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Sports Forum / Re: Division II Playoffs Announcement Today at 5:30
« on: November 14, 2022, 03:10:03 PM »
1. Da Valley got shafted in this. It is a shaft that came back to bite us-the human element. They simply did not want to pit two HBCUs against each other, let alone two HBCU conferences. Use your imagination as to how HYPE that game would have been...

2. As I prepare my soapbox to stand on. This so-called championship game: no: continues to hurt the SIAC in Super Region 2. This year, FVSU would be in, Skeege would be in, Albany State (without the FAMU game) would be in consideration all if we had that elusive 11th game. The championship game so far, has benefited the non-traditional SIAC juggernauts, and this is not to slight any team in the SIAC, this is stating the facts. Let me clear this up, whether successful or not, there are some teams who have always sought the playoffs, PB back in day and there are others who were not. That is all that Yogi and I are alluding to. With due respect, other teams such Miles who under Ruffin stepped up there game. I think Benedict is heading in the right direction. I am not sure yet, based on one season. Right now, the SIAC is going to continue to suffer based on our structure. I am now pushing my soapbox away.

why does it have to be an "Unsanctioned GSU Homecoming party"...this has nothing to do with GSU. It is always the sensational headlines...

The salacious events that happen at PWI parties on campus and off, they need to report them but they can't same people own the newspaper or local station...

Sports Forum / Re: Hey, Albany State..
« on: November 07, 2022, 09:44:44 AM »
Albany State Official colors are Royal Blue and Gold.

Sports Forum / Re: Hey, Albany State..
« on: November 07, 2022, 07:54:07 AM »
Yogi, y'all got us this year, hats off to ya! I expected us to lose, not going to make any excuses as to why. I just expected it, did not attend but purchased ticket anyway as I always do.

Sports Forum / Re: The Fountain City Classic: FVSU vs ASU Needs to Move
« on: November 07, 2022, 07:47:05 AM »
This has been the wish for many Blue and Gold Faithful for years. When I was in undergrad 94-98, there were more activities surrounding the game that involved the students of both campuses.  It was a multi-day event; and steadily it has dwindled down to basically that Friday night and Saturday and those events are ALUMNI centered. I think if they are going to keep it in Columbus, there needs to be some serious upgrades. We know that a HOME and HOME series is out of the question, due to the magnitude of this game. Despite the smaller student populations of the schools, this game rivals the likes of GA-GA Tech as in state rivalry; whereas most in-state households have one or more persons(multiple generations) who have attended either one of the schools, couple that with the number of inter-school friendships that exist between the two. The POTENTIAL for this game to go next level is surreal. The tailgating for this game is MASSIVE. There are some who have not been inside the game for years. If the schools and the committee worked closer together the investment could be extensive, it is way tooooooo many outside folks involved cashing in on the payday. My question is what are somethings you think we could suggest to the committee to enhance it. There are more younger folks in both of the Columbus area alumni chapters now.

It didn't take long?  She's been on 2 years, and they didn't renew her contract.

Honestly, I thought they were going to wait until after the midterms. CNN is hot mess Capler. The reshuffling of anchors to try to appease to Republican party that is no longer warranted any attention nor commentary at this point. Their new boss is trying to engage in this "what about-ism" which is beyond disgusting. They are like you said chasing ratings. The media has utterly failed this county since 2015 and can longer be trusted sadly.

that's all...

Yogi, exactly. Unfortunately, we fail to do the research and just rely on what they give us. Every time you turn around it is Breaking News, only to come to find out, it wasn't. They are trying to chase or capture Faux numbers and they are never going to do that; reason is Faux does not try to be or care to be accurate. They are at most and this is low bar phrasing, a tabloid like factory. Stick to your base and your ratings will be steady.

Sports Forum / Re: 10/24/2022 Frist Regional Rankings for Division II
« on: October 27, 2022, 10:28:05 AM »

[/quote]Playing FAMU is a business decision.  It's hard not to play money games when you are not putting butts in the seats unless it's homecoming. There is no money to support the program in the playoffs so revenue has to come from somewhere. :shrug:

I would normally so ok, but that is not an Albany State problem. As a program, historically we do not play "money games" or participate in a bunch of "classics" we've been lucky in that area. That game was to appease old school alumni.

Politics / Re: CU….get in here boss, Fetterman/Oz Debate
« on: October 26, 2022, 10:32:09 AM »
I have to concur with Y on this one, even without the effects of the stroke Oz would have had a better stage presence. TV has been his home for the last 20 plus years. Fetterman is not a newcomer to PA politics and has one statewide office. Oz has closed in, but I would be wary of the polling. Polling has been off the last few election cycles. The polls need to evolve with the electorate, and they have not.

At some point or another he is going to have to answer. Willis, does not just want him to testify because he is High Profile. She got the evidence, and she knows that under oath, he has to verify that or perjury himself. He is not willing to perjury himself or go against Orange; so what is the next best option get the courts to throw it out and therefore he saves himself. If SOCTUS sides with him it will be a stretch of the Speech and Debate Clause.

