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People are aware of the long term effects of playing football and they don't want their sons brains to be like scrambled eggs when they are grown. If I had a son I wouldn't want him to play either.

General Discussion Forum / Re: Open caskets and public viewing?
« on: August 29, 2018, 08:43:51 AM »
I don't view bodies. I haven't viewed a body since my maternal grandmother passed in 1990. I passed out at her funeral and I always vowed I'd never look at another body like that. I will attend funerals but I never go up to look at the body. I prefer to remember the person as alive and not with ashy funeral makeup on.

However, I don't necessarily think it's abnormal. I think it is just part of the grieving process.


Private and those semi-private publicly funded charter schools can do this ya'll. Be aware.

The fact is, a lot of students do not adhere to deadlines. They don't pay their deposits on time and they don't notify the school if they are planning to attend. They just pack up and show up if they've been admitted. When they experience road blocks (financial aid late, no housing, etc.) they take to the news or social media stating that it's the school's poor customer service.

For a lot of HBCUs, particularly the private ones you never know who is really going to show up because people will deposit and not show. Or not deposit and show. Hence, housing issues.

General Discussion Forum / Re: All the good women in Atlanta are taken
« on: August 06, 2018, 08:49:56 AM »
If you:

1. Have an extremely narrow concept of what a "good woman" is, you may have ruled out a woman who will be good for you.
2. You must ask yourself if you are a good man who deserves a good woman. If you are not a good man, you are really not deserving of a good woman until you become one.
3. Believe that your physical/geographical environment lacks that which you desire, you need to make preparation to change that.
4. Are always negative, negativity will follow you.


Retention IS enrollment. It matters not if you bring in a million students if they don't stay. In another year, overall enrollment will look different because most of the students are remaining enrolled.

They have a new director of admissions. They will be fine on the new student front. That retention rate is what will cause the school to grow. And at 73% they are doing great. The national average is 75%.

Enrollment is overall Full time equivalency. Not headcount. That 1800 is head count. With an 1800 headcount, they likely have an FTE of 1750 or so. Which isn't bad if they retain 75% of that 1800 that's 1350 meaning to "grow" they only need to enroll 600 new students each fall which is totally feasible. They will be absolutely fine. Again, the metrics speak to what they've been doing and in only 2 years these metrics are impressive.

And in other news water is wet. These tests are about college readiness not real world readiness.

Did anyone actually take a look at the metrics in the article? They have less than 90% of the student body on financial aid. There are only a few HBCUs where that is the case. That means about 20% of their students are full pay. Also they are retaining 73% of the overall student body fall to fall...that's a good number for a school that was about to be closed by the legislature two years ago. They are retaining new students just 4% below the national average. How do these metrics point to a school headed for trouble? It actually points to them doing better than before.

What this story demonstrates is that good grades and test scores don't guarantee tuition dollars. None of the stories talk about Ishmale applying for scholarships. It talks about him wanting a scholarship from the school of his choice. Top performing students who get scholarships spend as much time applying for scholarships as they do applying to school. Grades guarantee nothing. $10 million goes unclaimed every year because students don't apply. He could've likely won something. I didn't have near the grades he did and won enough scholarship money to pay the part of my college attendance that Shaw didn't cover. I used talents and social skills and the fact that I knew other people wouldn't take the time to fill out the application.

I was grown and out of college before I heard about Juneteenth. I was in college before I heard about Kwanzaa.

What we don't realize is how much influence "mainstream" white culture has on how we view ourselves. If you're black and you think you have nothing in common with other black folk because you've grown up mainly dealing with white people, that's an issue. Your self concept has been shaped by majority culture.

HBCUs are representative of every facet of African American life. There are all types of Black folk that attend.

Sports Forum / Re: Two Transgenders Blow Out Girls In State Meet
« on: June 11, 2018, 10:15:32 AM »
My argument is and will always be, until said athlete is taking hormones, they should have to compete against their birth sex.

Another case to check out is from Texas. The transgendered male wrestler who WAS taking hormones. He wanted to compete against boys but the state didn't allow him to. He dominated the girls. It's weird and a slippery slope

This all day.

If you're black and you don't feel like you'd "fit in" in a space where black people are a majority, there is something wrong with you and not the majority black space.

Your self concept has clearly been created through a white lens and that's really a problem.

Then you're really not pro choice.

The issue is, most women turn to abortions in the most desperate of cases. If assistance for mothers wasn't so humiliating and hard to come by. If child care wasn't so expensive so mothers could continue to go to school and work. If formula and healthcare for children...I could go on. Pro life people (while entitled to their opinion) only want to saddle mothers with children that oftentimes women are unprepared and unable to care for.

Imagine being raped or molested and then being forced to carry the baby to term and care for it. Or worse, share custody with your rapist (yes this actually happens)? Abortion methods are as old as the world. It is a medical procedure. Most doctors won't do it. But those who do think about the woman in front of them and her well being.

Cap...Neymar is only concerned about her because both of her parents aren't black and she's very light. My status is not low, so what is having her in Kensington going to do for me? Nothing.

She will be popular for sure but no one ever has to worry about Harry being King which is why it didn't matter who he married.

She does not represent regular black folk in America. When you run in circles where a friend can set you up with British royalty you ain't regular. So her presence in the whitest of whiteness isn't going to help me or an everyday black Briton.

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