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Politics / North Carolina sheriff sued over halting pistol permits
« on: Yesterday at 08:00:12 AM »

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Gun rights activists filed a lawsuit against a North Carolina sheriff who temporarily halted handgun permits amid a surge of interest during the coronavirus outbreak.

The lawsuit against Wake County Sheriff Gerald Baker was filed Friday in federal court by Grass Roots North Carolina, the Second Amendment Foundation and Firearms Policy Coalition.

The lawsuit asks a judge to force Baker to start issuing pistol permits again, arguing that state law requires him to process the permits. The lawsuit says that while a sheriff can deny an individual application for certain reasons, state law doesn't give the authority to halt all applications.


With many churches having online services at various times there is no reason to miss a service somewhere.  Service starts at 1030 hrs EDT.  We've been using Facebook Live.  The feed should start just before 1030.  We will also have a children's church at 1500 hrs EDT. 

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Fears are growing that Florida could be another coronavirus hotspot after a sharp increase in infections in the last 24 hours and nearly two dozen more deaths.

Health officials said Saturday morning they have seen 863 additional positive COVID-19 cases, which brought the total tally of cases to 3,763.

Miami-Dade and Broward counties – the two most populous in the state – have recorded the highest number of infections, with more than 400 new cases between the two over the last 24 hours. Miami's Mayor Francis Javier Suarez tested positive for the virus and told Fox News he is recovering well.

At least 54 people have died of coronavirus in Florida, including at least 3 in Miami-Dade and 11 in Broward counties.

Miami-Dade’s first coronavirus-related death was 40-year-old Israel Carrera, from North Miami, who died Thursday – just days after testing positive for COVID-19.

Health officials said they believe he might have contracted the virus after attending the Winter Party Music Festival in early March.

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A company in Austin, Texas is looking to dock pay from workers who receive government stimulus checks, according to an anonymous employee.

With the historic $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus deal signed, Americans can look forward to receiving some economic relief during the pandemic.

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Almost 23 years after an Arkansas mother was murdered by a 16-year-old, the convicted killer allegedly killed her daughter, police said.

Deputies from the Crittenden County Sheriff's Office responded to a call on Wednesday at the historical Snowden House in Horseshoe Lake where they saw a possible suspect fleeing the property.

Rest in Peace.

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was blasted on social media Friday for her swipe against President Trump amid the growing coronavirus outbreak within the U.S.

Since the availability of testing kits has broadened in recent days, the number of confirmed cases in the U.S. has skyrocketed. On Thursday, the U.S. has reportedly outpaced both China and Italy with more than 97,000 reported cases.

Politics / Why are Blacks Democrats?
« on: March 26, 2020, 11:52:18 AM »
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African Americans are Democrats. Since 1968 no Republican presidential candidate has received more than 13% of the African American vote and surveys of African Americans regularly show that upwards of 80% of African Americans self-identify as Democrats.  However, understanding why African Americans are such steadfast supporters of the Democratic Party is not as straightforward as it seems. Although committed to the Democratic Party, African Americans are actually one of the most conservative blocs of Democratic supporters. As political scientist Tasha Philpot’s 2017 book title suggests, African Americans are “Conservative but Not Republican.” Understanding how it is that African Americans have been able to maintain such strong support for the Democratic Party despite their increasingly diverging interest with the party is the subject of our new book, Steadfast Democrats: How Social Forces Shape Black Political Behavior.

Understanding why African Americans are such steadfast supporters of the Democratic Party is not as straightforward as it seems. Although committed to the Democratic Party, African Americans are actually one of the most conservative blocs of Democratic supporters.

Why do they have the Black man out there with a mine?

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 :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Many people are working from home during the COVID-19 outbreak, but what if your job is as a studio background vocalist?

Nashville has a deep talent pool when it comes to singers. Some have sung background for the biggest stars you've heard of, all kinds of records, even performed demo recordings for songs that went on to become a giant smash hit.

So if you can't gather in groups larger than ten, if you're supposed to sanitize every surface you can if you go to work, then hundreds of studio performers who live here have no options. They're out of work.

Someone had the idea to each sing "it is well with my soul" on their phones.

They emailed it to a producer and he put it all together to come up with this absolutely AMAZING video/recording.

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"Shark Tank" star and billionaire Mark Cuban declined to attack President Trump over the coronavirus pandemic despite a "View" co-host's repeated prompting for him to do so on Wednesday's show.

"View" co-host Sunny Hostin asked the Dallas Mavericks owner about Trump's leadership, citing accusations that Trump's allegedly delayed response "cost lives."

"You know, I'm not a fan of President Trump's," Cuban responded, "but I'm not going to rip on him either because any senator could have stood up and said something and screamed loud, any congressperson could have, nobody did. And so, I didn't have high expectations for President Trump but I'm not going to throw him under the bus. I think it was a failure of leadership across the entire political spectrum."

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Some six in 10 Americans approve of the job Donald Trump is doing to combat the coronavirus crisis, pushing the president’s approval rating – 49% - to the highest of his presidency, according to a poll released Tuesday by Gallup.

Trump’s gains come as his standing has improved among Democrats and independents amid the viral outbreak, which has killed more than 660 people even as the nation has adopted strict rules limiting public gatherings. Trump’s job approval numbers are up 6 points among Democrats and 8 points among independents, according to the survey.

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Meet Richard Appiah Akoto, a teacher from Ghana who gained international attention for teaching his students how to use Microsoft Word without a computer. Photos of him drawing very detailed screenshots of the software's functionality on a blackboard have gone viral on social media!

It was obviously very tedious, but his innovative approach helped a lot of students and eventually caught the attention of Microsoft and other companies that decided to help provide financial and technical support to the school.

For about 8 years, Akoto has been teaching at Betenase Municipal Assembly Junior High in the small town of Sekyedomase in Ghana. In 2018, he posted some photos on Facebook of his meticulously sketched Microsoft Word window on the blackboard.

According to Microsoft's blog, the company was so impressed that they decided to step in to help and even invited Akoto to attend the 2018 Microsoft Educator Exchange in Singapore. It was his first time outside of Ghana and he was able to meet education leaders from around the world and share the issues with the educational system in Ghana.

General Discussion Forum / Coronavirus: Prince Charles tests positive
« on: March 25, 2020, 07:53:10 AM »
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Prince Charles has tested positive for the coronavirus, his office said Wednesday.

The Prince of Wales, 71, who is first in line to the British throne, is experiencing mild symptoms "but otherwise remains in good health," Clarence House said in a statement.

Charles is now self-isolating and working from home at the Balmoral Estate in Scotland. His wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, tested negative for the virus, the statement said.

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