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 :lol:^^^dude, leave Chris alone.  :lol:

I feel Nicolle Wallace is the next best person on MSNBC. She has lots of personality, very likable, and takes command of the topic. Like Rachel, she is the sun where all planets revolve around.
Bruh……I like Nicolle too. She’s sharp, knowledgeable and respectful of the people she interviews. She does very well in that 2 hrs late afternoon slot.

But I tell you who among the MSNBC personalities I REALLY am feeling these days, and that’s my boy, Chris Hayes. Don’t let the geeky/nerdy looks fool you. Dude is on top of his game and will slice you up like peaches if you come on his show with some stupid stuff. Chris Hayes is my dude.  :clap:

I don’t like either…I could grow into the new person, but Maddow I never liked. It’s like she wears the same outfit every night…no make up, same hair. She got to spice things up or something are all her clothes black ?

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???…….actually she DOES wear the same outfit every nite.  :lol: She said she is MOST comfortable in that outfit. And why WOULD she make all of the cosmetic changes you suggest? Her ratings numbers are off the charts. Her audience is perfectly fine with the way she looks.

Just because your alma mater changes athletic conferences every two years or so in search of an “identity” doesn’t mean everyone else is equally confused.  :shrug:

Just sayin………..


Rachel put in the work, did the research, led the topics and brought in the others to discuss.

Wagner, seems woefully unprepared and her guests lead the show and the topics. She just seems to pop in a question or two.

In essence, she does not seem to be able to carry a more intelligent audience.
:lol:.........may I respectfully push back on this a tad.  I think the criticism of Wagner by various peeps has been unfair.  I've been watching MSNBC long enough to remember when Rachel Maddow was a "newbie," strongly endorsed for that position by the brilliant but BOASTFULLY non-conformist, Keith Olbermann.  Rachel did not start her prime time hour on the network as glib and smooth as she appears today.  It took some time for her to be as polished as she now appears.  I like Alex and believe she is every bit Rachel's "intellectual" equal.  But, as Cap^^^noted, Rachel's audience was so big that ANY diminution in her numbers would be perceived as almost a failure.  :shrug:

Now it may very well be that positioning Alex in that 8pm (CST) slot is not the optimum fit.  But I do think the girl is entitled to some deference and some grace to allow her time to grow in the slot.

Anyway, just my $0.02.

:lol:......soflo, I wouldn't be surprised if its disclosed that Marjorie likes "chocolate" lollipops.  Gal has "big freak" written all over her.  ;D

I just moderated a panel on this very topic. It is truly confounding.
???......well, good, because I read the article linked at klg's post^^^and I honestly don't have a CLUE as to what "social-emotional learning" is and how its connected to CRT.

Nutshell all of this for me, boss, in clear, succinct, understandable terms.  Gracias.  :)

The three minute blurb of her literally giving a history lesson was a fascinating listen. :clap: :clap: :clap: I mentioned on another thread about the sistah's comments from the bench on the voting rights case, she took mofos to SCHOOL yesterday.  I knew the sistah was brilliant.  But what I did NOT know is how well of an advocate she would be for black and brown folks and others historically disenfranchised in this country. Ms. Lady gave notice with her commentary that, unlike that negro male on the bench who spent his first years trying to be invisible, that ain't happening for her. And the tone and forcefulness of her voice suggests something else.

Yeah, she, Kagan and Sotomayor will find themselves comprising the 3 dissenters in many SCOTUS opinions to come.  But when the sistah stated that she had familiarized herself with the record which culminated in the adoption of the 14th Amendment, she shut that clown dude down from Alabama who was trying the argue the amendment was "race neutral".  In very polite and formal legalese, the sistah stated, set forth in "street" vernacular: Bullschitt, muthaf'er.  That amendment is ALL about race.  How da phuck else were the framers going to deal with all the blatant attempts to discriminate against the newly freedmen?

Man, this sistah is the TRUTH!! It's going to be VERY interesting to follow her logic and reasoning in years to come.  :clap:

Politics / Re: Walker's Campaign is in turmoil
« on: Yesterday at 12:48:11 PM »
Folks thought when the tRump tape came out about grabbing women by the ******* would sink his campaign.See how that turned out.
Georgia needs to come out in records numbers to counter the red wave that will baack this buffoon.
Bison......the MAGGATS are dismissing ALL of these recent allegations against dude as of no consequence and just an attempt by the Dems to muddy the waters as we approach election day.  Even Christian BLASTING his father is being dismissed as a "disgruntled" family member.  In other words, PRECISELY as Bison stated, the MAGGATS just don't give a F about ANY of this.  Its ALL about recapturing that senate seat from the negro preacher.  And doing business with an ignorant, corrupt, stupid hypocrite is perfectly acceptable to those creeps. 

