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TSU's move does not look as strong as JSU's move. TSU seems more like a gimmick to copycat JSU, given that George does not have the same coaching passion. If TSU does not join the SWAC, I see this as a diversion away from HBCUs/SWAC to the OVC. The only problem is TSU is not content with conference championships, so the SWAC may need to find a solution to draw them back into the family.
He might do well. Maybe he didn't believe he could do it until he spoke with Jeff.  The interest appeared to have been there because he was talking about it.  Great move on TSU part because hiring a head coach is all about business.  The Bamas of the world hire a coach that will get the fan excited to increase donations.  Getting money and great player solve lots of issues with coaching.

Politics / Re: How the Authoritarians are Conning White Bois
« on: Yesterday at 03:02:37 PM »
Now you see why they want to make it harder to vote.  I can't understand why most clear people can't see the writing on the wall. Trump and his boys want to total control and some people believe because they are members of that party they must toe the line. If you see your party want to control everything, you should say wait a damn minute, you are doing this thing like a dictator.  Vote their behinds out to send a message our party is not about this BS.  The GOP needs some exlax and voting out all current office holders to get rid of the waste. :nod: :nod:

Well, Golden Ram ain't played nobody yet, so all they are able to do is sit on the fence and throw shade. :nod: :nod:
ASU played West Florida and FAMU in their spring schedule. That is way better competition than Shorter & Erskine.
We have some starters not playing, so we are working on our depth. So far, they are passing with flying colors.  We have a new coach and a new system, so any win is a positive step in the right direction. I see we have some depth at running back because several guys have done well. We have depth on defense because several starters did not play.

Sports Forum / Re: AAMU vs JSU
« on: April 10, 2021, 05:25:55 PM »
JSU needs a better OC.  How the he__ you try to pass and leave a rusher unblocked. :brickwall:

Y'all do remember OLD Cats4ever said this first.  I was relieved that he was rejected for his second term and I hope he never gets elected again.  People have to understand that Trump wants to be a dictator. 

Politics / Re: LIAR JOE
« on: April 08, 2021, 07:15:41 PM »
Read more

President Biden received immediate backlash on Thursday after a remark describing the purchasing of firearms at gun shows.

The president stated that a person could purchase "whatever you want" when it comes to guns without a background check if they are at a gun show.
According to Wildman, he did not technically lie when you consider the facts. Yes, you can buy whatever you want from the correct seller with a background check. If I am a bad person, I know to go to private sellers and don't have to worry about a backgroud check.

Politics / Re: Agent orange fleeced his supporters!
« on: April 06, 2021, 01:56:39 PM »
I thought they read the bible and Trump fits the profile of a Greedy Shephard
For I am going to raise up a shepherd over the land who will not care for the lost, or seek the young, or heal the injured, or feed the healthy, but will eat the meat of the choice sheep, tearing off their hooves.

They are dogs with mighty appetites; they never have enough. They are shepherds who lack understanding; they all turn to their own way, they seek their own gain.

Politics / Re: AOC Is Working My Nerves on this Infrastructure Plan
« on: April 05, 2021, 09:23:56 PM »
AOC is crazy! 

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She means well, but she doesn't seem to know how to play the game. She wants everything at once.  But she needs to understand get some positive things to happen first which will make it easy to sell people on more. 

Politics / Re: Everyone is seeing the future but the GOP
« on: April 05, 2021, 09:14:36 PM »
How the six major oil companies have invested in renewable energy projects

Oil and gas is often painted as the dirtiest sector within the energy industry, but major companies have begun to invest in renewable technologies in a bid to clean up the economy.

Of the six “super-majors” – BP, Shell, Chevron, Total, Eni and Exxon – many of them have pumped billions into clean energy projects, although question marks remain over whether they are doing enough.

Politics / Everyone is seeing the future but the GOP
« on: April 05, 2021, 09:10:35 PM »
2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV First Look: Big Power, Big Luxury—Just Plain Big

Under CEO Mary Barra, GM is betting its future on electric vehicles and the automaker has often felt it was shouting its grandiose plans into the wind. Then news broke that GM's first full-size electric pickup would revive the Hummer name and be sold under the GMC brand. Ears perked up. People started talking about GM's plans.

Here Are All The Lawsuits Challenging Georgia's New Voting Law

The 35-page New Georgia Project v. Raffensperger was filed shortly after Gov. Brian Kemp signed the bill Thursday, followed shortly thereafter by the 56-page Georgia NAACP v. Raffensperger and the 91-page AME Church v. Kemp. On Thursday, April 1, the 29-page Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Atlanta v. Kemp was filed as well.

All the cases are assigned to Trump-appointed Judge J.P. Boulee. All four argue that many of the sweeping changes made to Georgia's election administration disproportionately negatively affect nonwhite voters.

Asian American voter rates in Georgia hit record high. How voting bill threatens progress.

“Voters of color, including Asian American voters, have shown their electoral power in Georgia,” Phi Nguyen, litigation director for Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta told NBC Asian American. “And now some elected leaders want to try to suppress those voices rather than be accountable to a diverse, multiracial, multiethnic electorate.”

A lawsuit filed by Asian American advocacy groups claims SB 202, an election reform bill signed into law on March 25, makes changes "intended to silence Asian American voters," according to a statement from Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta.

Shortened early voting in runoff elections. Instead of a minimum of three weeks of early voting in runoffs, early voting in runoffs will be held in a single Monday-Friday period.

State lawmakers get much more power over county and local elections (and Republicans have decisive majorities in both the state Senate and the state House). The law states that the General Assembly will select the chair of the state elections board, rather than the board being chaired by the Georgia secretary of state — an elected position. The chair is supposed to be nonpartisan. The state election board can investigate county election boards and has the power to suspend county election superintendents — though the law limits the state board to suspending four at a time.

It shrinks the window for early and absentee voting. Rather than allowing voters to request ballots six months from Election Day, the new law says voters can start requesting ballots 78 days out; counties can begin sending ballots to voters just 29 days before Election Day, rather than the previous 49 days. Critics say any mail delays with these shorter periods could lead to voters not getting ballots on time, or not being able to return them in time. But proponents of the law say voters simply don’t need the 180 days they used to have to request ballots.

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