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Will they show the places in his home where Brother Medgar kept his weapons?


No. I shall make a visit to visit to this historic landmark.

Sports Forum / Re: Shaq joins Papa John's board
« on: March 22, 2019, 09:42:37 PM »
He's getting paid 8.25 million  over three years. Man, I'll just take  two million over three years. Hey, I can be your token negro for less.

Sports Forum / Re: Danny Manning is Still at Wake Forest
« on: March 22, 2019, 09:21:25 PM »

Many on here may not care but it is interesting that Manning will return because the
with Coach Danny Manning at the helm is “bright with him at the helm.” said AD Ron Wellman

Danny Manning has a 24-66 record in the ACC over 5 years.

He must have some pictures or something on somebody:shrug:

Maybe, they still buying into his scheme.

Sports Forum / Miami vs. FAMU football - 1979
« on: March 22, 2019, 04:26:43 PM »

Sports Forum / Re: Norfolk State @ Bama (NIT)
« on: March 21, 2019, 09:11:16 AM »
Don’t think that Avery Johnson will survive the weekend as Bama’s Head Coach. The NSU game was the icing on the cake and folks wanted him gone since January or so.

Yes. It's probably over for him.

I think everybody on here should look at Mr. Flowers' case. If this isn't a travesty of injustice. >:(

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