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« on: Today at 02:05:36 PM »
There are  parts of this policy I support. Far too many have exploited loopholes to stay here past their card expiration date. Also many who arrive, guess which community there are dumped into and who lose out job wise?
:o disrespect, Big homie, but might you kindly post on this thread the authority on which you rely to post these conclusions^^^? WHAT jobs are immigrants south of the US border taking that Americans - especially negroes - actually covet?

Answer: NONE!!!

That the immigrants are taking “your” job is a time worn canard meant to stir contempt and hatred of nonwhite immigrants. That you would adopt the language of xenophobes and bigots is very disturbing to me. As a matter of fact, a good deal of your posts since your recent “return” to the board seem like they were developed at your local right-wing think tank.

What’s next, bruh? Aligning yourself with white residents of the District, living near your alma mater, who are demanding that they should be permitted to use the University front yard as their personal “dog park”?

Lord, have mercy.  :no:

 :no:.........yeah, what happened to this now elderly brutha IS “sad”. But, I’m sorry, an official apology from the county sheriff’s office is not good enough.

Where is the compensation for the official, government sanctioned act of DOMESTIC TERROR perpetrated on the gentleman. Apologies are nice, but it’s time for the gentleman to be PAID!!!  >:(

 :(.........always hate to see a brutha or sistah go out Ike that, but I guess homeboy ultimately decided it was an untenable situation for him and his family.

Have never visited McComb, Illinois, but my homeboy has been there a time or two to see the Rattlers play Western Illinois in football. He said he felt like he had been caught in a time warp the first time he went there. I guess a town with a population of 18K that is 90% white is not likely to be too negro friendly.  :(

I wish the brutha well.

 :o  :o.................just disgusting beyond words. What’s next, eat their own excrement as well?

Nasty muthaf’ers........................ :no:

General Discussion Forum / Re: Queen Sugar....
« on: June 14, 2019, 12:48:10 PM »
 :(........and so now you wish to spoil the experience of fans who’ve not yet seen this week’s episode by disclosing what happened.

Don’t do that bruh.

JT^^^thanks for the heads up Big homie, but Mrs. Strike and I are going to a dinner theater on Father’s Day to see Neil Simon’s play “God’s Favorite”.

Buffet-style dinner is served from 12-1:30, the show starts at 2pm.

We’re excited........ ;D

General Discussion Forum / Re: Strike
« on: June 13, 2019, 05:57:57 PM » really trying to put pressure on a brutha, aren’t you? Actually, Mrs. Strike and I hosted around 80+ family members at our biennial family reunion last July, 2018. To our surprise, those negroes THOROUGHLY enjoyed the country music vibe at the honky tonks downtown.

Will respond more fully into he next day or two. Btw, is this a regional or national coming to Nashville later this month?

 :(^^^dude, you don’t know Mrs. Strike.

A lot of times when I return home after work, I’m neither interested nor do I care about the latest going-ons with church members. Same for Sunday morning when I’m trying to read the Sunday paper. Don’t wanna be disturbed for shyt!!!

Mrs. Strike is a great spouse, and love her to death, but she will get in a groove where she just drones on incessantly. It drives a brutha NUTS!!

Politics / Re: Judge Rodney Smith
« on: June 13, 2019, 12:35:26 PM »
 :(^^^bruthas, I actually became aware that dude was a member of Federalist Society after I posted my initial congrats yesterday on this brutha’s confirmation. I wanted to feel good good that a Rattler had been confirmed to the federal bench, but had some trepidation about this dude Trump nominating ANY black person to the bench.

And when I discovered that dude was a member of the FS.......well, then I didn’t feel “quite” as good about the brutha’s confirmation.  :(

Look, I will TRY to have an open mind about this brutha’s temperament on the bench. But as WM stated earlier^^^, members of the FS are considered “conservative” judges who believe that judges should “interpret the law as written.”

The US Constitution was adopted in 1787. Given the status of black people and ALL OTHER non-white people, white women, and non-affluent white men at the time, is it really SOUND judicial philosophy for a BLACK MAN to interpret the constitution as adopted 232 YEARS AGO?!?!?!  :o

Lord, have mercy.   :no:


Chaka- 1984 vs. Peabo -1994
Yall decide

Bruh.....Peabody is my dude, but Chaka’s version has more “emotional depth”.  ;D

JT^^^this is very nice, but the Chaka song that does it for me is “Through the Fire”. Don’t know if it’s a remake, but Mrs. Strike knows to shut the hell up if that song comes on the radio at home or in the car while she’s with me.

Forgive my technological deficiency, but if you or another peep could post the link here, I’d appreciate it.

Bruh, when she sings, For a chance to be with you, I’d gladly risk it all, that line just blows a brutha away.  ;D

Politics / Re: Judge Rodney Smith
« on: June 12, 2019, 04:00:54 PM »
 :clap: :clap: :clap:......Rattlers doing the damn thing.

Wildman, if somehow word got to the judge that you too were educated “on the hill,” surely homeboy would cut you some slack, wouldn’t he?  ;D

Did they teach DNA at morgan state or you were too busy adjusting your knee pads to even care???
:o :lol: :o.............

???^^^stop trolling lil homie. Not necessary to use my post to take a cheap shot at my boy soflo.

If you wish to contribute to the subject at hand, please do so.

???^^^of course, I read your post. I ALWAYS read your posts. What point do you wish to advance with the question? You “insinuated” the belief that Juice’s son slaughtered these folks. Is THAT what you wish for me to acknowlege?  :shrug:

Btw, since you chimed in, might you kindly respond to the SECOND part^^^of my post? And that is what, if anything, has Juice done to find the real killers?  :(

Really don’t wish to relitigate OJ 25 years later. But really would like for you or anyone else to respond to the query.

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