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Take my word for it......
:lol:.........FINALLY, this coon elicits chuckles from me.  :lol:

I agree with the request but don’t like it was shared with the public. Our enemies know now that weakness exist.
???........uhhh, forgive me, bossman, but when you state “our enemies,” I assume you mean enemies of the American people.

From where your humble poster sits in Music City, USA, the biggest “enemy” of the American people is that dude sitting in the Oval Office.

And I am NOT trying to be facetious.  :(

 :nod:^^^yep, gotta agree with EVERYTHING B4L just posted.  :clap:

And Trump’s behavior has not deviated ONE BIT since he descended the escalator at Trump Tower in the summer of 2015 to announce his presidential candidacy. If you were honestly UNAWARE who this creep was BEFORE that speech, you were certainly put on notice then........but people voted for him ANYWAY!?!?!?  :(

So now right in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, we have as POTUS one of the most reprehensible and loathsome creatures EVER to preside in the Oval Office.

Make America Great Again? No, DESTROY America, I don’t give a phuck cuz the ONLY thing that matters is my personal aggrandizement.......THAT, boys and girls, is what DJT is REALLY all about.  >:(

 :nod:.............yep, no more lying and subterfuge. This creep is FLAT OUT telling folks right now that he will do EVERYTHING in his power to keep mofos from voting, MOST ESPECIALLY non-whites.

Let’s see how Joe, Nancy, Chucky and all the REST of the Dem leadership respond.

 >:(^^^say, Alum, did you see where this CREEP Trump wants his signature affixed to every relief check?

There just seems to be no depth to what a disgusting human being this clown is.  :no:

Bruthas........just yesterday, I was asked to visit a boy housed in the local jail. His friend/employer was willing to pay a “consultation fee” to discuss this boy’s options as he was recently indicted on some serious child felony charges, and has his first discussion/hearing date set for mid-May. I declined the offer cuz, quite frankly, I’m scared.

Beyond Wildman, not sure if any of you peeps have ever been in a jail, FOR WHATEVER REASON , but if you have, you know that in so-called NORMAL times, those visits are unpleasant. They are dirty, smelly and the person you’re visiting looks and smells like he/she hasn’t bathed in a week or so. Hygiene appears to be the LAST thing either the inmates or jailers care about.  :no:

 ???^^^forgive me, bruh, but is the problem the absence of a “husband,” OR, the lack of responsibility by whatever clown dude who helped to create the “pregnant bellies”?

 :no:^^^bluedog, soflo and board:

I’ll never forget back in 1978 (‘77?), I was home on Christmas holiday break from school when the Jim Jones/Guyana story was first reported. Momma started crying and Daddy had that pained/astonished look on his face. When the end result was that literally HUNDREDS of people, most willingly, had dranked the poisonous “Kool-aid” and died, I often asked myself could that EVER happen again. Would people go on a suicide mission or act RECKLESSLY at the urging of some “preacher”.  :shrug:

Well, the answer to that question has been a resounding “YES!” over the last 40+ years.  And this crackpot minister from the Tampa Bay area^^^is simply the latest example of that.

As our dear Onnidan sistah, GK, would say: Church, please pray.  :(

« on: March 30, 2020, 01:26:46 PM »
 :no:^^^coukd not agree more, CIAA.

We’re in the middle of a freaking pandemic and we’ve got a buffoon presiding in the Oval Office.

God help us.

 :clap:^^^klg, I thought BOTH the NYT review AND the trailer were well done and eminently fair.

Thanks for posting.

General Discussion Forum / Re: Monday Funny
« on: March 30, 2020, 10:32:40 AM »
 :lol:  :o, homeboy was SHOOK!!

j, this scene^^^looked like it was straight out of a Stephen King movie or something.  :lol:

He is so unfit to be president.

It USED to be funny to chuckle at his stupidity and ineptitude. NOW it’s costing people’s lives.

God Bless America..........and the World.  :(

 :clap:^^^^Nice! Thanks Big Alum for bringing this bottle to a brutha’s attention.

I’ll pass on this tip to Mrs. Strike as well.

Can’t wait till the virus clears somewhat. We are ready for another trip to Napa/Sonoma, perhaps next fall.  ;)

Sports Forum / Re: Who has the most MEAC wins??
« on: March 30, 2020, 06:38:54 AM »
I meant to say TU. Soflo had already made the point about who was King of the MEAC. I was just adding to the conversation. Nothing else was intended.
???......,.the topic is “MEAC wins”.  How does your “add[ition]”  advance the discussion of THAT topic?

Or did you simply want to be noticed/heard?   :shrug:

Won’t give away the plot, but it’s based in Memphis, TN........
:shrug:??? :(.................................. :no:

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