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Sports Forum / Re: NCAT suspends starter just before MEAC Tournament
« on: March 09, 2021, 08:11:29 PM »
This has happened here and it affected their  lives for years afterwards in employment and recommendations.  Never a moment to gloat when students default personally

on such serious issues.   Hopefully he will be counseled and possibly return to the team if the University and coach find that this faux pas can correct itself without bleeding red to the whole team.   This is no time to lock someone up and throw away the key.   Let this be a lessoning eye opener for the rest of the leagues participants.     

Jerry Mack stays nowhere long.   NCCU , his longest tenure in coaching was a walk into goldmine handed to him by the AD and all he need do was throw the ball on the practice field and keep it in order.  Therein he is credited.  You win with talent and NCCU was replete from sound recruiting at each position that was there when he came on the scene.     The coach that preceded him had done a helluva job BUILDING that  program he inherited.  He walked in winning without a change in roster- horses already in the stable.  When the prior coaches players moved on through graduation etc, Mack saw the handwriting on the wall, knowing he had not replaced those thoroughbreds  it was time for his usual , SCAT  moving  before the rent was due.   Didn't expect  he would stay at Rice University long- A doormat, a head coach carousel ride   in a tough conference.   But a big part of  coaching is knowing when to leave.  That he has GOT.  If I found myself in that situation and knowing the hammer would come down soon I'd leave too. 

Politics / Re: Buck Dancing, Cooning, Clowns who support #45
« on: September 30, 2020, 09:23:11 PM »

« on: September 15, 2020, 06:18:43 AM »
So much for MAGA.  That really irks many who were told and believed Africans Americans couldn't play that position at the college or pro level.  African Americans never brought into that thesis but it prevailed during the Bell - Rozelle era of NFL,  If Mahone had come along 40 years ago, he and the other starters would not have been drafted as QB but as WR or DB or not at all.  The AFL, an upstart league, broke that mindset  needing wins and butts in the seats to survive started knocking down walls and  glass ceilings.  Those irked will jump at the opportunity to criticized decisions on each play on TV including personal family events.    It is still sublime but there.   Prescott!  Great example.

 :lmao:    How many schools pick a non conference team in a fund raising effort.? Are they your yardstick?   We are what we strive to be.  Lately :shrug: :shrug: 

Sports Forum / Re: 2021 QB Zach Yeager chooses A&T over Ivy offers
« on: September 09, 2020, 10:29:23 AM »
That is working.   Despite the spirit of the times you will be seeing more and more of this from athletes.  He is going to a good school with tradition and history. 

The locker facility they had, although dated, was adequate in comparison of some I have seen.   That speaks to the care the school feels about the squad and its future.  The reactions of the students reveals their pleasure. 

Yes, I see, but I still mean every word of the response.   :tiptoe:  The backlash should have been painful. 

Gayle, who has history with this black male thing, jumped at another opportunity to slam another one , even with the severe grief his family was going through at that time, she took that swing with impunity.  That basketball player, Leslie, looked startled.  Let us be real.  Gayle got where she is off of O.W. influence and back.  Mediocre as a commentator, but National.....  She has only connections.   I'm not a fan.   She is  just a talker.  Snoop apologized for his verbal assault- we got the picture relative to professional protocol but his original tirade hit the point of quashing that fool in her Kobe comments.  Snoop had  the intelligence  to see how simple minded Gayle was on a NATIONAL STAGE needing Oprah to help wash it out on Kobe Bryant Day.  She pooped then stepped in it, now bring it up again.   :brickwall: :dedhorse: :brickwall:

Alumni  that attended Liberty during the elder Falwell era said it was challenging for African Americans for four years.  I'm told some liked the place.  She remained and finished, but has not returned. 

Sports Forum / Re: WSSU's Boulware wants his good name back....
« on: August 02, 2020, 07:34:01 PM »
Boulware is a first class guy who deserves better. 

Ram55 has an opinion about everything and everybody that he can answer.   Apparently he missed taking his medicine/pills.  Concentrating on WSSU issues could help but taking meds before posting may stop  his sounding like an idiot.   I believe the poster is not well.   :shrug:

 :shrug: :shrug: :shrug: :shrug: :shrug: How are you the greatest BB player and never played?   :shrug: :shrug: :shrug: :shrug:

It was the right move relative to the safety of all functionary persons making game day events possible.  Exposure of fans with possible compromised immune systems from sidelines, on the field, coaches, referees, concessionaires and custodial staff  unable to remain safely distanced IMHO was too dangerous. Covid is much worst than some are willing to admit.       
Happy it was done.  As to timing - it matters not.  Democratically done the correct way through the counsel of Chancellors/ President and AD's collectively deciding on this outcome.  As for the SWAC or BigSouth it's their decision in their lane.    :tiptoe:

Sports Forum / Re: Celebration Bowl officially canceled
« on: July 16, 2020, 10:39:43 PM »
Winning the MEAC is not  carte blanche due to the exodus  of FAMU and A&T.  A void yes, but not a cakewalk to the MEAC championship or Celebration Bowl with the remaining members.  You got to want it, prepare for it , with all efforts toward  seizing it.  No rubber stamped winner prior to seasons completion. I hope NCCU takes the front but with history as a monitor nothing is a given in the MEAC.  Ask Morgan State who seemed to have A&T number for some reason.  Whether  FAMU / A&T left or stayed the championship has to be WON.  That is what I like about the MEAC. Despite preseason predictions (caveat emptor) there always were spoilers who didn't buy the supposed bandwagon rhetoric.   :nono2: We will be fine without those useless sayings.

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