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Yep, my kids were discussing this at practice yesterday.  I think it's a great gesture. 

Sports Forum / Re: 2020 Football: NC A&T vs ND State
« on: January 16, 2019, 06:39:27 PM »

this is a big friggin' deal!!  but nope, i ain't personally trying to go all the way to doggone north dakota.  its "cold" in dem parts even though the game will be played indoors.  besides, ain't much to do in north dakota other than football. 

i'll either watch it on tv or over the internet...

A real Aggie would go to North Dakota.  Imitation Aggies make excuses.

They're only gonna get 300 tickets anyway.  :shrug:  Probably only sell 150 of them. 


On Tuesday, the Supreme Court handed a victory to American workers, ruling unanimously that independent contractors who work in transportation may not be forced into mandatory arbitration. (Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who joined the bench after argument, did not participate.) The decision is a remarkable win for labor rights from a court that typically favors corporate interests over working people. And it will allow hundreds of thousands of contractors to vindicate their rights in court, collectively, rather than in costly and unjust arbitration.

Tuesday’s case, New Prime v. Oliveira, involves a dispute between a trucking company (New Prime) and one of its drivers, Dominic Oliveira. When he began work, Oliveira was required to complete 10,000 miles hauling freight for New Prime—for free, as an “apprentice.” He was then compelled to complete another 30,000 miles as a “trainee,” for which he was paid about $4 an hour. Once he became a full-fledged driver, Oliveira was designated as a contractor rather than an employee. He was forced to lease his own truck (from a company owned by the owners of New Prime), buy his own equipment (from the New Prime store), and pay for his own gas, often from New Prime gas pumps.

Typically, New Prime would have to pay all these expenses. But because it classified Oliveira as a contractor, it deducted the costs from his paycheck. Sometimes, that paycheck wound up negative due to these deductions, meaning New Prime essentially charged Oliveira to work for the company.

Click link above for more...


General Discussion Forum / Re: Black College Quiz Show
« on: January 13, 2019, 09:08:58 PM »
They didn't turn over a single letter and she got it right.  I know she didn't go to Westover.

Interestingly enough, I told her how to predict words on the plane ride to Atlanta. And no, she's from Raleigh.  We haven't had a Westover kid on our team since Randy and I played together.  As a matter of fact, we haven't had a Fayetteville kid on our team in the 15 years Chris and I have worked together. I guess the Fayetteville kids are too busy playing sports and in the band.   :lol:

General Discussion Forum / Re: Black College Quiz Show
« on: January 13, 2019, 10:08:52 AM »
Glad to see he's doing well.  Are you the coach?  He was robbed because they should have asked him questions he knew the answer to.

I'm one of the advisers, more specifically the campus coordinator and  (I handle logistics).  And for Black College Quiz, they provide a study guide.  But often the questions are poorly written.  Nonetheless, he should have picked Straight Out of Compton during the round we played together.  And he should have gotten the final question. 

Here's a better game featuring one of my former students, Victoria Jones.

General Discussion Forum / Re: Black College Quiz Show
« on: January 13, 2019, 08:00:39 AM »
lol. . It's amazing that we taped this show a full two years ago and people are just now seeing it. I've been getting asked about it a lot lately. NCCU wasn't robbed; my student learned a valuable lesson about underestimating people.

In four appearances on BCF, we won once and lost three times.  *shrug* 

 Alas, Josh is doing very well. He just started a PhD history program at Duke and is well on his way to becoming a professor. He capped his senior year by being named an all-star at our other competition, Honda Campus All-Star Challenge. 

My wife.  We are utilizing our vacation week option(s) with our daycare for my toddler.  Although we have savings, it's getting depleted because our renter left our townhouse in November (paying two mortgages).  We've got a few more weeks before things go critical.  I pray that this issue is resolved soon.   :shrug:

Sports Forum / Re: CIAA is off to B-more!
« on: January 09, 2019, 05:27:26 PM »
They mad.

Ironically if yall quit going you only hurt your own school's brand and students. 


Sports Forum / Re: CIAA is off to B-more!
« on: January 08, 2019, 03:06:59 PM »
Who’s to blame for the CIAA tournament leaving Charlotte?

Like a lot of breakups, the one between Charlotte and the CIAA basketball tournament was kind of awkward. City and tourism officials, including Mayor Vi Lyles, didn’t even know things were over Monday afternoon when a reporter told them the tournament would be moving to Baltimore in 2021.

The loss is a big one for Charlotte — last year’s tourney had a total economic impact of $50.5 million, according to the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority. CIAA officials say their headquarters will remain in Charlotte, but let’s face it, we’re sleeping in separate bedrooms now, and the fact that Charlotte found out the way it did raises a question: Who’s to blame for the CIAA slipping away?

At least a couple Charlotte City Council members have worried in recent years that Charlotte wasn’t showing the CIAA enough love, and one council member, James Mitchell, ripped the CRVA on Tuesday for putting together a “piss poor bid” to keep the tournament. But like a lot of breakups, there’s probably not one thing to blame.

Read more here:

Now Charlotteans know how Raleigh felt.   :lol:

Sports Forum / Re: CIAA is off to B-more!
« on: January 07, 2019, 06:29:02 PM »
Baltimore obviously outbid Charlotte so more money for the member schools is a good thing.

As for the weather, prices, amenities and crime....ehh.

Baltimore is a match for Charlotte in two of those three.  Weather. . well it snowed in Charlotte too  . .Crime?  stay by the harbor and you'll be fine.

Sports Forum / CIAA is off to B-more!
« on: January 07, 2019, 04:30:17 PM »

Been saying this for years.  Have a great time Marylanders!

I watched.  But I'm petty like that at times.


His streams have increased!  I blame Russia.

Sports Forum / Re: National Football League Playoffs
« on: January 04, 2019, 03:08:33 PM »
It's really unfair that they're forcing the Chargers to play at 10:00 AM their time.  They could have easily had the Chargers play on Saturday at 4:00.

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