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 :no:…………this clown, Emmanuel Acho, has got to be out of his muthaf’ing mind with this “generational trauma” bullshyt. Does he REALLY think that those five attack dogs wearing Memphis PD uniforms would have avoided meting out the punishment on him that they inflicted on Tyre Nichols because he, Acho,is Nigerian?  What this fool stated is BREATHTAKINGLY stupid.

To say this stupid schitt should render him CANCELED once and for all. The brutha who stated, unlike this clown Acho, that he was not interested in being some kind of “emotional butler” for white folks is WHOLLY on point.

God help us.  :no:

Our lack of value as blacks is so ingrained in our heads that it dictates our every move in this racist society.  The fact that we have a Negress Chief of Police that don't understand these basic concepts are troubling.
My dear brutha Conquero……………your extensive post addressed to Nomenclature, the last two sentences of which are excerpted here, was quite powerful. I have been trying to understand the absolute DEPRAVITY exhibited by the five black officers as depicted in the now released video, and its meaning simply eludes me. The RAGE with which they, literally, beat that boy to death was simply breathtaking.

There is alot going through my head tonite. I am VERY familiar with the city of Memphis, having routinely done business in the city over the last 14 years or so. I also have relatives in the city. And while I’ve never had an “encounter” with Memphis PD over this time period, what chills me to my BONES is the thought of how fraught such an encounter might have been.

I watched the sista Memphis PD’s police chief as Don Lemon was interviewing her live this morning. Like you, Nomenclature and others, I was taken aback when the police chief said that because the five black officers now fired, indicted and charged were black, it takes race off the table in this incident. I was deeply disappointed in her posture, and all Don had to ask at that point was whether she thought these NUCCAS would have treated a white person similarly. And, of course, we all know the answer is HELL NO!!

I thought after George Floyd, the “consensus” in this country was that Black Lives Matter. Sadly, we are now HORRIFICALLY reminded that, in the main, our lives even in 2023 America really DO NOT matter.

God help us all.   :(


I really is just that simple. How "they" don't see it and move on to forming a new party is confusing.
Let's ask y04185....naw, he'll just respond with some juvenile response.

He hasn't acted like an adult on this forum in more than a decade.
:lol:…….it’s been THAT long, M&G?   :lol:

Politics / Re: Former GOP County Chair Arrested For Child Porn
« on: Yesterday at 02:53:17 PM »
soflo…….I’m impressed with how magnanimous you are in posting this story for the board’s review. You are filling a void and assuming a role that y likes to fill, posting stories about perverted public officials. y obviously missed this story, so you are a “prince” for helping him out…….ooops, my error, y only posts negative stories about corrupt “Democratic”politicians.  :shrug:

 :(.......Oh, Lord, do I have to listen to this 9 minutes+ video or will one of you astute posters listen for me and summarize what the Rattlers fearless football coach said during this discussion?  I hope its nothing that will go viral.  I am pretty much EXHAUSTED after all of the Ed Reed/BCU drama.  :no:

Sigh, and if you really think they drove that far for one heist, I got something you need to really get your hands on….a clue….

the NFL is a joke
:)……….well, I suspect there may be others, especially on this board, who would agree with you,

But the NFL is ALSO the most watched sports in this country by a MILE, raking in hundreds of millions of dollars. Don’t know which is second, NBA or MLB, but it’s nowhere NEAR a close second.

And, on 2/12, whether it’s the Bengals or Chiefs vs. the Eagles or 49’ers, it will likely garner a rating pitting the results among the most watched television programs……….EVER!     ;)

 :lol:………boy, you know you oughtta stop. Dat’s f’ed up.  :lol:

Isn't this that MTG nonsense?  :shrug: ::) These kooks need to be euthanized... :tiptoe:

End of discussion.

Sports Forum / Re: Shadeur Sanders is dating
« on: January 23, 2023, 04:57:06 PM »
This girl looks awful. Almost like a Chinese or something.
This has to be one of the most racially insensitive posts I've read on Onnidan. 
If anyone doesn't see this.....YOU'RE BLIND!!

And to keep it 100, the moderators (and posters who care about this website) should have checked him on this already. 

Yeah - I SAID IT!!
:lol:………bruh, don’t mind dude. He states shyt on this board to be INTENTIONALLY provocative. Trust me, he’s harmless. He wouldn’t bust a fly……..or anything ELSE for that matter.  ;D

Politics / Re: Riotous Activity in Downtown Atlanta
« on: January 23, 2023, 12:33:23 PM »
Chit man Y is the George Santos of this site
:lol: :o :lol:.....c'mon, bruh, dat's PHUCKED up.  :lol:

Sports Forum / Re: Shadeur Sanders is dating
« on: January 23, 2023, 12:27:13 PM »
This girl looks awful. Almost like a Chinese or something.
:lol:........dude, grow up.  But I guess its gotta be tough, everybody seems to be getting attached, and the only thing you're seemingly "attached" to is that blowup toy, with which you are likely committing UNSPEAKABLE acts.  ;D

LA, Bama, both are in
ameriKKKa....nuff said.

:(……….yeah, what JT states here says it best. I don’t care WHERE you go in this country - north, south, east or west - there really is NO PLACE, beyond the confines of our segregated neighborhoods and bantustans, where the negro is fully embraced.

I may occasionally use “aggressive” language on this board, replete, on occasion, with raw street vernacular. But to actually SEE me, without me speaking a word, the general impression is that your humble poster presents himself as a congenial, friendly negro grandfather.

But make no mistake, in the main, white folks are generally “uncomfortable” around negroes. And there are a WHOLE HOST of reasons for their being uncomfortable. A great many whites simply loathe our very presence. And we need to be clear on THAT as well.  :shrug:

Sports Forum / Re: NFL World Is Saddened By Tony Dungy Development
« on: January 22, 2023, 09:37:41 AM »
CU and board^^^did Tony Dungy, his wife, or any other person ever explain why the Dungys young adult son committed suicide, what, some 15-20 years ago?

There was the “suggestion” that this boy took himself out because he couldn’t live up to “expectations” Coach Dungy had for his only son.

Have no desire to traffic in gossip, but that boy’s suicide likely affected Coach Dungy very deeply.   :(

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