They TRULY believe the ends justify the means.  The sooner black folks, other people of color, and all people of DECENCY in the Peach State understand this and prepare to vote, the better they all will be.  Mrs. Strike started ridiculing and mocking Herschel's ignorance this morning, suggesting no way would a clown like that get elected to the US senate.  I had to sweetly and gently remind her that when that fool descended the escalator at Trump Tower seven years ago, he, too, was dismissed as a joke and a clown.  :no:

God help us.

Politics / Re: That's the point of the Act: Jackson shreds argument
« on: October 04, 2022, 03:59:47 PM »
 :clap:.....on just her SECOND day of hearing oral arguments, the sistah justice has taken mofos to SCHOOL!!  Not only that, the "tone" of her voice seemed to convey this sense of I'm not here to F around.  Just like that other negro on the court, I, too, have a white spouse.  But UNLIKE him, I'm here to vindicate the rights of black people, not spend my entire career on the bench to destroy them.

In street talk, the sistah is saying: F dat koon a.z.z nucca Clarence.

End of discussion.

« on: October 04, 2022, 02:39:13 PM »
He had none and I mean zero intentions of debating Warnock.
:nod:..........precisely.  And, quite frankly, why WOULD he debate Rev. Warnock?  To solidify in voters minds what most people who have been paying attention already know?  That dude is a hypocrite, fraud and dumb a.z.z moron?  But he didn't win the nomination because of any inherent positive qualities he may have.  He is a statewide athletic "hero" who was perceived as the perfect foil against a decent, honorable blackman like Rev. Warnock.  That this ignorant, moronic KOON even has a shot at winning this election this late stage in the game tells you ALL you need to know about how f'ed up ALL of this really is.  :shrug:

 :(^^^yeah, Lil Marco IS a liar.....also an extreme hypocrite, corrupt and DEVOID of even a modicum of decency, honor and integrity.  But the American electoral system is so f'ed up right now that notwithstanding EVERYTHING I've just stated about Lil Marco, he is an odds on favorite to retain his senate seat.  No matter what else you might think of Val Demmings, the sistah is a decent politician with morals.  And she no doubt speaks for the values of most voters in the Sunshine State.

But unless and/or until the voters in my home state demonstrate that they have had enough of awful politicians like Lil Marco - and NOTHING so far suggests the voters have had enough of this clown's bullschitt - Val simply won't be successful.  I'm not at Ground Zero as a resident of the state, but from my vantage point in the capital of Rocky Top, I just don't perceive a groundswell of voters rising up to stop the craziness.  :shrug:

I would LOVE to be proven wrong; I just don't think its gonna happen.  :no:


OS is trying to Pivot.  :lol:
:lol:.....pretty much.  This muthaf'er is so PREDICTABLE you can damn near read him like a book.  ::)

But, NOOOO! They (the GOPers) claim that they don't want them!! Have no use for them!!! :no:

And watch these evil mf'ers jerk these people around.  >:(
:no:……….yeah, just a few weeks after making WORLDWIDE news by shipping these folks off to Martha’s Vineyard like factory “widgets” to own the libs, Ron will now “spin” how his obvious disdain is actually “love”. And he cares so much for these people that they will be used to help restore the Sw FL beach communities. And then they will resume SCREWING the people in the service industry who cater to the “snowbirds” and tourists for barely subsistence survival.

It’s a vicious economic system that preys on the poor, uneducated, and politically weak in this country. It’s always been that way. And as DESPICABLE as Ron is, he is an odds on favorite to retain his position in Tallahassee. And THAT means as soon as the November election is completed, Ron will resume bashing President Biden and the libs, but this time with a vengeance we haven’t seen before.

And the broken, f’ed up political system in this country will continue.  :(

God bless America.

Politics / Re: Walker's Campaign is in turmoil
« on: October 04, 2022, 07:50:31 AM »
 :shrug:……..the ENTIRE HW for US senate campaign is such an absurdity that I don’t even know where to begin?

The registered voters in the Peach State will simply have to shake their apathy and laziness, and in a few short weeks, just get off the couch and do the right thing.

 :no:.........yeah, without going on and on about it, agree with what Bfl and Alum stated in toto.  The bottomline is that MILLIONS of folks neither have the resources nor wherewithal to evacuate to avoid the impact of a storm.  And that's even if their LIVES depended on it.

If you've never been in that type of situation before, you might want to exercise a tad more compassion for those who find themselves, literally and figuratively, STUCK.

Someone once said, being poor is a bytch!  Aint THAT the muthaf'ing truth.  :(

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