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General Discussion Forum / Re: LA area peeps and board
« on: Yesterday at 09:09:26 PM »
LA proper is on my bucket list.  Been through LAX on my way to Northern California but that's about it.  I had thought about going when our WBB was in San Diego and Riverside last week but couldn't make my schedule line up.

You will love San Diego.

General Discussion Forum / Re: LA area peeps and board
« on: Yesterday at 09:03:26 PM »
:).......forgot to mention to you guys what was perhaps the most delightful experience of my extended LA wknd. At the breakfast buffet table of my first morning there, the significant others of Mrs. Strike’s two nieces reminded me that the Golden State has joined the ranks of states where the purchase and sale of America’s favorite “herb” is perfectly legal. This is a fact that TOTALLY eluded your humble poster’s mind while thinking about and planning the trip.

So, later that day, I visit my first dispensary. About ten minutes into browsing around, the two sig others came running up to me, exclaiming: Dey got dat Mike Tyson! Your humble poster, being my typically naive self, thought they meant the Iron Man, himself, was visiting the store. But, noooo.......the product that Big Mike grows and cultivates on his farm outside Vegas was available for sale in the store. And it has acquired a reputation for being high quality stuff.

Now both of these sig others are in their mid-30’s. But you would have thought these boys were in grade school looking under the Christmas tree for gifts. They were THAT giddy and excited to discover that Mike’s product was available for sale.   :shrug:

You also need to visit Oregon, Colorado, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. They also have some good items for your appetite.  ;D

I'm willing to bet that his father did everything in his power to help him out. But, you can't stop a hard-headed mofo. >:(


Well, this is sad. But, when you decide to rob another individual of his/her property. This can be the outcome.

Was it a gay thing? I didn't read the article

Yeah. Same sex couple and it was a domestic violence issue. Murder - suicide.

So gay couples have the same problems as straight couples???? Hmmmmmmm!!! Interesting.

Yes. They have issues like any other couple. I'm just curious to know, did they keep it a secret, or what?

I'm still laughing at how he portrayed himself in Straight Outta Compton.

I'm not shocked by it all.

Why didn't they stop in Tennessee?  :shrug:
???.......:uhhhh, don’t know whether this^^^comment was intended to throw shade, was posted out of sheer ignorance, or both.

Last data I saw, for example, about 30K were moving to Nashville each year, which equates to something around 80 folks DAILY.

And if the consensus of this thread is that black folks are returning to the south in large numbers, that would include Rocky Top, which sits BELOW the Mason-Dixon Line.

If the poster cares to explain himself, I would appreciate it.

I was not throwing shade at Tennessee, or your town of Nashville, Tennessee. But, I do have a question? How do you navigate that traffic? I swear, I hate coming through there after 4:30 on a weekday.

Sports Forum / Re: Miles College should be in the Playoffs.
« on: November 18, 2019, 11:06:40 AM »
Win, or lose. I'm still going to be proud of these young men.

Three words: Cost of living.

People move from the north to the south because they cant handle the competition and high cost of living of world-class cities.

World-class cities????? You ever been outside of Chicago, Illinois?

Why didn't they stop in Tennessee?  :shrug:


I know, somebody that relocated to Alabama this year from the Chicago-area.   :tiptoe:

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