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General Discussion Forum / Re: Trevor Noah says.......
« on: Today at 01:21:38 PM »
^^^i don’t have anything against dude. I just think that he is INSUFFERABLY corny.   :(

But, again, whatever.................... :shrug:

General Discussion Forum / Re: Trevor Noah says.......
« on: Today at 11:58:20 AM »
^^^I’m not surprised.

You seem internally programmed these days to oppose what you perceive as “negro orthodoxy” on ANY subject.  ::)

But, whatever........

General Discussion Forum / Re: Trevor Noah says.......
« on: Today at 11:27:57 AM »
^^^^^EXACTLY, j.

These are VERY SERIOUS times for black folks and others of color in this country. Ain’t nobody got time for Trevor’s bullshyt “humor” directed to his audience of mostly so-called “progressive” whites.  ::)

^^^^^yeah, Alum makes some VERY salient points. Don’t wish to pile on you, Neymar, as you seem genuinely hurt and disgusted by this episode. And forgive the invocation of a tired, worn and overused cliche, but I mean it:  I REALLY DO feel your pain.  :(

Nonetheless, this incident calls for some serious soul-searching on your part. And a sincere evaluation of Alum’s questions^^^would be a good start.

Take note of something that y stated^^^as well. The white boy likely had the job BEFORE the formal interview process began. They have a “network” that we simply are not privy to and remain largely excluded from. But dont do anything rash, young bruh. Take this as a wake up call to start networking as best you can for your future.

Lastly, I will share with you something a brutha said to me over 30 years ago. A white boy is presumed to be “qualified” for any job for which he applies. A brutha, on the other hand, is presumed to be NOT qualified. And, sadly, it is too often an “irrebuttable” presumption, not to be overcome no matter how many degrees you have.  :(

Just my $0.02.

 :no:..........BREATHTAKINGLY ignorant.

But, hey, the dude presently in the Oval Office got there by playing up to and BRAGGING about the ignorance of his overwhelming white supporters.

And, interestingly enough, the dude in the Oval Office played up to the racial angst and fears of those uneducated white supporters.

I guess that was all lost on the stupid nuccas who put together that radio ad^^^.  :shrug:

 :lol:^^^^man, you boys crack me up the way y’all mess with Big Cap.

Y’all leave Cap alone.   :lol:

 :lol:^^^^^@Sloping and Alum...


???^^^^lil homie, I AM “laid back,” but i’m not going to sit around looking stupid while mofos take shots at my alma mater.

But, anyway, time to move on from this topic. It’s been awhile, but the Rattlers have climbed their way back to the top of BCF. And that’s really all that matters.

To paraphrase Shakespeare: All is well at Rattler Nation.   ;D

^^^^dude, stay the “f” in your lane.  ::)

Politics / Re: Lindsey Graham: Saudi Crown Prince "Has Got To GO"
« on: October 16, 2018, 03:44:44 PM »
 :o :lol: :o :lol:@CU^^^^^

Yeah, don’t know who is the BIGGER fraud, Lindsey or Trump. The crown prince ain’t going NOWHERE, and Lindsey knows it.  ::)

And all this time I thought that A&T was arrogant? Some FAMU fans are taking it to another level.  :no: I guess winning does that to you. Us  :o WSSU fans were the same way when we was  :o winning.  :lol:

Alum^^^^^homeboy, why you got your nose all up in other folks’ business?

You trying to deflect attention from that GOON on the Bengals roster? Vontaze Burfict is probably the dirtiest player in the league. Ole Marv Lewis is standing by him. And y’all are good with that since the Bengals are 4-2 and on top of your division.

But wait till Marv IMPLODES toward the latter half of the season - he always DOES  ::) - y’all will start turning on Marv like you ALWAYS do.  ::)

Btw, Alum, you planning to be on the yard for your HC this weekend? I noticed the HC concert includes such “visionary” acts like HoodRich, Pablo Juan, Lil Baby (these mofos kill me with the “lil” in their name, it’s overplayed  ::) ) and Juvenile. These are not exactly “cutting edge” artists, but I guess it doesn’t matter when you’re performing on the plains of southern Alabama.

And I guess that explains one aspect of TU’s HC that I have always found confusing. Perhaps Alum has answers: What exactly is so exciting about mofos hooping and hollering at football games under a damn “shed”?  :shrug:


^^^ :lol:@Professor......

Naaaah, boss, the 100 knows their role. And that principally is to put on a “clinic” for visiting bands. Is there money in your athletic budget to send the Marching Machine to Tallahassee next year?  If so, prepare to be schooled.   ;)

The Rattlers better go undefeated the rest of the way. Y'all doing a lot a dung tallking.  :popcorn:
???.......sooooo, you want some of this too CU?

Uhhhhh, boss, the Rattlers ARE “undefeated,” and it has nothing to do with our football team’s won/loss record.  ;) But don’t worry, we expect very soon to answer the demand of our legion of fans in the BCF universe who are much more comfortable when the Rattlers are sitting on top. Its like restoring the natural order of things....... ;D

Btw, wtf is “dung talking”?   :shrug:

^^^^uhhhh, naaah, boss, the NEXT time y’all will be in Tally in Bragg Stadium.

I’m sure you can expect the appropriate “reciprocal” welcome.


Strike, we are the College Of Love And Charity (COLAC) and we will not lower ourselves to that depth of disrespect. That behavior is beneath the Rattlers. are exactly correct, Big soflo. And nothing in my response should have been construed to suggest anything different than what you stated.

As an alumnus of the school that sits on the highest of seven hills in Tallahassee, I always endeavor to carry myself with the utmost decorum.

The Aggies should expect a “welcome” next fall consistent with FAMU’s high standards of decency and respect.


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