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Sports Forum / FCS & D2 football 9/22 on ESPN3
« on: September 20, 2018, 10:37:16 AM »
Not a complete schedule but those most on this board would have interest in. If you know of others please post.

3:00p - College Football - Howard vs. Bethune-Cookman (Football)
4:00p - College Football - Savannah State vs. Florida A&M (Football)
5:00p - College Football - Hampton vs. Northern Iowa (Football)
6:00p - College Football - Norfolk State vs. South Carolina State (Football)
6:00p - College Football - Morgan State vs. North Carolina A&T (Football)
6:00p - College Football - Virginia Union vs. Winston-Salem (Football)
6:00p - College Football - Lenoir-Rhyne vs. Wingate (Football)
7:00p - College Football - Michigan Tech vs. Grand Valley State (Football)
7:00p - College Football - Alabama State vs. Grambling
8:00p - College Football - Texas Southern vs. Houston (Football)

Sports Forum / The seriousness of playing football
« on: September 20, 2017, 09:44:13 AM »
Midwestern State football players dies due to injuries sustained in game.

Sports Forum / Redshirting
« on: September 05, 2016, 10:16:40 AM »
I saw a D2 home game where the team makes its does not allow its redshirts to on sidelines. They are relegated to the stands just like rest of student body.  All week they practice with the "family" but on saturday they are shunned and isolated. Seems to be a sure fire way to demoralize and ostracize and student-athlete.   Sunday thru Friday you are in the family but on Saturday you are not. I realize redshirting is part of a normal process in collegiate athletics.  I get that but should'nt you always want your people to feel part of the organization?  A coach should want his players to see the game from field level so they can grow and learn from what they are watching. What do other teams do?  Is this the norm?

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