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Sam Brinton, a senior Energy Department (DOE) official, was charged with stealing a traveler's luggage in the Minneapolis airport in September, shortly before quietly taking a leave of absence.

Brinton — who serves as the DOE's deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition — allegedly took a Vera Bradley suitcase worth $2,325 from the luggage carousel at the Minneapolis St. Paul Airport (MSP) on Sept. 16, according to a criminal complaint filed on Oct. 26 in Minnesota state court and obtained by Fox News Digital. Brinton had traveled from Washington, D.C., to MSP that day.

After the suitcase's owner alerted police, officers reviewed video surveillance of the carousel and identified Brinton taking the luggage before removing its tag identifying the owner, the court filings stated. Law enforcement observed Brinton using the luggage during at least two other trips to Washington, D.C., on Sept. 18 and Oct. 9.

Then, on Oct. 9, Brinton denied stealing anything when a police officer called to discuss the incident. Brinton confirmed still possessing the suitcase.

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A dean at the University of Cambridge in the U.K. came to the defense of a junior research fellow whose sermon last Sunday about Jesus Christ having a "trans body" reportedly left outraged congregants "in tears."

Dr. Michael Banner, the dean of Trinity College, said Joshua Heath raised "legitimate" speculation in his Evensong sermon during which the researcher claimed from the pulpit of Trinity College chapel that non-erotic portrayals of Jesus' penis in historical paintings "urge a welcoming rather than hostile response towards the raised voices of trans people," according to the Daily Telegraph.

"In Christ's simultaneously masculine and feminine body in these works, if the body of Christ as these works suggest the body of all bodies, then his body is also the trans body," Heath said.


A segment on MSNBC’s "Velshi" discussed the alleged "deeply racist origins" of Georgia’s runoff elections, which were created to "keep Black candidates out of office."

MSNBC News correspondent Priscilla Thompson presented the report during Saturday's episode of the show, speaking to historians claiming that enshrining runoff elections into Georgia law was a way for White candidates to consolidate their voter bases and more easily defeat Black candidates in major state elections.

Though both candidates in the latest Georgia runoff, the tight U.S. Senate race between Republican Herschel Walker and his opponent Sen. Raphael Warnock, D-Ga., are Black, an historian noted that no Black candidate has been elected to a state executive office in Georgia history, supposedly a testament to the electoral system's racist origin.

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Arizona democrat Senator Mark Kelly criticized his own party's ineptitude in responding to the border crisis, in an interview with The Washington Post on Tuesday.

The democrat was blunt when asked if he thought his party was doing a good job in recognizing the magnitude of the problem at the southern border and Americans' frustrations with it not being addressed.

"Absolutely not. Not even close," he told the paper. "When I first got to Washington, it didn’t take me long to realize that there are a lot of democrats who don’t understand our southern border and a lot of Republicans who just want to talk about it," he explained.

Since President Biden took office, illegal border crossings have surged to historic levels. One dire result is the hundreds of thousands of opioid pills pouring across the border every week.

In the month of October alone, Customs and Border Protection reported over 230,000 border encounters, while another 64,000 migrants crossed the border without being apprehended, Fox News reported.

Politics / White House slapped with reality check over budget claim
« on: November 22, 2022, 12:37:09 PM »
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The White House was fact-checked by Twitter users on Monday after trying to take credit for the "largest" one-year cut to the federal budget deficit in American history.

President Biden's communications team attempted to exaggerate the administration's record on lowering the deficit on Twitter and was handed another Community Note that provided missing context for the White House's claim.

"The Biden-Harris Administration lowered the deficit with the single largest one-year reduction in American history," the White House tweeted Monday.

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A fourth rail union has rejected a tentative agreement with the nation's major freight railroads, raising the prospects of a nationwide strike that could kneecap the economy in the middle of the holiday season.

Members of the Transportation Division of the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail, and Transportation Workers (SMART-TD), representing more than 28,000 workers, issued a split decision in the vote count announced Monday. Yardmasters represented by SMART-TD voted to ratify their contract, but a smaller group of some 1,300 train and engine service members voted against their separate contract.

All 12 unions involved in negotiations must ratify their new agreements to avert a potential work stoppage, which would decimate already fragile supply chains in the middle of the Christmas shopping rush. While eight have already agreed to the deal negotiated by the Presidential Emergency Board (PEB) appointed by President Biden, a strike could happen as early as Dec. 9.

