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Thanks, Iceman!!!


Thanks, Iceman !!


It will turn out that Borowitz can see into the future!!!


Compromise BS charge....


Good quetion!

This was under Sessions, Whitaker and Barr, all serving under #ErraticTrump, so....



The Forgotten Story of How 13 Black Men Broke the Navy’s Toughest Color Barrier

During World War II, a group of African American sailors was chosen to integrate the Naval Officer Corps, forever changing what was possible in the U.S. Navy


Once, the officer candidates were lined up for a medical exam. “All right, you boys, strip down,” someone yelled. “Everything off. Strip down.” “Stand over there,” came another order. “Stand at attention.”

Arbor had white splotches on the skin near the top of his penis. A white pharmacist’s mate grabbed a 36-inch ruler and yelled out, “Look at this, look at this. Here’s this Negro here. Look at this man, half white and half black.” As he spoke, he rapped Arbor’s penis with the ruler, causing him to wince with each whack.

His comrades were certain a riot was about to start. This was it. This was the moment they would surely be kicked out.

“Hey, boy, where did you get this thing from?” the pharmacist’s mate asked, still whacking Arbor’s penis.
Arbor looked him directly in the eye, just the way the Navy had taught.

“Well, you see, sir, I was raised in a white neighborhood.”

Nothing more than a snicker escaped his peers’ lips, and the white men, furious that they could not get a rise out of the officer candidates, stormed off.

Their restraint was not an accident. These men had been winnowed from hundreds of potential candidates, chosen because the Navy deemed them not too extreme in their attitudes. Like Jackie Robinson, who would break baseball’s color barrier three years later, these men were chosen because they were expected to suffer these indignities quietly and gracefully.

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"Stick a fork in her...."


The community sent a strong message tonight!!


When you finish listening to all the BS and deflections, what it comes down to is:


If you have 15 reasons why you can't fly to Cape Town for dinner and one of them is you don't have the money, the other 14 reasons don't really matter.  Same with lack of signatures.

Republican challenger for Ocasio-Cortez's congressional seat drops out of race

She blames everyone but Santa Claus!!
But, I give her credit; she carried it off with aplomb!

She was the one that Repubs were bragging about who would challenge AOC!

 :lmao:    :lmao:    :lmao:

She was cannon fodder anyway!!

The #ErraticTrump administration is a 19 ring circus inside a dumpster floating aflame in a sea of excrement.


Digest and enjoy this dynamite Sister's take on Black military veterans.

Gives you a whole 'nother perspective in the wake of Memorial Day...


In a bold departure from previous scholarship, Le’Trice D. Donaldson locates the often overlooked era between the Civil War and the end of World War I as the beginning of Black soldiers’ involvement in the long struggle for civil rights. Donaldson traces the evolution of these soldiers as they used their military service to challenge white notions of an African American second-class citizenry and forged a new identity as freedom fighters willing to demand the rights of full citizenship and manhood.

Through extensive research, Donaldson not only illuminates this evolution but also interrogates the association between masculinity and citizenship and the ways in which performing manhood through military service influenced how these men struggled for racial uplift. Following the Buffalo soldier units and two regular army infantry units from the frontier and the Mexican border to Mexico, Cuba, and the Philippines, Donaldson investigates how these locations and the wars therein provide windows into how the soldiers’ struggles influenced Black life and status within the United States.

Continuing to probe the idea of what it meant to be a military race man—a man concerned with the uplift of the Black race who followed the philosophy of progress—Donaldson contrasts the histories of officers Henry Flipper and Charles Young, two soldiers who saw their roles and responsibilities as Black military officers very differently.

Duty beyond the Battlefield demonstrates that from the 1870s to 1920s military race men laid the foundation for the “New Negro” movement and the rise of Black Nationalism that influenced the future leaders of the twentieth century Civil Rights movement.



My grandfather John W. Reddick was one of these men.  After serving in the Spanish American War in the Philippines as a Sharpshooter, he returned to Franklin, TN.  He became a community leader, a Mason, and State Grand Master of two different African/Black self help groups.
He was a strong advocate for education for Black youth and more than a decade after his 1941 death, a street and a housing complex were named for him.

In 2017, my family attended the unveiling of a historical marker about Papa.  He was son of an ex-enslaved woman and an ex-con.  He was a baaaaaaaad man.

My Mom told me he didn't take no stuff off of white folks and one of the stories she told me about him (and a shotgun) is included in our historical novel, CLANDESTINE.

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Let me know if he has a "Lee Atwater"-type near-death conversion to decency.


« on: May 28, 2020, 05:46:38 PM »
^^^^  Yep!!!


:clap: :clap: :clap:

That's mildly surprising that y04 would applaud what I said like that.


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