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More of the GOP "minority outreach."

Is everyone getting the message?



Cats4Ever is ON A ROLL!!!!!!


Estevanico: Explorer

Estevanico (pronounced es-tay-vahn-EE-co), also called Estevan, Esteban, Estebanico, Black Stephen, and Stephen the Moor (1500?-1539) was a Muslim slave from northern Africa (Azamor, Morocco) who was one of the early explorers of the Southwestern United States.

O0 72,137

On July 19, 1919

White Mob Rampages Through D.C., Beating Black Residents


In the summer of 1919, which later became known as "Red Summer," major cities across the United States were sites of racialized attacks on black communities. These conflicts were often set off by white lynch mobs clashing with black WWI veterans standing up to defend their communities.

On the night of July 19, a mob of white men moved through a residential neighborhood near Pennsylvania Avenue NW, gathering weapons and more members as they traveled. The mob encountered a black man named Charles Ralls near Ninth and D Streets in Southwest D.C., and beat him severely.
At the time, Washington D.C.’s black community was relatively prosperous and included many members of the military. As black citizens realized the police were not going to protect them from the attacking mob, many took up arms in their own defense. By the third day of rioting, armed black groups were confronting white mobs in shootouts and street fights. On the fourth day, federal troops were deployed to quell the violence and the riot ended. The conflict left nine people dead, 30 severely wounded, and 150 beaten.

We have always resisted!

O0  72,129

I WISH someone would....




Hugo Police Department detectives Billy Jenkins and Chad Allen have been identified as the officers who opened fire on a vehicle driven by William Devaughn Smith, 21, whom they suspected of robbing a pizza shop. The bullets struck three of the four children sitting in the back seat.

“My 4-year-old daughter was shot in the head, and she has a bullet in her brain, and my 5-year-old has a skull fracture,” mom Olivia Hill told KFOR. “My 1-year-old baby has gunshot wounds on her face. My 2-year-old wasn’t touched with any bullets.”

17 cops in Philly are suspended and may be fired.  72 (SEVENTY-TWO) placed on administrative leave.

Isolated case?

Don't believe it.  There's more coming....


In June, an online database known as the Plain View Project shared thousands of Facebook posts by about 328 active-duty law enforcement officers in Philadelphia and St. Louis, where 60 officers were removed from street duty.

Here's a case from a couple years ago in Louisiana in Davey Duke's home Parish.   :read:

Keep in mind the huge ruckus that #ErraticTrump and his cult members (GOP) made about emails/texts between 2 or 3 FBI folks and then claimed that the entire FBI leadership was biased against him and could not and did not treat him fairly.  They allege that #Loser45 was targeted for NO good reason and that a hoax was created and a witch hunt ensued.

The same folks will say that Black and Brown folks have NO BASIS for concluding that HUNDREDS of Border officers and HUNDREDS of cops in Philly will not treat US FAIRLY, even though they were engaged in racist and misogynistic comments or were silent in the face of them.

NAH,  :nono2: that dog don't hunt!!!!

The same people - almost to a person - are those who find it impossible to believe that the Exonerated Five (CP5) were intimidated by cops, lied to by cops and coerced by cops to give confessions, which
1) did not accurately describe the crime,
2) identified "other attackers" they did not know and
3) contradicted each other
.....while at the same time,
1) the crime scene showed the presence of only ONE attacker, not a group
2) there was NO physical evidence or DNA to connect them to the crime.

Wait 'til the social media posts of the NYPD are released!!!


Politics / Re: Diamond and Silk, you can’t make this up
« on: July 20, 2019, 11:45:08 PM »
They are Olds..t's and y04's role models.


No doubt, y04 and Olds..t support this move by Blackburn!!



Hint.... Bernie ain't one of 'em.


Overall, 42 percent of the 1,923 total former bundlers for Clinton and Obama — a group tracked by the Center for Responsive Politics — have given at least one donation to a candidate this cycle. Harris, who had the most support from this group of any candidate during the first quarter, collected donations from 70 new major donors during the second quarter for a total of 246.

And Buttigieg, the previously little-known mayor who has caught fire with big-money supporters, brought in donations from 224 of the fundraisers — helping him raise $24.9 million last quarter, the most of any Democratic contender.

There’s also overlap among the candidates giving to Biden, Buttigieg and Harris: 129 of the fundraisers gave money to at least two of the three, and 21 donated to all three of them.

After this top tier of candidates, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker is the Democrat who received donations from the most bundlers. Booker has raised money from 152 fundraisers so far during this election cycle. While 39 of the bundlers donated to Warren, seven have given to Sanders’ campaign so far.




Much of what Cats described is WELL UNDERWAY!!!

In Africa, Asia, (altho they are skeptical), the Americas, including right here in Panama!!

Dumbass #ErraticTrump EMPOWERED CHINA by scuttling the Asian trade deal (TPP) primarily because it was something Obama had worked on.  That left those Asian nations with no BIG DOG to help them resist China's overtures.

#Loser45 cut America's nose to spite Obama's face!!



It still a good thing.

It's a "first step" with limited impact, BUT - if you notice - I did not criticize it.

I'll try to be more clear in the future, but I thought most folks would understand how I roll.  No harm, no foul.


Come on Bison66,

This is a good thing. This was a bipartisan effort.

I considered adding [Sarcasm] to my post, but decided against it.

My intention was/is to expose and criticize the hypocrisy of the GOP and other "tough on crime" people who NOW support this.

Will we have a "Willie Horton" ad targeting #ErraticTrump if one of these guys/women commits a heinous crime?

That's where I'm coming from, my good friend.


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