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Can’t believe just how far some will try to go to make themselves look good despite the evidence, facts and cold hard truths that all show just how maniacally evil they really were.

The truth hurts them so much they can't deal with it. I was visiting the AA history museum over the weekend in DC and the same thing came to my mind. Black people have been here since before the beginning of this nation. We are a part of it's very American as "sweet potato pie". What happened and how it impacted us, them, and the history of this country cannot be denied. You can't make the country better by trying to deny or undermine the truth...only by acknowledging the truth can this nation deal with it's past. 

He would be very quite when the power dynamic is different. My mom and dad told me horror stories of work experiences growing up. My Dad worked at a GE plant, and my mom worked at a local hospital. My mom's stories were the least GE had an HR department and they didn't deal directly with their customers. Hospital patients however were a direct reflection of the public and the black staff had to deal with some of the worst people.

You trying to save peoples lives, and keep them healthy...yet, they got nothing but disrespect. All the while you can say next to nothing...those same people however wouldn't say that stuff, or speak to you in that manner if they just saw you in the street because they would fear retaliation.

Peoples true selves come out when they feel welcome, or in a position of power. 

So what is his rationale? What does Obama or any of those people have to do with any of Trump problems.

The crazy train has really left that station and the more these people keep it up the more they will lose.

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I don't think this transfer will hurt us one bit, it hasn't in the past. Each year coach Moton pulls players out of the sky, and somehow we wind up in the finals of the MEAC or either in the NCAA Tournament. I'm confident that another point guard will come to Durham and takeover from where Wright left off. 

From a fans perspective it might be a little confusing because it doesn't give us time to really get to know the players.  One of my recent favorites was the kid who had the biblical name; light-skinned point-guard, thin in stature, but the guy was a scoring machine.  It's even hard to follow them after they leave the nest. (I still can't figure out his name).  We will be alright.

^^^What he said^^^

Strong program always seen to endure this type of thing. The birds ain't gonna fall apart over losing this player. Another will be plugged in and the rest of the team will step up.

Its real and will only get worse.This is what voting apathy in our community brings.
:no:………yeah, I’m afraid this kind of LUNACY will metastasize before it abates. I don’t THINK DeSantis’ “woke mob” bullschitt is sustainable outside the Sunshine State, but you never know.

These REALLY ARE strange times.  :(

I have to agree with you on this Strike79...I have to believe this stuff only appeals to a specific group in our country. Playing to that group is not a winning strategy for nation wide races. Republicans know it too, but their base is so radicalized that they are delusional. One only has to look at the Florida governor's description of the war in Ukraine as a "territorial dispute", and the swift backlash from GOP senators. The problem is they made a bed with the likes of Trump hoping to get power and gave no thought to what would come after Trump. Now the MAGA wing of the GOP is front and center everyday for the American people to see...and man is it UGLY. This is gonna get worse before it gets better.

These guys really think they can rewrite history, and ignore the realities of the world. They are free to think and believe whatever they want, but people are not going to allow them to push their beliefs on other. The GOP doesn't want to govern...they want to disrupt and destroy.

The portal giveth...and the portal taketh away. We have saw this happening long before the portal. Great players at smaller programs dream about the "bright lights" like any other kid. This isn't new, in it's easier for them to leave. The portal has not been the options players thought it was going to be. The vast majority of kids would be better staying at home.

True, even entire schools dream of playing in brighter lights.

I can always count on my man Ram55...dude can hold a grudge. Let it go man, it will only consume you.  ;D

Anyway, it doesn't matter if its a player (or a school)...some are not going to be happy where they are, especially if they think they have what it takes to play at a higher level. All you can do is wish them the best, and carry on. NCA&T lost some to the portal...we all have. Some made it to higher profile programs, others were lucky to get picked up by lower tier programs. As a fan, I would rather have kids that "want" to be at your if some decide to move on for whatever reason, so be it.

???.....Harpo who dis be?

