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Sports Forum / Re: HBCU Attendance: Week 7
« on: October 11, 2021, 08:17:33 PM »

I'm not hating, but Virginia Union reports 5-6,000 people at every one of their home games.  No way!

MSU at Howard  8632

TN Tech at NCCU  2810

VUL at Del State   1628


LU at VUU 6500

St Aug at Livingstone 2700

FSU at Shaw 2243

Bowie at Chowan 1627

WSSU at JCSU 1135

ECSU at VSU 450


Kennesaw St at Hampton (Homecoming) 3983

North Alabama at NC A&T: 6,824

Sports Forum / Re: Will Virginia State Joined the MEAC
« on: October 08, 2021, 09:20:57 AM »
We are the only people who see moving up as something negative.
You hit the nail right on the head. I know at A&T when we look at what we call peer institutions, we include schools that have achieved goals we aspire to.

No way VSU belongs in the CIAA…it’s not about where you are but where you want to be. That’s not a knock on the CIAA it’s a great conference…but VSU out grew that league years ago. You guys should have left when NSU joined the MEAC.

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. You are absolutely correct.  It's not about where we are, but where we want to be....and we're there! WE ARE IN THE CIAA and WE WANT TO BE IN THE CIAA! There are no advantages to spending money we don't have to move up, especially to the MEAC. You talk as if being in the MEAC is a badge of honor.  No one yet has come close to presenting a convincing argument to our Administration, Board of Visitors, students or alumni to support that argument, including MEAC officials.  You also say that we've outgrown the CIAA, yet Bowie State and Fayetteville State have larger enrollments than we do.  Why not go after them?  Should we all move?  Why is VSU the target? 

Sports Forum / Re: Will Virginia State Joined the MEAC
« on: October 08, 2021, 03:59:19 AM »
Obviously, you want us to join, since you’re raising this age old question and rumor, once again. How many times and how many ways do we have to say NO! The majority of our alumni see no advantage in moving

While I understand Bowie State University (two-time defending champion) being #1 and Fayetteville State University (three time runner-up) being #2, I don't understand how Chowan could be chosen #3 over Virginia State University and Virginia Union University when VSU and VUU had better records in 2019. Oh well, this is just a predicted order of finish...the truth will come out on the field.

Is that QB from Dinwiddie still at Chowan? He almost beat VSU single handedly a couple years ago. Definitely had/has a chip on his shoulder for not being recruited by VSU.

The vote on VSU’s Alumni websites indicate overwhelmingly “NO!”

Punchy, I don't think the improvements to Rogers Stadium and building baseball and softball facilities on campus had anything to do with going D1. The baseball team used to play in Colonial Heights and the softball team in Ettrick Park. the renovations to the stadium were desperately needed. as far as the MPC, the bulk of that money came from the state of VA and Chesterfield County. even with a brand new facility, attendance for games is hit and miss. People will show up for Union, Bowie, Norfolk (when they came to us), but people aren't coming to see Elizabeth City or Lincoln. the fee to move up is $1.7M. I guess the people that want to make that move, want to take the $ that was donated. where is the $ supposed to come from to fund the other 30 football scholarships to move to FCS level? to pay the additional staff needed for coaches and support staff? Scholarships for the non revenue sports? I would rather spend that donation $ on improving our academic offerings and campus facilities than to join the already in trouble MEAC just so some can puff their chest out and say my school is D1. There's a difference between D1 and HBCU D1

Excellent analogy. VSU may be the apple of their eye, but we’re happy where we are and have no reason to leave, especially for the almost defunct MEAC! If one more football playing member of the MEAC leaves (which will probably be Del State which has said they are looking at other options), the MEAC will be dissolved or become a D2 conference as they won’t qualify as a D1. So, that’s why they’re going after Kentucky State! They need a fall back in case VSU says HELL NO, which, I think, they suspect we will since the MEAC has been after us for years and we haven’t budged.

Sports Forum / Re: What say you, WSSU Rams and VSU Trojans?
« on: May 12, 2021, 06:15:43 AM »
Slow your roll. Ain’t gonna happen. VSU Alumni are already screaming “NO!” to the high heavens. Our President needs to get his priorities straight. Like several other HBCU’s, we got lucky with an unexpected windfall from MacKenzie Scott and now he wants to blow it moving to a conference that is barely limping across the finish line and virtually dead on arrival. Abdullah is a nice guy and the students love him, but our Board of Visitors needs to exercise more control and direction, as VSU Alumni see him in a different light, especially when it comes to fiscal responsibility.

