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Politics / Re: Did an FBI informant due in Gillum?
« on: November 09, 2018, 07:49:55 AM »
This was already litigating throughout the campaign and Gillum had spoken to this on CNN and MSNBC months ago. This had little to do about anything.

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Y, you are simple. They can redraw all they want. What they fail to realize the key point is the state assembly is Democratic and the majority of the state is blue. Good luck with that. The major counties in Maryland are Democratic. This isn't the south buddy despite it being below the Mason Dixon line.

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Enrollment a record high at Georgia college system


FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY (LAWD, I hope that we will eventually get to the 3,000 threshold soon.)   :angel:

Fall 2018: 2,776
Fall 2017: 2,752
Percentage Change: 0.9%

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Politics / Re: Gridlock in DC
« on: November 07, 2018, 09:31:40 AM »
The Dems flipped several governor mansions which helps bring them back from the brink.

I'm curious why Gillium conceded so early?

DING. DING. DING. DING. Exactly, B. That's what I stated on my timeline last night when people were happy about the House flipping Democratic but not realizing the important role of Governorship. The governors can start redistricting this GOP BS nightmare. That's why it was important for Gillum and Abrams to win. Not only that, but for in my home state of Georgia, the governor appoints members of the Board of the University System of Georgia. That is very IMPORTANT for HBCUs when some of those on the boards term are up.

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Too many systems involved and the main reason white folks have been trying to stop the browning of this country because they would be the minority. Democrats need to start redistricting these Southern states and stop fighting with this hope people are going to vote Democratic. They are generational white folks and, as soon as, they realize their white privilege is being violated, they will continue to vote against their best interest no matter how racially it is.

Honestly, Jealous wasn't going to win Maryland. Hogan has done a good job in the state and he's not a nut job Republican. He knows he's in a blue state. I was more hoping for Gillum and Abrams.

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Politics / Lesson Learned to People
« on: November 06, 2018, 10:52:14 PM »
I stopped looking and believing decades ago prior to 2016. I've always wondered who are they polling. I NEVER received a phone call in my life for my opinion nor does it represent me. After tonight, it's an affirmation that people should stop looking to polls to produce confirmations during elections. People are going to start doing the opposite and just continue to work until the election day comes.

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On the Sidelines and In The Stands / Re: Bowie State has suspended band
« on: November 06, 2018, 03:14:42 PM »
YIKES! Really, Bowie??

Bowie State marching band suspended after hazing allegations

that's all...   ???

I asked a legitimate question that was answered .Thank

B, stop it. You're a Howard grad. You don't just ask a legitimate question without some devil's advocacy or being plain messy behind it, bro.

that's all...   :lol:

General Discussion Forum / Re: Today is my 51st
« on: November 06, 2018, 08:23:26 AM »
Happy Birthday, J. Yes, I am late to the party. Sending you Wildcat hugs!

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General Discussion Forum / Re: SSU to lay off a 2 dozen workers
« on: November 06, 2018, 08:22:34 AM »
Dozier you're toast. BYE, GIRL. No way the enrollment in Savannah State continues to drop under your watch and you're not trying to either increase or sustain the levels.

that's all...

Sports Forum / Re: It's CLASSIC WEEK! 29th Fountain City Classic FVSU/ASU
« on: November 06, 2018, 08:16:54 AM »

Is fundraising for athletics and administrative priority for the University that is resonating throughout the alumni and community?

YES, IT IS A RESOUNDING PRIORITY! Our alumni HATES to lose and to watch our kids suffer on ALL spectrum of athletics. It hurts my heart and every Wildcats hearts to see them not win championships or at the very least be competitive. We continue to hold those in leadership ever vigilant to address these issues and to find ways through alumni giving to shore up the pitfalls. Honestly, we have been giving more in the past two years than we've ever been, but it's mostly gone to academics and to ensure our students get an education. Now, at the business meeting at homecoming, we've discussed other alternatives for our student-athletes and those students that don't reach or have the academic threshold of those students in the 3.0 or higher category. And those students that are below that 3.0 threshold, produces some of our BEST alumni. There are things in the works and strategic plans in place, in accordance, with the university to assist our students and student-athletes. But, it's going to take time. I do commend Dr. Holloman on trying to find ways to support our teams in his interim capacity.

that's all... 

Sports Forum / Re: It's CLASSIC WEEK! 29th Fountain City Classic FVSU/ASU
« on: November 05, 2018, 12:51:09 PM »
I have no words for this team. We had a brutal schedule and I know we don't have nearly the horses in decades past to compete. Alumni that continue to whine and harp on the team continually fail to acknowledge that not only the team, but athletics as a WHOLE is abysmal because of the lack of proper leadership in a director and funding. So, those Wildcats that are delusional to the facts and looking for solace in the glory days of Wildcats winning traditions, need to stay delusional and shut the hell up IF YOU ARE NOT GIVING ONE DIME TO ATHLETICS for us to win.

that's all...    :tiptoe:

« on: November 05, 2018, 12:41:49 PM »
It seems like that bird might have a little life left in it.  Should be a good one Thanksgiving Day. I'm frying a turkey too.

Boy, please. We own the Deadskins. We are undefeated in the Matt Ryan era. Even our worse team can beat their butts. Our true competition is in our own division. Not the NFC LEast

that's all... 

I don't know why you all keep entertaining B4L. He's came for John Lewis on several occasions since the Georgia 6th election. I don't know what's his fascinations of questioning the legitimacy of John Lewis work versus some of the more prominent African-Americans in government in questioning their work. He so chooses to attack John Lewis for some reason. I find it laughable you all keep falling for the bait.

that's all...

Valid points taken by the alum. That's why I awaiting to see what the GBI comes up with this sex scandal at my school. I hear rumors but I need facts because if it's true, this fall to the feet of the Board of REGIME.

that's all...   :tiptoe:

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