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Sports Forum / Re: Update on Deion Sanders and Jackson State
« on: Today at 02:22:39 AM »
Eddie Robinson didn't have coaching experience when he went to Grambling. He did okay. 

Politics / FILL THAT SEAT!!!
« on: Today at 02:03:25 AM »
Fayetteville has spoken.


“Fill that seat!” the crowd chanted as the president spoke at Fayetteville Regional Airport about who he might nominate to succeed the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the nation's highest court. Ginsburg died Friday at age 87 after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

"It will be a woman -- a very talented, very brilliant woman," Trump told the crowd of his potential choice. "I think it should be a woman. I actually like women much more than I like men.”

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A letter addressed to President Donald Trump that was intercepted before it reached the White House tested positive for the deadly poison ricin earlier this week, law enforcement officials said.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations said Saturday afternoon they are investigating "a suspicious letter received at a U.S. government mail facility" alongside its partners at the U.S. Secret Service and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.

How very on brand for these Hotep ass Black men. Throw him and every ADOS dumbass off a cliff

I  don't know who decided "the lesser of 2 evils" concept applied to politics. You should vote for the BEST candidate available and then hold them accountable. Can anyone HONESTLY say that Hillary wasn't a BETTER candidate than Trump? Of course not. He's always been unqualified.

Republicans get this. They also get the LONG game. Democrats vote like they’re picking a date on tinder. “I don’t like her laugh”. She said something negative about AAs 30 years ago so I’m going to note vote 4her & let the RACIST win. Now what?

Police brutality should be the main reason for Black men to vote for a regime change - considering white supremacy has been outed by the FBI as the number one threat in America.

XX chromosome please.  It's obvious you haven't read The United States Constitution.  Your president, Donald John Trump, is just as qualified to be president as you are.  Hillary was NOT a better candidate than your president, Donald John Trump. 

You should ask why no democrat president ever stated that white supremacy is a threat to America.  Biden wrote the Crime Bill.  He used protecting white women as the reason to pass the bill.  Kamala went out of her way to lock up and keep locked up Black men.  She never wanted justice.  She wanted convictions.  The same Biden that didn't want his children to go to jungle schools.  The same Biden that said Obama did not speak with a Negro dialect.  What the hell is a Negro dialect? 

Don't believe for one minute that democrats haven't planned for the long game.  democrats have already financed their long game. 

Politics / Black America's Political Action Committee
« on: Yesterday at 08:13:47 PM »
This is a great PAC.  They support great Black candidates.

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Politics / Re: OMG NO! Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Dies At 87
« on: Yesterday at 10:26:32 AM »
The Senate needs to quickly confirm a United States Supreme Court Associate Justice.  The Supreme Court needs to be at full strength if they have to get involved in the election.

Just realistic,,,

On the other hand since YOU couldn't care less about Black people - which aside from your cowardice, is the biggest difference between us - you're just peachy!


From someone who never served nor held public office.  Never ever ran for office.  You've done nothing for your community. 

General Discussion Forum / Re: Fall is here. Are you ready?
« on: Yesterday at 08:18:14 AM »
59 this morning in North Alabama. Out walking the dog with a light jacket

Your blood is thin.

You people are full of gloom and doom.

Politics / Re: OMG NO! Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Dies At 87
« on: Yesterday at 08:13:05 AM »
   Trump reacts to Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death         

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President Trump on Friday called late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg “an . . . "

General Discussion Forum / Proposed rule change for burial at Arlington
« on: September 18, 2020, 11:32:03 PM »
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Today, the Secretary of the Army announced the opening of the 60-day public comment period for the proposed changes to eligibility criteria for burial at Arlington National Cemetery. This is the next step in the federal rule making process required to gather public input to proposed changes to the cemetery’s eligibility criteria.

The proposed rule will allow new changes to eligibility criteria which will keep the cemetery functioning as an active burial ground well into the future, defined as 150 years.

Executive Director of Army National Military Cemeteries and Arlington National Cemetery Karen Durham-Aguilera stated, “Arlington National Cemetery began this process when the Fiscal Year 2019 National Defense Authorization Act directed the Secretary of the Army to establish revised eligibility criteria to keep Arlington open well into the future. The Secretary of the Army established imperatives to recognize the individual’s sacrifice, service and impact to the nation’s security. The proposed eligibility criteria honors commitment to military service and is equitable across branches and eras of service. Additionally, any change should be easily understood, fair and consistent with Arlington National Cemetery’s mission.”

ANC is also currently developing the Southern Expansion Project, which includes the area nearest the Air Force Memorial and a part of the former grounds of the Navy Annex. This future expansion will add 37 acres of burial space for our nation’s veterans. However, expansion alone will not keep Arlington National Cemetery open to new interments well into the future. Without changes to eligibility, even with the new expansion, Arlington National Cemetery will be full for first burials by the mid-2050s.

“We are asking our veterans, families, stakeholders and the public to review our website information, read the Federal Register and engage in this deliberate process. All of us have a voice into the future of Arlington National Cemetery,” said Charles “Ray” Alexander Jr., Superintendent. “We will adjudicate all public comments and keep the public up to date throughout the entire process until the final rule is published.”

Politics / Kosovo gives Trump Order of Freedom
« on: September 18, 2020, 09:06:27 PM »
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Kosovo gave President Trump one of its highest honors on Friday for his role in an historic economic normalization deal with Serbia earlier this month.

President Hashim Thaci awarded Trump the country’s Order of Freedom “for his exceptional contribution for the freedom of Kosovo and the strengthening of Peace and reconciliation in the region.”

General Discussion Forum / Re: Happy Birthday
« on: September 18, 2020, 08:59:47 PM »
if you can denigrate (Onnidan) military personnel who attained higher rank than you in their service branch, he can say chair force.

 You should have posted a pencil and paper. You ain't a pilot or even a mechanic.

You never had the guts to serve.  Not even as a weekend warrior.  You have nothing to add. 

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a longtime member of the United States Supreme Court, has died at the age of 87, the Supreme Court confirmed in a statement.

Ginsburg has been a justice on the nation's highest court since being appointed by President Bill Clinton. She was just the second woman appointed to the United States Supreme Court.

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