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Damn!?!?  :o......::now even the Lord Mayor of London is clowning this creep.

The Lord Mayor is posing a question, the answer to which THE WHOLE WORLD knows. OF COURSE, this Trump dude only cares about “White America”. The ONLY people in this country who would dispute that are these FOOLS who show up at his rallies, and a handful of misguided souls on this board. :shrug:

 :no:......u simply WONT move on from your OBSESSION with Barack Obama. spotty, that man doesn’t want you......move on, COON!  :crazy:

 :no:......unless mofos been walking around BRAIN DEAD since the 2016 presidential election, you simply KNEW this result would happen.

As the constitutional law professor from UNC stated yesterday, if what this clown Trump has done doesn’t qualify as an “impeachable offense,” then NOTHING ELSE would.  :shrug:

 :lol:@my dude, Alum^^^

Man, Trudeau just cracked one joke at dude’s expense and ran that mofo out of Europe. And, like Alum stated^^^, that clown thought he was hurting someone by hauling a.z.z, and NO ONE really gave a damn. As a matter of fact, when you look at the video of dude’s one-on-one with German chancellor, Angela Merkel, the chancellor has a look on her face like: I can’t stand this mofo. But she loves some Barack Obama.  :lol:

Btw, did you peeps also noticed who was part of the lil gathering clowning Trump. Well, it was none other than Princess Anne, the Queen’s only daughter. And, absent for the SECOND time on Trump’s visit to meet the Queen was the sistah Princess, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s ole lady. Meghan hates that mofo too.........for OBVIOUS reasons.  ::)

Prove Barron is his son. They sleep in separate beds.
???........uhhhh, correction homie.

Dude and his ole lady sleep in separate bedROOMS, on different FLOORS in the WH.

In other words, gal doesn’t want that mofo anywhere NEAR her.  :o

 :clap:.......Happy Founders Day, Indeed!

“The Light of the World”

Looking forward to Founder’s Day luncheon this Saturday. The biggest social event of the year for Nashville’s negro community.   ;D

Politics / Re: Duncan Hunter Will Switch to Guilty Plea
« on: December 03, 2019, 09:19:07 AM »
 :no:.........this is the clown who initially attempted to throw his Ole lady under the bus, blaming her for the GROSS illegal use of campaign funds because she did the bookkeeping for his campaigns.

Dude was using campaign donations for all kinds of shyt, including wining and dining his harem of garden tools and spending 14K on a family vacation trip to Italy.  ::) Who spends THAT kind of cash on a vacation trip? I guess dude decided he and the family should go FIRST CLASS on everything, flight, lodging and food, ALL on campaign donors’ dime.

Btw, this clown Duncan Hunter, and the other GOP scumbag congressman from Upstate NY who was also re-elected in 2018 while under federal indictment, were the very first two congressmen to endorse then presidential candidate DJT.

That tells you ALL you need to know about these creeps.  >:(

Sports Forum / Re: Wild brawl erupts after UNLV beats Nevada 33-30 in OT
« on: December 02, 2019, 01:45:50 PM »
 :lol:......enjoyed watching the fight. And that clown fan who was running his mouth throughout the video ought to be “disciplined” as well. So too should mofos who were throwing objects on the field.

But, guess what, boys and girls, since the “brawl” did not involve one of “our” schools, I really don’t give a rat’s a.z.z what the consequences might be.  :shrug:

Alum........thanks for your insights. And I agree with you when you state “something ain’t quite right at USF.”

Btw, boss, on a COMPLETELY different matter, kindly see your PM.  ;D

Damn. I like him too. I guess he shoulda just stayed at Louisville and rode that wave for as long as he could. Not sure what went wrong at USF but IMO he should have stayed away from that Texas job. He was basically set up to fail from day one.
:clap:.........bruh, I could not agree MORE with everything you just stated.

Charlie Strong was absolutely my favorite FBS coach when he was at Louisville. Man, that mofo even LOOKS like a college football coach with that linebacker build and bald head.

He had Louisville on the cusp of being a national contender when he hauled a.z.z to Texas. And that job was PALPABLY a bad fit for him. But if you recalled, he was heavily recruited by Tennessee BEFORE taking the Texas job. Mrs. Strong is a white lady. And there was a real concern about how the Strongs would be socially received on Rocky Top.

I thought the South Fl job was a good place to land after Texas because he heavily recruited the state while at Louisville. He had a pretty decent record, I thought, the first two seasons. Don’t know why the USF folks are pulling the trigger after three seasons. But if Charlie will continue to be cut a check, then that’s cool.

I think Mason at Vandy may join him.
???......Bison and BP^^^, the VU administration had already announced BEFORE the Tenn game this past wknd, that Mason would be retained for another season. And mofos locally are scratching their heads and asking....WHY???

Forgotten the opponent, but in their last home game of the season, the announced attendance was 19K+.  The stadium seats around 45K, which means it was LESS than half full.  :o

The program has resorted to damn near the rock bottom status it held before James Franklin came on board. But Franklin moved on to his “dream job” at Penn State, what, 3-4 years ago?  :shrug: And Vandy football has ONCE AGAIN become a joke!!

I’m pissed.  >:(

 ???.......another drunk, low- class, ignorant , racist peckerwood who loves Trump.

What else is new?   :shrug:

???........this was a “cute” story when it first happened, but at SOME point, this HAS to play out, doesn’t it?  :shrug:

 :)^^^uhhh, Neymar, based on what you post on this board about your “romantic” life, it appears you aren’t “giving it” to ANYBODY.  :shrug:


Politics / Re: Kamala Harris' 50 Criminal Justice Reforms & Accomplishments
« on: November 27, 2019, 08:37:08 PM »
B66^^^Kamala is my girl, bruh. But she is mired in the single digits in polling. There was some thought that she might break through in South Carolina. But negroes have seemingly taken the position that they “owe” Uncle Joe for standing by Obama.

It appears that it just won’t happen for Kamala this presidential election cycle.  :shrug:

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