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Longtime Dabo Swinney assistant apologizes after ex-Clemson players reveal he said N-word during practice

And all Swinney has to do is sit in a recruit's living room, skin and grin, and the dumbass parents will still send their athletes to Clemson.

I don’t get it. His recruits are incredibly loyal to him too.

Sports Forum / Re: FAMU to the SWAC....
« on: June 01, 2020, 07:08:31 PM »
After the dust settles.  Blame it on COVID, but regional realignment is a must for HBCU's.

Alabama AM
Alabama State
Prairie View
Texas Southern

Big South

Fay State
St. Aug
JC Smith
Va Union
Elizabeth City
Coppin (Lack of football revenue causes a Division drop)
UMES (Lack of football revenue causes a Division drop)

D2 HBCU Conference 2
Albany State
Fort Valley
Savannah State
Edward Waters
South Carolina State (Drop Down)
Claflin (Move Back)

D2 HBCU Conference 3
Central State
Kentucky State
Spring Hill

Leftovers -
Delaware State
Morgan State

Return to Roots HBCU
Delaware State

I almost took the whole Claflin “moving back” thing personal but then I noticed it’s a few things about this list that are pretty ridiculous so I’ll leave you to your fantasy.

Sports Forum / Re: FAMU to the SWAC....
« on: June 01, 2020, 05:33:14 PM »
Wonder what BCU is going to do?  FAMU to the SWAC does make sense travel wise.  At least they will still be in the family.  What may kill the MEAC is SCSU and BCU leave.  IDK, with those deep south schools gone, the MEAC teams remaining should be better with travel cost.  NCCU, Howard, DSU, MSU, and NSU needs to hold on until we can get schools in NC, Va, and Maryland to join.  This might not be all that bad after all.  :shrug:

That ship has sailed. No one in DII is making the jump to DI right now. Especially not with the uncertainty that lies ahead post pandemic. Better find a PWI conference to poach from because the CIAA is solid.

Dallas was taking the whole quarantine thing first...but Texans don't like being told what they can't do so this was bound to fall apart eventually anyway. I completely understand that this virus is very serious but I also can understand why our conservative governor would be anxious to get one of the country's largest economies back started. The government needs to get it together and make testing more readily available because expecting Americans to just stay put indefinitely was always a pipe dream at best.

I just want the NCAA to keep that same energy it had when it gave UNC a light tap on the wrist for all their various misdoings.

I might be in the minority, but I was hoping they’d go with Coach Fred from Miles. The guy has definitely paid his dues at the DII level.

Hard to say if any of our schools are in trouble. Most of our HBCU’s already have plenty of experience stretching a dollar so who knows? We may just get outta this without losing any football programs.

Well it’s gonna take 14 of the 14 schools to open in the fall for this to work. So much can happen between now and when training starts but at the moment, I’m less than confident we’ll have college football this year.

The return of college football would be just what our country needs to lift its spirits. I’ll take empty stadiums over no football any day.

The fiscal impact in these southern collegiate towns, especially those where the school is the only thing going, if football isn’t played this fall is gonna be huge. Towns like Clemson, Auburn, Oxford, Starkville,’s gonna be fugly as hell. In addition to the revenue losses from the NCAA, the community will lose considerable revenues that will take them years to recover.....

Now I do agree here. The town of Clemson will be hit hard for sure. Fortunately, the moderately sized city of Greenville is a short drive from campus and that city is big enough to survive this.

They won't be fine if we have no vaccine for this virus- hell Iam a physician , ain't no way in hell Iam going to a football game wiht 80,000 people who can be exposed to a virus in which we have inadequate testing for and no vaccine.  For older people wiht preexisting conditions it is really a death sentence.

I meant Clemson will be fine financially. With or without football. I totally understand and agree that there may not be any football played at any level this fall. For some schools that may be a death sentence. For others, more of an inconvenience. Clemson falls in the later category. They have alums and boosters with big enough bank accounts to keep them afloat no matter what.

Clemson has their IPTAY program and multiple boosters with endless pockets. They’ll be just fine.

Sports Forum / Re: George Lynch out at Clark Atlanta
« on: April 20, 2020, 03:34:43 PM »
:o This has personal written all over it. Dr. French must have someone else in mind.


Is yalls AD on solid ground? If not, Phillip Wallace might be in play. Currently Miles AD & Womens Hoop Coach.

Coach Wallace is just the Women’s Basketball HC now. He gave up the AD title a few years ago but I don’t remember there ever being a reason given. At least not publicly. Coach Ruffin is the current AD.

Not even worth getting anyone’s blood pressure up over. There won’t be any football played this season.

Sports Forum / Re: Will we have HBCU football in the fall
« on: April 10, 2020, 03:27:33 PM »
Least of our concerns now. C'mon man!

I think it’s a fair question that most of us have wondered at least once or twice since all this started.

To answer the OP’s question: I hope so. I could desperately use a distraction from all the doom and gloom that is the current state of humanity. That being said, I have my doubts. Especially since a vaccine probably won’t be available until much later.

Every day my doubt grows that we want have HBCU sports. Now I'm praying that our schools can stay open from this and open up in the fall

I try not to get too consumed in the “what if’s” because this could spell the end of more than a few of our schools if it drags out long enough. All we can do is pray. And for those of us that are in a position to do so: GIVE back to our institutions!

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