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 :lol:^^^man, I didn't know Joy calls dude that. It DOES fit though.   :lol:

Let her say or do something the Brady Bunch doesn't like...

:lol:......bruh, you crack me up with that Brady Bunch "metaphor". But what you state is the truth though.

???^^^uhhhh, bossman, forgive me, but where did you see/hear the narrative that "Covid is not harmful to blacks"? That  sounds like some of that foolish talk you'd hear in the local negro barbershop.   :no:

???^^^the most notable thing I derived from this article is that a brutha needs to stock up on his Kellogg's Frosted Mini-wheats right now. That shyt is already expensive enough, so I can't just imagine how much more expensive it will be.   :shrug:

Old dude needs that fiber in his diet to stay "regular".   ;)

 :lol: :lol:^^^FM, I hadn’t seen that clip before. Oh, man, I can’t stop laughing.   :lol:

Wayne Brady is my dude!   :lol:

Bison^^^i first encountered this video a day or two ago. And it was so disturbing to me that I stopped watching after 30 seconds or so.

Everytime I see something like this, I think of Ms. Strike, and how enraged/disgusted I would be if she was treated like that. And now Ms. Strike is the mother of two female babies, so now I think of them too.

No woman deserves what this girl was subjected to.   :no:

 :no:…….ever since that dude uttered a few months back that he thought “woke supremacy” was more concerning than “white supremacy,” I was through with him.

Btw, why does that nucca grin so much. Malcolm X once said, show me a black man in America who grins all the time, and I’ll show you one who needs to be committed to an insane asylum.

But, on second thought, I think Malcolm would have excluded my boy, Wayne Brady, from that list.   ;D

 :clap: :clap: :bow: :clap:………………PREACH!!

I know Umar Johnson is one of those peeps mofos like to beat up on. But your humble poster could not agree MORE with what he’s saying in THIS^^^video.

Don’t slam the messenger.

 :lol:………………like father, like son.

Uhhhh……let’s just hope Daddy has compiled a serious starting O-line roster to protect “Lil Shedeur” cuz I can see lil homie getting POPPED all season long for running his big fat mouth.

This is going to be one HELL of a football season in the Swac.  ;D


:lol:……….homeboy, I’ve not seen this expression before, or did you just make it up?  :lol: It’s similar to mofos calling Mitt Romney, Mittens.   :lol:

Btw, Alum and soflo, I got the distinct impression Montana Man wanted to slap da shyt out of Tucker, especially when he started that stupid laugh that he does.

 :lol:^^^I’m just disappointed the camera operator didn’t pan down to homeboy’s shoes when he made the reference about their durability for standing on his feet all of that time.  :shrug:

Btw, soflo and board, is it just me, or does anyone else think Fox had a fun time airing this story, depicting Big Boy’s rant as some kind of standup comedy routine?   :lol:

 :nod:^^^yeah, the “deathbed” confession is beyond pathetic.

Guys, I actually know Phil Valentine. Have seen him around Nashville, and would occasionally listen to his radio talk show. No doubt it was right-wing/conservative talk, but spun by an intelligent broadcaster.

Apparently, in recent years, Phil had gone off the deep end. And I did not know he was downplaying the effectiveness of the virus. Phil isn’t stupid, so to have promoted that foolishness in pursuit of connecting to his moronic audience is BEYOND sad.  :(

God bless America.

General Discussion Forum / Re: Kay Ivey on The Vaccine
« on: Yesterday at 09:50:45 PM »
She just lost her reelection bid :snicker

Hmmm....Time will tell.  Her constituency will still vote for her.
:nod:……….yep. It’s a sad and pathetic symbiotic relationship between she and her constituency based on ignorance and stupidity.

They deserve each other.   :shrug:

General Discussion Forum / Re: One this day in 1972
« on: Yesterday at 01:51:59 PM »
 :(……….the SINGULAR historical medical event most cited for negroes hesitancy to be vaccinated. What happened to those bruthas and their families was just horrific. There should be no glossing over that.

But over the last several months, there has been an ENDLESS succession of black healthcare professionals, politicians, entertainment/sports figures, and the like, exhorting negroes to be vaccinated. Yet, as is observed in the non-people of color world, mofos STILL refuse to be vaccinated. There is universal acknowledgement and acceptance of the concerns raised by the Tuskegee experiment. But, imho, Tuskegee should no longer be raised as a RATIONAL excuse for refusing to be vaccinated.   :shrug:

General Discussion Forum / Re: Kay Ivey on The Vaccine
« on: Yesterday at 08:40:30 AM »
???……….uhhhh, forgive me, but Gov. Ivey sounds frustrated and angry that her constituents are acting so irresponsibly concerning vaccinations. She even infers that they are acting stupid, which, imho, they really are.

But I think Miz Ivey’s professed outrage at her moronic constituents is a tad disingenuous. It was just around 5 years or so ago when Miz Ivey was asked about the child sexual allegations against Roy Moore, the then Alabama GOP nominee for US Senate. Ivey said although she had no reason NOT to believe the allegations of all those young women who said Moore sexually harassed them as teenage girls, she was STILL supporting Moore anyway.

Kay’s “logic,” one might ask? Well, Moore was a Republican, and that, alone, made him eminently more appealing than the Democratic nominee, Doug Jones?!?!?!  Where is the “logic” in saying something as stupid as that?  :shrug:  So Kay needs to stop with the faux outrage because she is largely responsible for CULTIVATING this foolishness.  :no:

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