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General Discussion Forum / Re: THE REAL "LONE RANGER"
« on: Today at 07:58:33 AM »
There was a documentary on him on the history Channel

And God has something reserved for you

Then in 15 years congress will be meeting in the cemetery

At least they served

Another key factor is lower levels of immigration

In 30 years all those white Republicans will be dead. Why do you think they are passing these restrictions law and packing the courts?

I see why yo dumb ass never got promoted- you could not get promoted if you joined the American kennel club. Decling population are due to increasing deaths from covid: an aging population (ain't yo ass 80?)and decreased fertility rates. Also there is a big migration of blacks from the north to the south because of Ancestry

Yes British have had 13 in 18 years and this has decreased to 0 with tighten gun restrictions

Australia has had ONE since 1996  now down to 0 with tighten gun restrictions

Last year the entire country of France had 815 homicides

There is more guns in America than Yemen

Hey Y Benedict Arnold served too

Believe it or not Yemen is safer for ordinary citizens than America

Funny they want to protect the children before birth but they are on their own after birth

Os iam sure the army is glad you are not in the army

You don't even need a permit to have a gun in Texas

We know Stephen  you will never leave candyland

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