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I wonder if his father was in the Navy during the 80s.  This is the 2nd time ever I've seen that name.

Sports Forum / Re: WSSU opens football preseason camp....
« on: August 16, 2019, 08:14:29 AM »
We also will be young at LB and young and thin on the D-line. So........if we get past the first 5 no worse than 3-2 then we should be in good shape. Of course we don't know how injuries might affect the future.

Sports Forum / Re: WSSU legend Bumpy Fernandez suffers stroke....
« on: August 16, 2019, 08:09:29 AM »
Apparently enough money has been raised to get him back home.

Y'all are so predictable! :)

How about this?  We come to Greensboro with no guarantee but you give us a big block of tickets to sell for our money.


General Discussion Forum / Re: The Racial Roots Behind The Term 'Nappy'
« on: August 15, 2019, 08:41:23 AM »
Another term I didn't allow my students to use...……………….

Take a trip to NC I-85 Exit 189!

Congratulations "Fly" and company!!!!! I know you will represent well!!!

surprised they not playing in the new HP baseball stadium

I'm not sure if the field is shaped to be able to hold a football field.

From what i was told , it can be modified. So it can be the future home of HPU football

Good deal. 

It's our home game now. We get the "lion's share"of the revenue.  We make a reasonable donation to Guilford County Schools.

Amen to those recruiting suggestions.

surprised they not playing in the new HP baseball stadium

I'm not sure if the field is shaped to be able to hold a football field.

Sports Forum / Re: Wow! So it was bird isht after all.
« on: August 12, 2019, 01:50:39 PM »
The young man should consider transferring too.

Posted by: OGRamball3r
« on: August 08, 2019, 11:08:30 AM » Insert Quote
I could give a rats ARZE about playing A&T.  It is what it is move on!!!

If you know what many of us know you would.

Re: WSSU, N.C. Central will play football again in 2020....
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read  dedhorse  thefan  brickwall  police  offtopic  lmao  Going to Vomit

Posted by: A&T AGGIE 96
« on: August 08, 2019, 06:43:57 PM » Insert Quote
^^^^What he said^^^^
Posted by: Professor
« on: August 08, 2019, 05:34:54 PM » Insert Quote
Stands and Applauds


Playing schools in North Carolina is good for the state.
  Sam Washington

:no: :no: :no:  I am so sick of this conversation.  WSSU please give up the hope that A&T will do a home and home with you.  It really is not because they are scared, but because they don't do many non-conference games without getting paid.  Going to WSSU will mean that they will not get a check for that game.  Having a sell-out game every other year will help your budget more than A&T's. It will hurt the aggies when the game is not in Greensboro

Quit replying then. I made two proposals where either they would come to Winston once out of 4 years, or NOT AT ALL!  I get crickets.They ARE scared. Unless it is agreed upon during negotiations, the visiting team always gets a check.

Remember, the aggies also stop playing NCCU as well when we were div. 2.

Untrue. They only dropped y'all for ONE season, after 25 years of so of them being D1 and y'all being D2. It wasn't because you were Division 2.

So this is really not new. Those days are over.  If you really want to play them, look to play them in Greensboring and get paid.  If not, oh well, look forward to your schedule.  Your A.D. really needs to stop hoping for a home and home game with A&T or any div. 1 school.

Again I made a proposal.................. 

Winston went back to div.2 for financial reasons, I guess.  You had to have understood that those games with A&T were going to be affected.  It seems like you guys planned to keep the A&T game as a div. 2 school.  The aggies have the upper hand in this.  They seemed to have moved on.

We went back based on a financial lie.  When are y'all going to get that?  It was a move made by a man who didn't get it at all. He didn't realize how big the game was. Yes they have the upper hand if that's what you want to call it. I prefer to call it chicken wings.

I like the way Central has scheduled an CIAA team every year since we moved up.  Looking forward to the Eagle/ram game.  But please, forget about a home and home with the aggies. :shrug:

Please tell me which of those CIAA schools could legitimately host you guys. Which one is/was your rival?

1. No one likes your proposal. Let me say this again for the people on the other end of MLK. A&T ISN'T COMING TO WSSU unless your a FCS team

2. If you went back on a financial lie, then why hasn't WSSU came back to the MEAC?

YOU don't like the proposal.  What about the one with no game in Winston-Salem?

You may recall that they changed the rules for eligibility after we went back. We're more broke now than we were then. Lastly a significant number of our fans actually prefer the CIAA for various reasons.

 :no: Why do some of you think you would get nothing for coming to Winston-Salem? We would have to pay A&T like any other non-conference team that comes there. Again with the likely attendance A&T could ask/demand a nice sized check.

I think A&T receiving a large portion of the gate was on the table when Dee Todd was AD. I also remember a lot of rams, including yourself and D2 folks on this board not liking it.

When Wheeler Brown was AD in 2010 there was an offer of $50k to play in Greensboro every year. He also mentioned that he was prepared to offer as much as $60k. WSSU rebuffed in favor of wanting home and home. Since Earl Hilton has taken over in 2011 he has never extended an offer to WSSU and probably never will. There was an opportunity in 2015 when AAF members and supporters had a chance to express their desire to add WSSU back to the schedule. Surprisingly there was only one person who wanted to resume the series. Topic dead from then on. Since our football fortunes have turned up in recent years Hilton and Coach Washington want to establish A&T has a national power on the FCS level. If there's a need for a game that will generate revenue it will probably be a game against a G5 or P5 school where we stand to earn a bigger payday. Even is WSSU were to agree to come to Aggie Stadium every year this game just a'int gonna happen as long as Hilton is AD.......and most Aggies have no problem with that.     


I wonder how many on the AAF are Triad natives.  Most Aggies?!   I'll leave it at Earl Hilton is scared then. :o

Politics / !!!!!
« on: August 05, 2019, 10:49:11 PM »
Noooooooooo!!!!  Not Uncle Ronnie?! ::) :o

and he...…………………………………..never mind

It's tempting but I'll have to pass.

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