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Politics / Re: Black Americans are coming home to the GOP
« on: January 23, 2020, 10:07:53 AM »
Read more

What do Kay Coles James, Ben Carson, Star Parker, Candace Owens, Ken Blackwell, Diamond and Silk, and Alveda King have in common?

They are bold, compassionate leaders who believe that every person is created equal by God himself. They understand that every human life has infinite value and limitless potential. They have suffered from some sort of discrimination — but are not bitter. Instead, they seek reconciliation, believe in redemption, and work to advance a more just society. They know that hard work, economic freedom, the preservation of the traditional family, and reducing government control are the keys to success.

And they are black Americans who support the policies of President Trump.

If you listen to their personal stories and read their excellent writings, you will understand why they believe that if black Americans — or Hispanic, Asian, white or any other Americans — are to have a better chance of achieving personal success, then Donald Trump must be reelected president.

Leftists, who seek to enslave minorities and hold them captive to government control, don’t want you to read the works of these brave Americans. They use cruel ridicule and slander in an effort to silence them and other heroes from the black community, because they understand that if more people of color knew the truth, they would vote for the freedom policies promoted by Mr. Trump.

We must read and spread their messages so that all Americans can continue to have their lives improved. Read Ms. James’ brilliant writings at or Mr. Carson’s many inspiring speeches at Log on to Ms. Owens’ or to Ms. Parker’s to be inspired. Become educated about the rights of a persecuted people at Ms. King’s

A fantastic new book by veteran political strategists Vernon Robinson III and Bruce Eberle, titled “Coming Home: How Black Americans Will Reelect Trump,” explains why black Americans will unleash freedom for all of us as they show up in record numbers to vote for Republican candidates and Mr. Trump.

I stopped reading when the author of this piece said Diamond and Silk are bold and compassionate leaders lol

Trump is offering what lol

If it was linked to Iranians, after the US finished, Iran would be a parking lot for Israeli tanks and other military equipment.

Everyone know the US would beat Iran in a war. The long standing problems that would cause is the issue. Maybe we learned something from attacking Iraq 2x. You can't just keep destabilizing a place and expect not to be there forever.

We are still in Germany and Japan. And WW2 was over 70 years ago

SPEAK THE TRUTH!   :clap: :clap: :clap:

I mean not the biggest HRC fan but she makes a great point. He isn't a Dem. Where is all the legislation he has sponsored?

idk Claflin was even in the CIAA

Why is that ridiculous? We have bounties on other people all over the world?

« on: January 21, 2020, 10:20:50 AM »
Live in NC and heard nothing of this event.

Sports Forum / Re: I’ve been telling y’all Roy Williams is a fraud
« on: January 21, 2020, 10:15:27 AM »
Pitt 66

UNC 52

FINAL. :popcorn:

UNC just don't have it this year. In all honesty, as an avid DUKE fan, I don't even see the point in pokin' fun at them at this point, so I won't.
But I will say this much. In all my years watching ACC basketball(I'm 56, as of Dec. 9th), I don't think I've EVER seen UNC lose this many games in one season. Have yall? :shrug:

That year they went 8-20 in the early 2000s

Sports Forum / Re: MEAC Basketball Scores Jan 20th
« on: January 21, 2020, 10:10:41 AM »
Last night was a weird night in the MEAC

So what you are saying is that the GOP is spineless and scared to impeach Obama

Politics / Re: Iran attacks Iraqi bases housing American troops
« on: January 17, 2020, 10:28:49 AM »
Trump lied because he was screaming if a US troop was hurt or killed the US would strike back. He isn't trying to start that war , he just trying to look strong to his base. That's why he lied

Meanwhile a solider died in Keyna and 2 in Afghanistan and nothing was said

Sports Forum / Re: I’ve been telling y’all Roy Williams is a fraud
« on: January 17, 2020, 10:26:01 AM »
Yeah, all that bloviation aside, Roy has underperformed in the #1 seat of late @ Chapel Hill and in my view, is a fraud and starting to slip.
If he has underperformed, every coach has underperformed in D1 basketball! No coach has won more NCAA titles than Roy since he came to UNC in 2003. Injuries have killed this team and you can't see that. It's hard to win when you got three or more rotation players that are out every game. As I said, UNC didn't play with no true point guard last game because all of them were injured. Btw, I guess Dean underperformed because Roy has one more NCAA title than him.

is it not Roy fault he doesn't have a PG? He is the one who pissed 7th Woods off by recruiting over him yearly, bet he could use him now

It's going to be 90 at Homecoming

So it was 3 of them Y ; OS and who was the third one?

My thoughts as well

Who are covering the losses of the WNBA teams

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