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Hampton does not have more fans than Norfolk State!  The data is flawed.


Hampton has been first or second in the MEAC in basketball attendance for several years now.  Our fans can be fickle, but the kids do show up for home basketball games.  I see why -- it's a fun environment.  Plus, the Norfolk fans are not the diehards that they used to be during their CIAA heyday. 


This whole situation is a bit messy.  Either way, let's hope that the Eagles will get behind the new band director.  From what I hear, he has already made some really good moves by meeting (and making a great impression) with various NCCU alumni chapters and their leadership.  Apparently his predecessor did not connect as well. 

He did well with St. Aug.  He should do wonders at NCCU. 

Sports Forum / Re: Best HBCU Football Game Ever...
« on: July 04, 2014, 12:47:29 AM »

I have to say that NCCU and A&T have had some great games (and of course several lopsided games).  I was at the game in 1996 and many after at Carter-Finley.  If my memory serves me correct, the game in '95 or '96 was one of the very first college games that used the new (at the time) overtime rule.  Can anyone confirm?  I remember A&T won, and hearing the whole Aggie crowd sing that "oooh oooh (Aggie Spirit) fight song" swaying side to side was quite memorable.  I understand the reasoning behind moving the game back on campus, but I think it was so much more than a game when it was played in Raleigh. 

Another memorable game for me was the Hampton/Howard game at Greene Stadium in DC in 2001.  It was just a few days before 9/11 (of course, we didn't know it at the time).  The stadium was packed TWO HOURS BEFORE kickoff.  Both sides were chanting back and forth the whole time.  The bands were rocking.  The game was very close, but Hampton won.  The following year, Howard came DEEP to Hampton setting our largest home attendance ever at over 19K.  People were literally everywhere in that stadium.  Hampton won by a ridiculous 52-0, but somehow the game atmosphere remained very spirited.



I remember seeing this in person.  The "old" Sound Machine was more spirited and just as entertaining as the current version.  Those chants were serious.  They need to bring that back.

Reid is doing a great job though.  They are a lot more polished now.

General Discussion Forum / Re: DC the Worst Drivers in America
« on: September 01, 2011, 10:52:39 PM »
I will agree, I have lived in the DMV for 95 percent of my life. And yes, we are the worst... :lol:


1. People just don't give a rats behind. They do what they want, don't use signals ( I think that's nationwide), don't use the left/right-fast/lane slow lane concept, don't pay attention..ETC. ETC.

DC drivers are bad, but Northern VA drivers are the worst in the DMV.  MD isn't much better, but if you see a VA license plate -- just be prepared for foolishness.  I don't think they even teach that the left lane is for faster traffic.  They pick any empty lane and just go slow.

It doesn't help that the DMV (especially the District and NoVA) has such crazy road patterns.  Those lanes on 295/395 with no merge area -- who designed that and who thought that was safe? The traffic circles everywhere. 

Good ol' DMV.


General Discussion Forum / Re: 2011 HBCU Commencement Speakers...
« on: May 02, 2011, 05:47:29 PM »

 Guest Speaker Dr. William "Bill" Cosby, Jr.
Hampton University welcomes actor/comedian Dr. William "Bill" Cosby Jr., one of the most influential performers of our time, as the speaker for the 141st Annual Commencement on Sunday, May 8, 2011.

Commencement will be held at Armstrong Stadium at 10 a.m. The Convocation Center, Student Center and Holland Hall will serve as the rain sites.

Cosby previously addressed the HU Class of 2003 and received an honorary degree from HU that same year. A long-time HU advocate, Cosby provided full scholarships to HU for four young men from Springfield, Mass.

"We are proud to welcome Dr. Cosby back to our 'Home by the Sea'," said HU President Dr. William R. Harvey. "With his passion for education and personal responsibility, I know he will inspire our graduates."

Over the past century, few entertainers have achieved the legendary status of Cosby. His successes span five decades and virtually all media, remarkable accomplishments for a kid who emerged from humble beginnings in a Philly project.

In the 1960s, his stand-up act was a coast-to-coast sensation, spawning a string of hilarious, best-selling comedy albums, which went on to win eight Gold Records, five Platinum records and five Grammy Awards. His role on TV's "I Spy" made him the first African-American to co-star in a dramatic series, breaking television’s racial barrier and winning three Emmy Awards. In the 1980s, he again rocked the television world with the "The Cosby Show", a gentle, whimsical and hugely successful series that single-handedly revived the family sitcom.

Cosby obtained a bachelors degree from Temple University, with the goal of becoming a physical education teacher, a master's in 1972 and a doctorate in education in 1977, both from the University of Massachusetts.

With hit movies like Uptown Saturday Night and best-selling books like Fatherhood, Cosby is a national treasure with the unique ability to touch people's hearts.


Applied to about 8 schools:

UNC Chapel-Hill - went to a summer program there, had a cousin that went there, but I always knew I really wanted to go to an HBCU. HS guidance counselor strongly recommended that I apply.

UNC Greensboro- not sure why I applied, never really strongly considered it. Blah school.

NC A&T - too many people from high school were going there. They were the first to offer a scholarship

NCCU - family school, but I wanted to leave NC. They offered slightly more $ than A&T, and I saw them as more of the "up and coming" HBCU in NC, which is a good thing.  This was probably my second choice.

Fayetteville State - I applied only because I knew they would offer a full scholarship. The school never impressed me, and always seemed blah.

Florida A&M - They offered money, but it was too far, and too hot. This was probably my third choice.

University of Pittsburgh - random, but they kept sending their application and scholarship info

HAMPTON UNIVERSITY - obviously the best choice

Before I sent applications, I thought about Morehouse but their admissions staff was very unimpressive when they visited my high school.  I remember they showed up late and seemed disorganized. JCSU had a great presentation, but I knew it was not for me.

General Discussion Forum / Re: Should the DMV be renamed to DMZ
« on: March 28, 2011, 09:18:28 PM »
Baltimore is not part of the DMV. The DMV is DC, Northern Va and Maryland (PG and Mo County).

Thank you.  I thought I was going to have to explain. :lol:

Now, where does the line for Northern Va start?

Also, you may as well start adding Charles County to the DMV. People are not just moving from the District to PG now, they are also going to farther out places like Waldorf.

General Discussion Forum / Re: Should the DMV be renamed to DMZ
« on: March 23, 2011, 12:03:22 AM »
Baltimore is not part of the DMV. The DMV is DC, Northern Va and Maryland (PG and Mo County). B'More plays the little brother role to DC and Philly


Gotta tighten it up there just a bit bro.

I often trip out at how Prince George's/DC types don't consider BMore "Maryland"....They consider Maryland anything in PG, Southern MD or parts of MoCo...Well bruh, as I am sure you well know, Maryland extends down past Salisbury, and as far west as Garrett County, and as far North as Emmitsburg.....So I gotta playfully bust your chops on this one, because I have heard too many Prince Georgian's/DC folks categorize "Murlin" as such (only the DC outskirts).

I will agree however, that lots of BMorians have this complex about the DC Metro area in general. I have heard some folks actually consider Baltimore a part of the "DMV" while others choose to leave them out. I guess it's all in who you ask. :nod:

As far as the murders, it just makes me :no :shrug::no:

Yeah, I definitely agree that it depends on who you ask.  If you listen to Baltimore's 92Q, they consider BMore the DMV. If they could just stop the "tew" (two)


The fraternal expert/historian from Brown University is an alumnus of Norfolk State.

Way to represent our HBCU's.

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