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Would love to hear more about this school. I literally know nothing about it. :popcorn:

Sports Forum / Re: Celebration Bowl
« on: Yesterday at 09:58:59 PM »
Not as long as the Aggies are representing  the MEAC. :tiptoe:

Sportswriters hated that lates 70s Pirate team for obvious reasons. PArker had a canon of an arm .

That was from last year or the year before.Still very good.

Politics / Re: WOW....... LOVE IT
« on: Yesterday at 09:51:22 PM »
I would say its that for Black male business owners over the age of fifty.

I remember going to 5Guys literally when they started in northern Virginia.

I  enjoyed "Queen and Slim" despite the usual internet suspects hating it.

Star Wars
Just Mercy

Politics / Re: BORIS WINS!!!!
« on: Yesterday at 09:43:39 AM »
Labour was stupid to have Corbyn as its head. The same could happen here easily.

Thanks. I was so into Short Treks and the Expanse, missed that. :clap:

I thought you were drowning in student debt as you love to remind the board. :shrug:

I'm not one to give stock tips because the world is too volatile a place. My advice would be tackle that debt first.

Next year  could be very volatile with the election.,Brexit and possible change at the Fed chairs position , which all could affect the market.But again its your $$$. :tiptoe:

So he can walk to home games.

Also its not the stuff of science fiction.Driverless trucks will be a reality on American roads in the next decade. AI will see to that.

I'm in supply chain so this is my wheel house so to speak. The reasons for this are varied.

First milinels are not going into the field thus you have an older workforce with highest costs.

Second more distribution centers which are smaller than true warehouses   where  firms like Amazon are using their on contracted force for transportation.

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