Same thing I was my old a-- got to start up Google.  ;D



I hope Scott runs and wins the GOP nomination. A Black Republican like Scott would be the spark for the greatest Black voter turnout in American history. If there is anything Black folk hate more than a Republican, it's a Black Republican. Hell, even white people don't like Black Republicans. Ask Walker in Georgia...all he had to do was get the same people who voted for the governor to vote for him, but white people couldn't do it. Everyone knows the difference between Blacks with conservatives views and the "useful" fools you see in the GOP now.

You didn't have to like their politics, but you could respect a Powell or Rice. Nobody respects Black Republicans like Scott. He's a clown and everyone knows it.

The portal giveth...and the portal taketh away. We have saw this happening long before the portal. Great players at smaller programs dream about the "bright lights" like any other kid. This isn't new, in it's easier for them to leave. The portal has not been the options players thought it was going to be. The vast majority of kids would be better staying at home.

The more the merrier...I want to see as many crazy GOP clowns on the stage as possible. I want the whole country to see just how out of step the GOP is with the average American. 

Yeah, she did go too far. She is a grown woman and should know better...I also blame her husband. He should have pulled his wife to the side and said "No".

I'm not shocked that this teacher had these types of feelings about the student. We all know these type of people never went "away"....what's distressing is there is an environment now that makes them feel comfortable expressing those views in public. Dude didn't care if he got caught or what the consequences would be for his actions. That to me is very dangerous. To make matters worse, he would direct this stuff toward a child. He is obviously a coward...the only other time he would direct this type of stuff at a person is while sitting at home in from of his computer screen. He ain't the type to "say it" in a mans face. Nah, he goes after children. 

General Discussion Forum / Re: The use of the term 'MA'AM'....?
« on: March 13, 2023, 10:35:08 AM »
For me it's all about the intent...if there was "truly" no disrespect meant by saying Ma'am, Sir, or whatever...then no harm no foul. The first time I was at a restaurant or going through a check out, and someone said "How can I help you Sir", or "Thank you, have a nice day Sir" it made me pause. I had never thought of myself as a "Sir" in the since of an older person to be respected. Then I realized to the person waiting on me that I was old enough to be their daddy and they were just being respectful. How can you be upset about that?

Several years ago after my mother passed, my father and I (who was 70 at the time) had to go to the county administrative building to handle some business. After emptying our pockets, and being scanned by the metal detector the sheriffs deputy posted at the security point handed us back our items. My father collected his things and said, "Thank you sir". Only problem was the deputy wasn't a was a woman, but to be completely honest she looked like a man. Her face showed her displeasure, and we walked off. While heading to the floor and department we needed to visit I said "Dad, you know that was a woman right". He was mortified, he had no clue. I said..."It's OK really thought that was a man, and at first so did I. You meant no disrespect...people get her sex, gender, or whatever she is trying to display confused all the time. That's the real reason she is upset.

Politics / Re: Another Black Republikkkan Sells Their Soul
« on: March 11, 2023, 02:34:31 PM »
Lord have mercy ! What ever happened to do no harm? Does this man really believe the things he is saying or is he just a political pawn…or maybe both. One thing is for sure he is a danger to the health and well being of the people of Florida.

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Politics / Re: Tucker Carlson tells fans what to believe;
« on: March 09, 2023, 10:22:16 AM »
Tucker Carlson is not a news reporter.

You are right, he is not a news reporter...he is a drug dealer. He sells his poison to those that are open to a temporary high in hopes of getting them addicted. He gets rich off of their despair and sickness all the while having contempt for those that enrich him.

He doesn't believe in what he is selling and doing, and would never get high on his own supply...but instead he develops more potent forms of his drug to sell to the masses to expand his business. There is a special place in hell for lairs and deceivers like him. How many people have died, have been locked up, and lives ruined because of this mess that even GOP members are calling "Bull--it".

It's one thing to have different views on issues, that's common and encouraged in a healthy democracy...but to openly lie, and undermine the truth...for what political gain, hell now Carlson is no politician...he's not even a reporter as you stated yourself.

He is only trying to line his pockets at the expense of the people who line up for his drug.     

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