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Sports Forum / Re: Mike White out at Benedict
« on: Today at 10:12:47 AM »
This doesn't surprise me. I thought Mike White was burned out at Albany State. It showed in his last couple of years. I wondered why he took the job anyway after being around Albany State for nearly 33 years. Maybe maybe he wanted to make some Extra Moola.

Maybe he wanted to go somewhere stay long enough to be vested and draw retirement from two sources :shrug:

On a side note, how much of the decline can be attributed to a decline in students from other countries.   Some are not coming due to the current person at 1600. :tiptoe:

Uhmm care to clarify?  I'm not sure I understand the question.  Or was it one?

He’s saying there is a possibility that decline in the # of foreign students at our schools could be attributed to the current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

It’s basically a reverse of the Great Migration.  We moved north for economic opportunities not afforded us in the South, and now the trends are starting to change. People are coming back down south to retire, or find new employment with a lower cost of living.

I can’t tell you the number of people in this area that have come from NY.   They’re originally from the area they retire, sell their property in NY, then come down here and buy a bigger nicer home without having to pay a mortgage.

The Great Migration lasted over 50 years. It will be interesting to see if the trend continues.   

Yet these people are begging for crumbs and to be apart of the very system that suppresses them.   :popcorn:
Maybe we can do a better job of lobbying and marketing without the USG/BOR holding us back.

Don't be afraid - freedom might be okay.  I 'm sure Harriett had to convince a many of slaves of this.

Here’s the thing:

When We form the separate entity, the funding is still coming from the state legislature is it not? 

So exactly HOW is this “new” consortium going to be different?

Same lack of funding wrapped up in a different box. 

But I’ll stay asleep.  I don’t mind...

Funding, and location play a role.

 You can look at state-funded HBCUs across the south, and you will see the same thing: Underfunded; some cronies appointed by the governor to undermine the school; and vicious rumors to keep students away.

Hell, cee dog will tell you the same thing in Huntsville with UAH and Alabama A&

I’d surmise that the majority of the black population in AL IS IN Birmingham/Montgomery right?  Huntsville has grown by leaps and bounds with a significant AA population right?

The majority of the black population in Ga Resides in the ATL.  A kid from Atlanta that wants to stay in the Metro area has only private HBCU’s as options, and while the quality is top
notch, it’s expensive as hell.  So they head over to GA state, Clayton State, Kennesaw State, etc.  It’s cheaper than CAU and they get to stay close home.

For those that WANT to go an HBCU, they have to travel at LEAST 100-125 miles South to rural middle GA.  Now don’t get me wrong we have a ton of Atlanta area kids, but we would have more if we were actually IN Atlanta.

Not only that, ATL is FILLED with HBCU graduates from all over - actually ATL is filled with graduates period from
All over.  FAMU has a strong alumni presence i ATL, as does AL State, A&M, Tennessee State, Jackson State, etc.  - they do a pretty good job of sending kids out  of State too.   

It’s complex and there are a lot of layers to it, but those are SOME of the reasons.   

Sports Forum / Re: FVSU SMH
« on: November 14, 2019, 02:58:06 PM »
The question is "did he really have only seven scholarships to work with"?

That is the million dollar question
They have between 7-12 still not enough, the man did a good job for what he had

Definitely made lemonade out of lemons.  But I will say there was some disorganization on the sidelines that didn’t have anything to do with funding.   Just common sense and rapport.

He had less than the previous coach and did more.  The previous coach initially had more resources  than anyone and didn’t do a daggone thing with them.   The resources dwindled  under him and never made a comeback. 

The administration and alumni have to do a better job of giving back.  Our alumni giving rate was in the top 10
Last time I checked, but that has been a minute ago.   

Still systemic issues associated with state funding,  decreased enrollment etc. have affected athletics negatively. 

I’m Not mad that he was let go, but I’m not dancing a jig like I was when  that other joker was released.   Coach Porter could
have stayed on and I wouldn’t have been upset - just wanted him to be better organized and less vanilla in play calling.

They never wanted to be IN the HBCU business.

West GA has about 13 thousand.  Columbus State has a It 6-7 thousand.

Columbus is a metropolitan statistical area with no competition and gets students from GA and AL I’m sure

West Ga  is in the Atlanta MSA. 

Valdosta is a regional university with no other competition.

Albany is  Considered a metropolitan area and have merged with Dalton which should have increased the number substantially, but the dip in attendance can be attributed to “White flight”.

Savannah is a ‘Metropolitan area as well, but they compete with Armstrong/GA Southern.   

Fort Valley is the closest to Atlanta, but it is rural.  You have to travel 15-20 mins yo get to Wal Mart.   A country mile is different than a city mile.  Might take you the same amount of time, but you travel 3-4 miles away as opposed to 12-15. 

Ga southwestern is considered rural as well - enrollment is a little Above  3,000 students

Funding, and location play a role.

Marketing is but one factor. 

More than marketing, the issues stem from location, poorly funded programs, and not allowing more attractive majors.  FVSU has several graduates who are engineers and geophysicists, but it’s through a dual degree program. There is no reason why the 3 public HBCU’s don’t have professional schools.  All of that fuels enrollment. 

Not to mention that the closest public HBCU in GA is 100 miles away from the majority of the state population, which is the Atlanta Metro area.  Put any of the 3 in Atlanta and you would see higher enrollment.