Congress is expected to step in if a deal is not reached between all parties by the deadline, and the group representing the nation's major freight railroads warned Monday that lawmakers need to be poised to do just that.

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As if getting bludgeoned 40-3 at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys wasn’t embarrassing enough, one unfortunate stadium jumbotron operator took the Minnesota Vikings’ humiliation a step further by falling for a faux “Salute to Service” photo featuring a porn star.

Steven Wolfe, better known by his stage name Johnny Sins, has portrayed myriad professions throughout his adult film career. In one particular film, the 43-year-old donned fatigues to play a service member. The resulting imagery — Johnny in outdated camouflage bearing no name tape — has been deployed in the years since to trick popular personalities into “thank you for your service” gaffes.

The U.S. Bank Stadium jumbotron operator is the latest to fall victim, sharing one Twitter user’s erroneous well wishes on the stadium’s big screen for all to see.

“We’re honoring our nation’s service members, veterans, and their families during Sunday’s game against Dallas,” the official Vikings account wrote in the days leading up to Sunday’s game. “Share photos and stories of your loved ones who have served or are currently serving using #SkolSalute for a chance to have them featured on the video board Sunday.”

“This is my cousin Joel who served in the Army,” Twitter user @kylerulz4h wrote. “He has always been an inspiration and someone I look up to for his heroism. He is also a HUGE Vikes fan #skolsalute.”

General Discussion Forum / REALITY CHECK
« on: November 22, 2022, 04:01:01 AM »
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An Atlanta judge sentenced Todd Chrisley to 12 years in federal prison Monday, and wife Julie Chrisley received seven years after they were both found guilty in a federal tax evasion case.

Todd and Julie will each have to complete 16 months of probation following the end of their prison sentences.

The couple's report date is set for Jan. 15, 2023, according to FOX 5.

The Chrisleys did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital's request for comment.

It's not clear if they will be able to stagger their sentences. The "Chrisley Knows Best" stars have custody of his 10-year-old granddaughter, Chloe.

Politics / GOP underdog on his victory over top democrat
« on: November 21, 2022, 09:24:27 AM »

Newly elected New York Rep.-elect Mike Lawler, R., appeared on "Sunday Night in America" to discuss the impact of his election leading up to an upcoming vote on a new Speaker of the House.

Lawler pulled off a surprising win in his district not only winning in a predominantly Democratic area but defeating DCCC chairman Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney as well. This marked the first time Maloney had lost his seat since 2013.

Lawler credited his win with his focus on constituents’ issues and voters being tired of a "one-party rule."

"I focused exclusively on inflation, crime, education, and those were the issues that you know my constituents cared about. This is a D+3 district on the PVI rating. Joe Biden won it by 10 points. It’s home to Bill and Hillary Clinton, and George Soros. This is by no means a rock-solid Republican district, but folks were very fed up in New York with one party rule," Lawler said.

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Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., says former President Donald Trump "was right" to go after the China-owned video-sharing app TikTok.

Warner made the comments during an appearance on Fox News Sunday, telling host Shannon Bream that the app represents a major threat to Americans' privacy. He also warned parents against allowing their children to download the app on their phones.

"Well, I think Donald Trump was right. I mean, TikTok is an enormous threat," Warner told Bream. "So, if you're a parent, and you've got a kid on TikTok, I would be very, very concerned. All of that data that your child is inputting and receiving is being stored somewhere in Beijing."

Warner is only the most recent in a series of U.S. politicians and officials to call for a crackdown on TikTok. FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr called on regulators to ban the app in the U.S., and FBI Director Christopher Wray warned that it contributes to China's status as the No. 1 thief of U.S. data in the world.

"China’s vast hacking program is the world’s largest, and they have stolen more Americans’ personal and business data than every other nation combined," Wray told lawmakers last week, adding specifically of TikTok: "[Dangers] include the possibility that the Chinese government could use it to control data collection on millions of users or control the recommendation algorithm, which could be used for influence operations if they so chose or to control software on millions of devices, which gives the opportunity to potentially tactically compromise personal devices."

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The history of the support the U.S. government has provided to white farmers and denied Black farmers is well documented. Our project Uneven Ground tells the stories of today's Southern Black farmers. This timeline shows how the deck has been stacked against them and their families as they've worked American soil to feed themselves and the nation.

