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« on: January 25, 2023, 02:14:31 PM »
A famous comedian once said, "You don't get to be old by being a fool."
Obviously he was wrong.
It's one thing to have opposing opinions, but OS you need help. No one has to "know anything about you" when you can't carry on an intelligent conversation without the childishness.  y talk to this man.

40 had blood on his hands and no one impeached him. 

Mules just like NBA players.....they can't fight!

Another thing happened.  Paying Broncos were denied admission.  WSSU students with ID were allowed in.

Students paid with their student fees. Not one paying Bronco didn't get in. They simply got there too late. They let the first come first in get in. Students was in line at 7:45am. The Broncos should have gotten there early and stood in like just as the students did. I have an all access pass and couldn't get in. People actually want to see our Rams play. Its to bad you can wait until the tipoff to get into your games at UNCF.

Ya'll just lost. So go sit down.  :shrug:

Thank you.  The Mules had plenty of folks in there.  As for you, you must have gone to  the wrong door.  I got there just before game time and had no problem getting in.  However I did have a young'un try to tell me that MY seat was reserved for some lady friends of his.......... :no:

Is the re-match on a Saturday or week night?

One never knows.  I have been mistaken for several folks in the last 15 years.  I have even met a couple of them, and now get why people thought they were me.  However when I lived in the DMV that "s" was kind of scary, though one of the twins is a well-known judge.  Just recently I have been misidentified in a WSSU Kappa photo.

Lastly, I played softball with a dude 6 years in DC.  I even taught his woman's son one year.  THOUGHT we "favored" when I met him.  I have an uncle who along with his descendants have a  last name for a first name.  It's not even that popular of a last name.  So when 1st cuz visits DC I see him off.  I decided to see if my players were already off and starting their weekend.  They were. 

However they started an old school DC conversation so I picked up a  Sports Illustrated to kill the time.  When I decide to give it to the owner, the magazine had my just departed cousin's name on it.  NOW I AM TRIPPING.  Cuz didn't give me that mag and my head was still clear.  I asked who is_____________? Dude says "me."  I advise him to come see me when he finished.  Turns out my uncle is his granddaddy!

Winston-Salem State Chancellor to step down, interim leader announced

 By Joe Killian
 January 9, 2023

Winston-Salem State University Chancellor Elwood Robinson announced his retirement Monday.

Robinson, who has led the school for eight years, will step down at the end of the current semester. UNC System President Peter Hans appointed Anthony Graham, provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs at Winston-Salem State, as interim chancellor effective July 1.

Correct sir! It's time.  He appears tired.  He's no young'un either.  I'm glad for him.  I'm also glad for the interim appointment.

General Discussion Forum / Re: Do you use laundry scent boosters?
« on: January 16, 2023, 07:00:46 PM »
No longer.  I find that they don't sustain the scent as advertised.

My girl is getting around! :clap:

Sports Forum / Re: Shaw takes down WSSU in Raleigh.....
« on: January 16, 2023, 06:36:10 PM »
Even you Mules are decent defending champs.

Sports Forum / Re: A&T Releases 2023 Football Schedule
« on: January 16, 2023, 06:29:31 PM »
81 team beat the Ques!!!!

Sports Forum / Re: HBCU playoff system???
« on: December 30, 2022, 10:58:49 AM »
It's amazing how so many of you don't understand how logistically impossible that is.

It's not impossible.  DIFFICULT?!  Definitely.

To the board veterans, you may recall a few years ago when many were criticizing the TRF Power Rating, I explained that it was created to use as the basis for such a playoff. In fact I still have the blue print.

Funk, it included D2/NAIA.  Thanks to Bill Hayes and Kermit Blount, NAFEO, the Black Athletes in America forum, AND Cardiss Collins, I got an audience with the proposal.

Coaches and most Athletics Directors were for the idea.  The nay-sayers consisted of the D1 presidents except for UAPB's William Harris. I will politely say that they were short-sighted in their views. Most of their arguments were about the tournament itself. "D2 schools can't beat us!"  Mind you, our 10-2 team that year beat the MEAC champions.  This particular president came in 2nd in the MEAC, only lost 2 games, BEAT the eventual national champions, and stayed home that year.

OF COURSE $$$$ came up.  My proposal involved a minimum 2-year plan to get all that organized. Naturally many wanted a "right now" solution.

Sports Forum / Re: TRF FCS Power Ratings-Final
« on: December 27, 2022, 10:17:14 AM »
FOLKS! Stop that crying!  Thank you JB!  You veterans smack yourselves(frat included)!

A.  It is not an opinion poll.  It's NOT A POLL!  It does not crown a champion!

B.  Jackson State lost ONE game to a very good OT!

C.  NCCU lost TWO games to LOSING of them a BAD TEAM! One of those losses was a @$$ kicking!  Hence we
    have a BIG gap between the two ratings.

D.  Anything else?
More weight needs to be given to games with ranked teams and outer conference games.

It is.  Can't take away the losses to losing teams.

 :clap: :clap: :bow:

Got it right this time!

Sports Forum / Re: Should The SIAC & CIAA Bring Back The Pioneer Bowl?
« on: December 27, 2022, 10:05:52 AM »
MIght make for a nice double header if thoroughly planned.

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