Just my 2 cents.

I don’t see the point of the merger.  I just think the State should follow through on  proper funding and programs. 

I think a separate entity would only make it worse.

Sports Forum / Re: FVSU SMH
« on: November 14, 2019, 01:21:39 PM »
I probably wouldn’t have pulled the trigger -next year maybe if there were no improvements but not this year.  However I thank him for his service to the Wildcats and wish him all the best. I mean that genuinely. 

Seems like we do this every 2-4 years.   *sigh*

It’s not totally surprising though.  I mean the egg we laid on TV this last Saturday was ...... it was rough.   No one was pleased. 

Y’all this one REALLY got me.  Man.....

She’s going to jail and ruined her life for a no good ninja. You low self esteem having @zz bi@tch.   >:(

My heart bleeds for this baby’s family.  She had one more semester until she graduated.  I pray CAU gives her a degree posthumously. 

« on: November 05, 2019, 11:44:25 PM »
CIAA is full of sh!t when it comes to the tie breaker rule for football.  Year in and year out they seem to randomly change the requirements to try and artificially make the regular season games count as long as they can.

Last year the tie breaker requirements were (

•The Northern and Southern Division winners will be determined by the highest winning percentage of conference games won based on the six game conference schedule. (it was a 6 game conference schedule because of the storms that cancelled a lot of games)
•In case of a tie between divisional teams, the winner shall be determined as follows: 
◦Head-to-Head Competition
◦Head-to Head Point Differential
◦Divisional Winning Percentage
◦Results vs. Common Conference Opponents
◦Coin Toss

However this year they have randomly decided to flip the head to head requirement with the divisional win requirement.  That serves as a real chance to screw FSU (

1.      In case of a tie between divisional teams, the winner shall be determined as follows:
     a.      Divisional Win Percentage
     b.      Head-to-Head Competition
     c.      Results vs. Common Conference Opponents (to include point differential)
     d.      Coin Toss

If I am FSU I am pissed because based off of last year's interpretation they would already be in.  Now if we beat them and Shaw wins they are out.


Where did all this hostility come from?   :shrug:

What exactly in that message did he say to warrant such a vitriolic response?  I didn’t see any slights, shade, backhanded compliments or thinly veiled insults, so I’m just curious. 

A similar story.

Well, one day in the summer of 1994. I was watching T.V. at Daddy Wiregrass' mistress house, and I hear a big argument in the kitchen.  Well, I get-up to look, she was about to stab my father with a butcher knife.  :o

Daddy Wiregrass: Wiregrass, come help me!
Mistress: Stay out of here, Wiregrass.

Me: [I'm frozen in fear] All, I could do was just stand still.

I already knew, what the argument about without asking. She found about another woman.  :shrug: Baby, if he is cheating on wife, he will do it to you.

If I would've ran in-between them. My naive a-- would've been dead. It's one thing to cheat on your wife. But, when you let kids see things of this magnitude. It will forever leave a stain on them.  :brickwall:

Whew Chile........

Daddy Wiregrass owed you an apology. 

As a friend of mine used to say, "slangin' d!ck everywhere!!"

I could understand the wife shooting him. But, the sidepiece knew the rules of the games. She's just for fun and entertainment.

I’ve known of TWO sidepieces to have the same mentality.

One time my best friend and I were hanging with one of our other friends who is her sorority sister - line sister actually.  Well anyway she was messing with the Que for years who had a girlfriend the whole time.  Got engaged to the lady and everything.  I think they’re still married. 

Well anyway, one night after the Fountain City Classic the three of us went to this party - the Que was there but his fiancé was not so she thought the attention would be on her and she would end the night with him.   Apparently he wasn’t aware of her assumption  and was pushing up on this other broad.  Baby when I tell you Ol girl was mad?  She was livid.  And do you know what came out of her mouth?

“I’ll be second, but I be DAMNED if I come in third”
She was indignant about it too.   :no:

My best friend and I just stared at each other.  We knew she had low self esteem, but we didn’t know it was that damn low.

Won’t even go into the other side piece story.  It’s a whole dysfunctional mess that would take days to break down, and the lady is dead anyway. 

I said that to say it happens more often than you would think. 

Sports Forum / Re: Sports Polls
« on: October 28, 2019, 10:31:49 PM »
That's good to hear TigerFan. I'll be sure to pass that info on to our coaching staff. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Y'all struggled to beat Clark with the backup Quarterback. I wouldn't brag too much because SSU might just beat y'all!

How was that bragging?  He jokingly said he would pass that info on to the coaching staff.  I’m sure they’ve looked at film anyway.  That ain’t bragging at all.  Bragging would be if he made some sort of declaration about how we were gonna air it out and SSU won’t be able to keep up - which nobody in their right mind would say seriously.  That’s bragging.

Is Fvsu mainly a pass happy team?

yes, Yes, and YES!   Very pass happy.  I wish we were more balanced, but it’s basically worked thus far so there isn’t much more I can say.  :shrug:   Can’t say it doesn’t work until it actually doesn’t.

It will be interesting to see how we adjust now that the starter is out.  Hopefully the backup can get the rust off and make some plays.  He’s more mobile than Slade, but his passes aren’t as pretty.

Saturday will be interesting indeed.   Can’t wait to travel down I-16 to witness it.   Meet up with a few of my sorority sisters for lunch, then head to the field to hopefully watch a good game!

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