General William T. Sherman’s Special Field Order No. 15, issued Jan. 16, promised formerly enslaved people 40 acres. Before President Andrew Johnson rescinded the order later that year after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, 400,000 acres were distributed.

The Homestead Act had passed a few years earlier and gave citizens 160-acre plots. Almost all the recipients were white. By the time that program ended in 1934, 207 million acres had been given away.

Black farmers owned as much as 16 million acres. By the late 1900s, they had lost 90% of that land. In that same period, white farmers lost only 2% of the land they owned. 1910 also marked the peak acreage owned by nonwhite farmers in the South.


One rarely hears of the American Dream these days. The belief that anyone can move upward and achieve their own version of success regardless of what class or zip code they were born into has taken a beating in recent years.

In speeches, politicians often point out how the American Dream is only for the privileged class, seldomly evoking the unifying qualities of the dream. In many middle- to upper-class K-12 schools, educators continue to dismantle the honors track and other ladders of upward mobility, giving the goal of achieving racial equity a higher value than the dream. From universities to corporations, many elites, seeking innocence from America’s history of racial crimes in this post-George Floyd era, pour millions upon millions of dollars into racially engineering diversity, a practice that belittles the dream. Within this national culture where power is to be found in the external markers of one’s identity, why pursue the difficult and often lonely path of the American Dream?

Far from this privileged and racialized world, one might be surprised to learn that the heart of the American Dream beats in one of our nation’s most ravaged, deprived and violent communities: the South Side of Chicago. Pastor Corey Brooks has spent the last three decades ministering folks from all walks of life through his New Beginnings Church and refuses to believe in the demise of the American Dream. If he had, he would not have proved countless doubters wrong while raising over $20 million this past year to build a 89,000 square feet facility for his Project H.O.O.D. (Helping Others Obtain Destiny) community center.

As I drove down King Drive early in the morning before the groundbreaking ceremony for the community center, I saw no visible evidence of the American Dream. Mere feet from the pastor’s church sits a massive housing project that occupies much of the long block. For many of its tenants, intergenerational dependency on the government is the only life they know. On the other end of the projects, buildings that once housed Walgreens and McDonald's have been abandoned and graffitied. At the nearby elementary school, nearly every child failed to reach grade-level proficiency in math and reading and, sadly, this is not an exaggeration.

What did the pastor see in this desolate landscape that I was missing?

When I met the pastor on the rooftop built on top of shipping containers where he has been living for the past 344 days with the goal of raising $35 million to build the building debt free, he told me that the American Dream is never "out there." It is not the fancy car or the house with the white picket fence. Rather, the dream lives within each one of us, in our souls. The dream fuels the belief in ourselves to make something of our talents, to confront the unknown, to become somebodies, and to have a meaningful impact on those around us.

Yet the pastor knows that the dream has been defeated by bad faith within too many people in the neighborhood. This bad faith, put plainly, is faithlessness in oneself, one’s fellow man and in the society we live in. How does a young boy on the South Side keep good faith in America when he is constantly told he is oppressed and a victim of white supremacy? When he is told that efforts to better himself is acting white? When he is told he cannot agent his own uplift without help of the government? When all around him he sees a permanent black underclass ruled by gangs who think nothing of snuffing out a life?

"That is why it is so important for me to believe in the American Dream," the pastor told me. "If I don’t believe in it, don’t talk about it, don’t model it, then how do they know the dream exists?"

He was talking about the near impossible task of turning bad faith into good faith by awakening the dream within each soul in the neighborhood. He played no role in creating this world of bad faith, and he knows that many individuals feel it is unfair they were born into a world where they have to start from so far down on the bottom. But that is their fate.


San Francisco's transgender guaranteed income program application provides over 130 gender, sexuality and pronoun options, and encouraging enrollees to "check all that apply."

The "Guaranteed Income for Transgender People (G.I.F.T.)" program will provide 55 "economically marginalized transgender people," who have a monthly income of less than $600 with $1,200 per month for a year-and-a-half. Although, enrollees can make a maximum of $4,000 a month and still be enrolled in the program, according to the program’s website.

Pronoun options on the application include "Zie/zim/zis," "Fae/faer/faers" and "Tey/ter/ters."

Under the gender identity category, applicants can choose from options like "Aggressive (AG)," which is an "identity label claimed by some African-American and Latin@ masculine of center lesbians," according to the University of Florida LGBTQ+ Affairs office.


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