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Racist threats rattle students, faculty at university
TOM FOREMAN Jr., Associated Press•January 25, 2020

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (AP) — Three months after a set of anonymous, threatening, racist, antisemitic and homophobic emails sent a wave of fear through the sociology department at Wake Forest University, the department chairman says he's still waiting for university leaders to announce a meaningful response.

The emails to faculty in sociology and two other departments called for a “purge” of minorities and the LGBTQ community. Alarmed by what he deemed white supremacist terrorism, chairman Joseph Soares canceled sociology classes for a week. When they resumed, Wake Forest police officers were stationed outside classrooms and the building itself. Doors normally open were closed and locked. Even a study lounge was locked.


Sharpton vows to support family of man shot by state trooper
Associated Press • January 26, 2020

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — The Rev. Al Sharpton vowed Sunday to fight for answers for the family of a 19-year-old Connecticut man killed by a state trooper earlier this month.

”You don’t have a right to take away his life, and if you do, we have an obligation to stand up and question what happened,” the 65-year-old civil rights activist said at a memorial service Sunday for Mubarak Soulemane at the First Calvary Baptist Church in New Haven, Connecticut.


Sports Forum / Re: Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash
« on: Yesterday at 03:18:47 PM »
I am a loss for words.

Politics / Trump’s Economy Only Looks Good On Paper
« on: January 25, 2020, 11:20:39 PM »

Ayanna Pressley’s Response To Betsy DeVos’ Racist Abortion Comment Is Pure Fire
Mekita Rivas
January 24, 2020

Vying for the title of Most Controversial Member of The Trump Administration is no easy feat, but Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos somehow always finds a way to stay in the race. On Thursday, she sparked controversy for making statements that — wait for it — compare abortion to slavery. Her remarks came just two days before Trump became the first president to both attend and headline March for Life — a massive anti-abortion rally that is fighting to overturn Roe V. Wade.

On Wednesday, Devos attended a Colorado Christian University event in Washington, D.C., where she proceeded to make comparisons between the abortion rights debate and abolishing slavery.

“[Former President Abraham Lincoln] too contended with the pro-choice arguments of his day,” DeVos said at the event, according to the Colorado Times Recorder. “They suggested that a state’s choice to be slave or to be free had no moral question in it. Well, President Lincoln reminded those pro-choicers that a vast portion of the American people do not look upon that matter as being this very little thing. They look upon it as a vast moral evil.”


Queen Elizabeth gives Prince William new title after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle lose HRH status
Elise Solé   
Yahoo Celebrity January 25, 2020

Queen Elizabeth has given Prince William a brand-new title: Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

Prince William, 37, who also carries the titles The Duke of Cambridge and Earl of Strathearn (the latter is a Scottish title bestowed to him on his 2011 wedding day. Wife Kate Middleton, 38, is known as the Countess of Strathearn in the U.K. country).

According to a government announcement published Saturday, Prince William will use the bonus name in his new role as “the Sovereign’s personal representative to the Annual General Assembly of the Church of Scotland” for which he will make opening and closing speeches to the Assembly and perform other official duties.


BREAKING: Inmate who appealed death sentence over juror’s racist views dies

By Marlon A. Walker, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Keith “Bo” Tharpe spent years on Georgia’s death row insisting a juror’s racist views had put him there.

Tharpe — who finished what he expected to be his last meal on Sept. 26, 2017, before the U.S. Supreme Court issued a stay of his execution — died late Friday at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Butts County. His death likely was due to complications from cancer, according to a news release from the Georgia Resource Center, which represented him in recent years as he attempted to appeal his death sentence. He was 61.


Jan. 25, 1972: Shirley Chisholm Began Historic Campaign for President

On Jan. 25, 1972, Shirley Chisholm, the first Black woman elected to Congress, opened her historic campaign for U.S. President in Brooklyn, New York.

She stated that 1972 must be the year that:



Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Wants to Slash Public Defender Funding By $3 Million

Jay Willis Jan 22, 2020

Advocates warn that the cuts could push an already overburdened system to the breaking point.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has unveiled his proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year, which will begin on July 1, 2020. In it, he asks lawmakers to slash the funds available to state public defenders by more than $3 million—and to increase the funds available to prosecutors by about the same amount.

More than $2 million of the anticipated savings would come from freezing positions that have been vacant since January 2019—in other words, from ensuring that there are no incoming public defenders to provide current public defenders with some measure of relief.


Opinion: In an era of declining violence, Brian Kemp declares a gang crisis

Jan 17, 2020
By Jim Galloway
News and analysis from the AJC's political team

Gov. Brian Kemp has begun the 2020 session of the Legislature by cutting against the grain on two important issues.

You could also say he is sailing against the wind, but our governor made his bones as a contractor and prefers metaphors built with 2x4s.

Georgia’s unemployment rate hit 3.3% late last year, the lowest since the federal government started keeping records in 1976. Job growth is strong. “Job creators have Georgia on their minds,” Kemp bragged only last month.


This is sad and infuriating.

Adults need to understand this.  Kids can be very cruel.


Mckenzie Adams’ suicide caused by school’s failure to stop racist, sexist bullying, lawsuit claims
Updated Jan 21, 2020; Posted Jan 16, 2020

By Jonece Starr Dunigan

Multiple Demopolis City Schools officials failed to protect a black Alabama 9-year-old girl from racially and gender-based bullying which led to her death by suicide, according to a federal lawsuit filed against the school system by the girl’s family on Thursday morning.

Mckenzie Adams died by suicide in Linden in December 2018. She was a fourth-grader at U.S. Jones Elementary School who had dreams of being a scientist.



This may have been posted before, but it is worth another look.  BTW she is excellent-very excellent.

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