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A great gesture. I wonder if a game is in the future between the two? :shrug:

The game between LSU and Southern football will be played in Fall of 2022. :nod:

I will DEFINITELY be there for that one!

The CEO, Henry Beecher III, is a Morehouse Man. :nod:

General Discussion Forum / Re: Challenger explosion anniversary
« on: February 02, 2020, 11:27:48 PM »
I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was sitting in my English literature class during my senior year in high school. Someone came in the middle of our class that morning to announce what had happened and that school was cancelled the rest of the day. :no:

I've seen four of those.
Haven't seen "Illusions" (although I have seen Daughters of the Dust), nor have I seen "Still a Brother: Inside the Black Middle Class". Seen the other four though.  :nod:

Yea, I think Neymar is off base here. Although I do agree that after the young man married the girl they should've accepted it. However, I do NOT believe she will stop the parents from attending the memorial service(s). In fact, I would bet Vanessa's parents would not stand for that  themselves, regardless of what they may think of Kobe's parents.

Also, I thought Kobe and his parents had reconciled years ago? :shrug:

Ya'll do realize the Asst Band Director at LSU went to Jackson State right

Kelvin Jones
Interim Associate Director of Bands

Dr. Kelvin Jones is the Interim Associate Director of Bands at Louisiana State University. His responsibilities conducting the LSU Symphonic Winds, teaching undergraduate conducting, graduate-level wind literature, and leading the Sudler-winning "Golden Band from Tigerland.”

He is an active drill designer and music arranger for high school and university music programs across the country with his arrangements being performed throughout the United States, including the Dallas Winds. Jones is a 2011 recipient of the Louisiana Music Educators Association’s Young Music Educator of the Year, the 2013 recipient of the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra’s Teacher of Distinction, and the 2014 LSU A.P. Tureaud award recipient for significant contributions to the university. His halftime shows have been featured at the 2017 College Band Directors National Association Conference (CBDNA) in Kansas City, MO and the 2018 Southern CBDNA Conference in Tampa, FL. He is the former band director at West Feliciana High School in St. Francisville, Louisiana. At WFHS, he led an active, comprehensive music program that produced numerous award-winning performances at state and national events, including the 2013 United States National Presidential Inauguration Music Festival in Washington DC.

Dr. Jones has also presented at international, national, and state music conferences across the United States, including Ohio, Texas, and Louisiana Music Educators Associations. He is published in the Instrumentalist magazine (Jan. 2014 and Dec. 2015), an active clinician, and has travelled internationally working with music programs in South America (Chile) and with the LSU marching band in Dublin, Ireland. He also serves as a clinician/instructor at the Smith-Walbridge Drum Major Clinic held in Charleston, Illinois working with high school and college drum majors from across the country.

He holds degrees in Music from Jackson State University and Louisiana State University. He is a member of the College Band Directors National Association, Kappa Kappa Psi Fraternity Inc., National Association for Music Education, Louisiana Music Educators Association, Louisiana Association of Jazz Educators, HBCU Band Directors Consortium, and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. He resides in Zachary, LA with his wife Felicia, a registered nurse, and their bundle of joy son, Samuel aka "BJ".

Yes, as a matter of fact I did know that.  :nod:

Honestly, I can bet money that students at LSU NOR Southern, know the political history of the song.

I watch this show every week, for at least the last three years. It's set on my DVR. :nod:

Generally, in a situation like that they have to aspirate.

Y'all can say what ya want, but when you're in Tiger Stadium and the GBFTL plays "Neck", with over 100K fans joining in, it is a sight to behold. :nod:

And honestly, at home games it's generally only the student section that is chanting STTDB. :lol:

...Won The 2017 World Series

Maybe not.................................but that 2017 world series title should be vacated, for sure!

General Discussion Forum / Re: History Of The Compton Swap Meet
« on: January 08, 2020, 12:44:08 PM »
Interesting that somebody did an interview of this! :)

That's the neighborhood I grew up in. The "Compton Swap Meet" used to be a Sears when I was a kid. I think that Sears had opened in the 1930s or 40s. I can remember walking up to that shopping center (there was also a Market Basket grocery store, and Sav-On Drug Store) and hanging out and / or buying stuff that my mom would send me to get. Lots of great memories. I lived on Tucker street which was literally a block away from that shopping center. I remember when they gutted the Sears building and made it into an indoor swap meet. I thought it was weird at the time, but it was viable for at least 15 years. So there's that. :lol:

Sports Forum / Re: Human Jukebox performing at Lakers halftime
« on: January 07, 2020, 06:31:43 PM »
^^^But an experience they will never forget. I see as they got closer to the black people, you can hear more cheers.

I honestly didn't see a part in the video where there was a lot of Black folks. It certainly wasn't at the section me and my friends were sitting in.  :lol:

Vacation is all we have. Most of us will never be able to retire.

On the flip side, I know young people who live well below their means while in college, just so that can borrow the least amount as possible. These folk ride bikes, take the bus, sleep on relatives sofas, work jobs, shop at Goodwill.....This is the way I lived in college and for me it was a rite of passage because I knew one day things would improve.

Neymar, I don't see many in your generation wiling to make that sacrifice. You don't want to live in a dorm and eat cafe food, therefore you borrow to live in luxury apartments in the city. instead of making sandwiches, and packing a lunch, you eat out and order pizza daily,  -charging it to your campus account.

Then you go on vacation. Never could afford a vacation while I was in college. Could not even afford to go to many away games.

Yes tuition and books are high, but they have always been. Years ago, you were expected to struggle while in college, but that is not the case today. My niece dropped out because she did not have the right clothes and a car.

And one last thing, lets put this belief to bed for once and for all. Yes you need a laptop in college, but you don't need a car. The on campus parking alone makes it  expensive. If you don't have a car, for heavens sake, don't rent an apartment clear across town. And if you do, get your but on a city bus and hang out in the library or union until the bus comes to take you home. I guess that is too much to ask for, right?  :shrug:

This is boomer rubbish.

If a kid worked enough to pay for school they would never pay for school. Do you know how much these places cost now?

They have not always been high I can bring up old catalogues of Morehouse in the 60's,79's, and 80's and it was NOT as expensive based on inflation as it is now. You used to could afford your education on a part time summer job, now? No chance.

"Sleep on relatives sofas"

What if they dont have family who live near schools? This is silly.

How much did all 4 years of your college cost? Be honest.

Surprisingly, I have to agree with Neymar on this. You cannot compare what you (or I) did to get through school, to what kids are facing today. There's enough information out there to show that the cost of college has FAR outstripped the pace of wages. It is almost impossible for kids to graduate debt free unless they are fortunate enough to get scholarships. So, on the one hand...........yes, people in the millenial generation should be more financially responsible.................on the other hand, the research shows that most of them will probably not pay off their student loans before they die. So, I can completely understand the philosophy of taking vacations, even though your in debt...........................especially while you're still young and can still travel. I totally get it.

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