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Kamala Harris joined Joe Biden for a virtual fundraiser on Wednesday as speculation swirled about who he will choose for his running mate. The event was only hours after Bernie Sanders withdrew from the presidential race, effectively triggering the start of the general election against President Donald Trump.

An interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci about what it will take to open America back up after the coronavirus pandemic: "It isn't like a light switch, on and off." 

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Sports Forum / Coronavirus has stopped basketball across America
« on: Yesterday at 02:05:50 PM »
PARKS AND BASKETBALL courts are being closed in major cities across the country. Rims are being disabled -- chained shut, boarded up or removed altogether.

It's happening at city parks in Fort Worth, San Diego, Memphis, New Orleans and Louisville...

Hank Aaron and his wife, along with BCU alumni, just made a sizable investment in the school.

After being told to leave campus and retrieve belongings by March 22 in the wake of the coronavirus public health crisis, VCU students were angered to learn that strangers would be going through and packing up their stuff.

From December 10, 2019...

St. Cloud State University football, golf eliminated: Here's what we know

Endowments are under pressure, and schools don’t know how many freshmen will come to campus in autumn.

Also, West Virginia State University is with about 10 days cash on hand...

Strapped U.S. Colleges Won’t All Outlast the Coronavirus

There’s a learning curve when it comes to being an adult.

For some, it might mean learning how to cook for themselves every night, and for others, it might mean planning a budget or paying rent. Whatever it may be, Michigan State University is aiming to help 500 high school juniors and seniors learn the ropes to “adulting.”

"At Florida A&M University, Set Friday, a market and cultural event showcasing student vendors and organizations, typically draws hundreds of students to the plaza in front of the student union each week. There, in the middle of the crowd, groups of students take turns claiming center stage with choreographed dances as a DJ spins popular music. The party goes on for hours..."

Virtual Bingo and Minecraft Graduation: During the Pandemic, College Students Recreate Campus Life at Home

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