life after he was a grown man. I mean I understand if you dont want your superstar son to get caught up with a 17 year old as he is on the cusp of greatness, but after he puts a ring on it you have to relent....shes family now. They decide not to go to the wedding.

They try to play nice when the oldest girl is born, but the well is poisoned at that point. They come around and see the wife's parents, who played nice, are living in the lap of luxury right next to the family. In a million+ dollar house where they can be with the kids all day.

Its real different from the life you have. So you petition your son for money for a new house so you can match the luxury he pays his wife's mother. You cant get it at that point. His money is now His and the woman you hated money, and she is not going to let you live the same life of luxury that her mom has. You become resentful and try to sell off his memories to try and get the house you feel you deserve....then you lose your son emotionally. He doesnt want anything to do with you at this point.

Now he dies physically with the youngest granddaughter that you passing. Here is what you are left with:

His wife knows how you felt about her. She doesnt want you anywhere near her or her kids.
The oldest, who lived through and saw all the ugliness, doesnt really fuck with you anymore because you hate the one parent she has left.
The wife's family living next to, and off of, your late son dont want you around because they know you think you are better than them.
The two youngest are a toddler and infant and have never even met you.

So here you are, an outsider to your own kids life in death just because you couldnt respect who they chose to be with. A story so many African parents end up going through too.

Dont be like them. Respect your kids and their spouses.

Sports Forum / Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash
« on: January 26, 2020, 02:47:06 PM »
RIP King

"Kobe Bryant died in a helicoper crash in Calabasas Sunday morning ... TMZ Sports has confirmed.

Kobe was traveling with at least 3 other people in his private helicopter when it went down. A fire broke out. Emergency personnel responded, but nobody on board survived. 5 people are confirmed dead. We're told Vanessa Bryant was not among those on board.

The cause of the crash is under investigation

like full blown autist?  Embarrassed me in a restaurant and her roommate thought I was before meeting me. I can handle quirks alone, but my accent gets me enough stares without being next to some spaz freaking out over utensil placement or the fact that her mashed potatoes were touching her chicken. :no:

My flight wasnt until tonight actually but I had to go to the airport to get away. Paid extra to be placed on one last night.

General Discussion Forum / Perrier-Jou√ęt, no tap water,
« on: January 20, 2020, 09:09:53 AM »

Flying out to SFO thursday night. Renting a car and going to drive up and work from UC Berkeley friday, then going to drive to her place friday night.

King weekend about to be lit.

Men, be spontaneous. Women love it. :nod:

General Discussion Forum / I warned you...
« on: January 01, 2020, 12:00:10 AM »

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