The good, bad, ugly and all that lies between is a good test of our judicial system. We are seeing the cracks, the gaps, the loopholes; they may not be helping now in some instances but are showing us the map at how to get it done LEGALLY!

Sports Forum / Re: 10/24/2022 Frist Regional Rankings for Division II
« on: October 25, 2022, 10:29:13 AM »
Although this is the first time it has been done this way, it gives the experienced and novice person alike a chance to see the teams that they are looking at.

 One thing that is crucial for HBCUs with playoff intentions, is that HBCUs are going to have to start scheduling PWI OOC out of conference/in -region opponents and the top teams in the SIAC/CIAA are going to have to start scheduling one another as well. We are in the same region, and we are going to cancel each other out either way. We have to help ourselves improve our SOS. We already have this championship game (not gonna rehash my disdain for it).

In using Albany State as an example; as much as SOME ALUMNI loved playing FAMU, I would have rather had a fellow D2 opponent to boost SOS win, lose or draw. Playing FAMU got us nothing, the game does not even count when it needs to matter.

I say this to say you learn the system and play the system. I give kudos, to Albany State, Bowie State, Fort Valley State and Miles for stepping out and playing PWI teams from OOC.

Sports Forum / Re: 10/24/2022 Frist Regional Rankings for Division II
« on: October 24, 2022, 08:25:30 AM »
In order to be considered during the selection process, a team must:
● Have an overall won-lost record of .500 or better against Division II opponents;
● Play at least eight Division II opponents during the regular season; and
● Play at least 10 opponents during the regular season.
Section 2•4 Selection Criteria
The following criteria shall be employed by a governing sport committee in selecting participants for NCAA
championships competition [Reference: Bylaw 31.3.3 in the NCAA Manual; Criteria for Selection of Participants]:

● Availability of student-athletes for NCAA championships; and
● Nullification.
Required Selection Criteria. Following confirmation of the availability of student-athletes for NCAA Championships and
the application for any nullification, the following selection criteria shall be applied in no particular order
● In-region winning percentage;
● Division II winning percentage;
● Division II strength of schedule (opponents’ average winning percentage and opponents’ opponents’
average winning percentage);
● Division II head-to-head competition; and
● Results versus Division II common opponents.
In addition to Bylaw 31.3.3, the Division II Football Committee has received approval from the Division II Championships
Committee to consider the following criteria in the selection of at-large teams for the Division II Football Championship
(not necessarily in priority order):

● Division II results vs. teams with a winning record;
● Performance Indicator (PI); and
● Results versus ranked Division II opponents.
Once the opponents’ average winning percentage (OWP) and opponents’ opponents’ winning percentage (OOWP) are
calculated, they are to be combined on a weighted scale (e.g., 2/3 weight for OWP and 1/3 weight for OOWP) and this
combined number becomes the strength of schedule.

Additionally, input is provided by regional advisory committees for consideration by the football committee.

Sports Forum / 10/24/2022 Frist Regional Rankings for Division II
« on: October 24, 2022, 08:21:00 AM »
Forget the polls, the 2022 Regional Rankings start today. The first rankings will be announced today.

Sports Forum / Re: NCAA D2 Brackets if Playoffs Started today
« on: October 19, 2022, 11:10:08 AM »
A  more accurate view of what the SR2 Regional Rankings will look like in the upcoming days based on past experiences and what the committee looks at beyond wins and loses. This is why sometimes an undefeated is ranked under a 1 lost team. Remember only D2 games count.

1. Delta State - Barring any upsets they doing the thing this year, Quality wins.
2. VA Union - If they win out, they secure the #2 seed. One loss and they will drop due to SOS. Quality wins and Quality losses make a difference.
3. Benedict - If they win out, as they should based on remaining schedule, SOS is the biggest issue here. Quality wins and Quality losses make a difference. Good thing is the schedule is complete D2.
4. Lenoir Rhyne/Newberry depending on who wins Saturday.
5. West Florida - if they lose to Miss. College they will be #6 or #7. The SOS and Quality wins and Quality loses, keeps them ranked.
6. Albany State- should they win Saturday they could land here or #5 due to SOS, Quality Wins and Quality Lose. Smartly playing two GSC Teams and winning both games help them. Had they opted for another In-Region D2, instead of FAMU it would have improved their chances, for better ranking.

Teams that could possibly sneak in: Tusculum, Fort Valley, West Georgia, Wingate.

Not only did Assoc. Justice Brown Jackson educate them, in doing so she brought in a FRESH unheard BLACK voice to the discussion. Whereas, Thomas has been silent, mute or indifferent in approach. Jackson Brown welcomes the conversation, she does not shy away from her blackness. Sometimes things work in wondrous ways. Not so much the outcome, but the frame that is laid bare, bears the discussion at hand.

Rachel put in the work, did the research, led the topics and brought in the others to discuss.

Wagner, seems woefully unprepared and her guests lead the show and the topics. She just seems to pop in a question or two.

In essence, she does not seem to be able to carry a more intelligent audience.

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