I agree, as do most of our alumni based on other feedback I've seen since this announcement.  This is a pipe dream for our President who likes to be front and center and take credit for everything, even stuff that happened BEFORE he came to VSU.  This wasn't even under consideration until we received that fat, unrestricted $30m check from MacKenzie Scott so now he wants to blow it moving to D1 and a conference that has no future.  We need to stay put and use that money to fund student scholarships (academic, not athletic) and capital improvements that have been put on the back burner for years. CIAA FOR LIFE!

Sports Forum / Re: Virginia State TROJANS 2021 Football Schedule
« on: April 01, 2021, 06:41:36 AM »
True Trojan- That is a serious, serious schedule. You've got all the top CIAA schools, a top three SIAC school, and what could be the best team in the nation in LR. You could have a good team and still finish 500.

I only counted nine games. Who's missing?

The contract with Norfolk State has ended and they didn’t want to renew, but that was before all the defections from the MEAC. It’s my understanding that they are reconsidering, but the game would be on September 11, not Labor Day weekend. Talks are also in progress with the University of New Haven to possibly fill the September 11 date.

Sports Forum / Virginia State TROJANS 2021 Football Schedule
« on: March 30, 2021, 08:14:13 PM »

SEP 4 (SAT) 6:00 P.M.
SEP 18 (SAT) 6:00 P.M.
OCT 2 (SAT) 6:00 P.M.
OCT 9 (SAT) 6:00 P.M.
OCT 16 (SAT) 2:00 P.M.
OCT 23 (SAT) 2:00 P.M.
OCT 30 (SAT) 2:00 P.M.
NOV 6 (SAT) 2:00 P.M.

With the MEAC being almost defunct now is the time the time for Norfolk State to move back to the CIAA where the program could once again be competitive and flourish. Norfolk State will never be successful at the FBS level with Old Dominion and William & Mary (and, to some extent, cash cow Hampton) in their backyard. They just don’t have the cash or resources to compete with their Tidewater neighbors in terms of attracting talent or corporate donors, which is really what you need to stay in the top tier.

Sports Forum / Re: Norfolk State weighing MEAC options
« on: November 15, 2020, 04:37:25 AM »
Come on home, SPARTANS!!!

Dr. Makola Abdullah, President of Virginia State University, has officially announced the cancellation of all homecoming week activities leading up to the football game with Lincoln University on October 24. As of now, the game will be played with no or limited spectators.

::) How did returning to D2 foreshadow other MEAC teams moving to OTHER FCS conferences? This was a LOOOOONNG reach.  :tongue2:

I agree. I think they are looking for anything to write about until football/sports resume so they just make up s**t. This article makes no sense. With the exception of Savannah State, every other team that has moved on, moved up (at least in terms of resources and prestige) or stayed at a comparative level. The biggest problem with the MEAC is the distance that teams have to travel, which takes a toll on the kids academically and physically from a fatigue standpoint, especially when you’re traveling by bus [Florida-Delaware, Maryland or DC] even if you consolidate the games into 2-3 days. It’s an entire week out of the classroom when you tack on the travel days.  In my opinion, every team in the MEAC should be looking at other options to cut costs, even if it means moving back to the CIAA or SIAC since that’s where their natural rivals are anyway. The MEAC is simply not sustainable.  I’m surprised it’s lasted this long.

^^THIS^^ has absolutely nothing to do with Hampton, A&T nor FAMU leaving the MEAC. NOTHING AT ALL.


Sports Forum / Shortened Season in Div II. What Will the CIAA Do?
« on: May 26, 2020, 05:39:16 PM »
According to the NCAA....

Division II sports schedules will be shortened for the 2020-21 academic year, the NCAA announced Tuesday. Division II football teams will play a maximum of 10 regular-season games, down from 11.

Under NCAA guidelines, it appears that the CIAA Championship game is a regular season game as opposed to post season, which would be game 11 for the participants. So, with the 10 game limit, will the CIAA declare a champion based on best overall record and drop the Championship game or ask schools to eliminate an OOC game? Your thoughts...

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