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I was too busy watching some crazy white guy riding around in the Sheetz parking lot near Gordonsville shouting "F*ck Jesus Christ!!!" Over and over again.

Sports Forum / Re: HBCU baseball rarely discussed here , why?
« on: Yesterday at 08:21:41 PM »
Cricket is boring as hell. 

Sports Forum / Re: FAMU v. NCAT
« on: Yesterday at 08:19:33 PM »
NC A&T 31
Florida A&M 34
Final - OT


Politics / It's a middle-class boom
« on: Yesterday at 01:03:04 PM »

How much of the monetary gains from the Trump economic speedup have gone to the middle class? If you ask Democratic senators and presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders, the answer to that question is ... almost none.

"(Donald) Trump's economy is great for billionaires, not for working people," Sanders likes to say. Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi grouses that under the Trump agenda, "the rich get richer, and everyone else is stuck paying the bill."

Uh-huh. That's been the standard liberal riff for the last couple of years as they try to explain how a president who they said would create a second Great Depression has created boom times with the lowest inflation and unemployment in half a century.

:no: I just can’t with ninjas like the OP. What do all those lights have to do with someone living paycheck to paycheck? Most of those players aren’t going to the NFL and many of them end up living paycheck to paycheck themselves. If you don’t believe me. come visit me I’m Harrisburg PA.

If you are conditioned to walk through the back door, eventually there doesn’t need to be one because you will create it yourself.

Is Marques Colston living paycheck to paycheck? 

The bottom line is if you are good enough they will find you. 

It's not so much the athlete.  It's the coaches and administration.  We have all seen athletes at our schools get screwed by coaches and/or administrators. 

Sports Forum / Re: MLB playoffs
« on: Yesterday at 08:39:47 AM »
David beats Goliath.....AGAIN!

The team with the best record in baseball is going to the World Series.  You need to read the Bible and stop listening to the Mets.

Consumers Report... :read:

Keep believing the lie.

They have a history of giving Chrysler products average and/or above average in individual categories.  Then give Chrysler below average overall.  They only do that to Chrysler.  They show their bias.

Read more

Planned Parenthood has publicly distanced itself from a controversial anti-Trump billboard in New York City's Times Square after an athletic clothing company cited the organization as a partner in its new ad campaign.

On Wednesday, the brand, Dhvani, unveiled the first in a series of images meant to protest the Trump administration's "gag rule" prohibiting doctors at Title X-funded clinics from referring patients for abortions. The rule prompted Planned Parenthood to pull out of the federal grant program in August.

The billboard ad, called "Lady Liberty," showed model Michal Mesa, whom Dhvani described in a news release as a Marine Corps veteran and a middle school teacher, standing over a screaming President Trump with her foot on his head. He is tied up, and storm clouds gather over the White House.

General Discussion Forum / Re: Have y'all heard about Pastor David Wilson
« on: October 19, 2019, 08:01:00 AM »
A soothing tongue is a tree of life - Proverbs 15:4

Politics / Re: Kamala Harris for President 2020
« on: October 18, 2019, 02:47:01 PM »
Has anyone voted yet???? i don't understand that comment.

Your handler told you to not vote her.   Which means you will vote for the white democrat you're told to vote for.

He needs to find some local Italian restauranteurs in those HBCU communities and make some REAL pizza.    :nod:

In Fayetteville they'd be Greek.

Homie -

Glad to hear you are okay. Looks like the crumple zone did absorb the bulk of the impact energy. I didn’t look, but assumed the bags didn’t inflate. Them damn things do more damage. A dude at work got rear ended a month ago on the highway by a distracted driver (sun). His airbag went off and caused facial bruising from his sunglasses.

I see women driving too close to the steering wheel.  It's very dangerous. It's not just the short ones.  A coworker is 6-2 and over 300 lbs and she drives like that.

Politics / Re: Kamala Harris for President 2020
« on: October 18, 2019, 12:47:48 PM »
Don't worry.  Those people were told not to vote for her by their handler.

They were going to fix it until they found the frame damage but the lady who hit me insurance said nope, total loss.  I was going to get an SUV anyway she just sped up my time table. Max was going to be my everyday run around town vehicle.

Glad you're okay.  Get the Durango SRT.  You won't get rear ended.
The Durango was my second choice.

The Traverse is nice.  Are they front wheel drive?

soflo doesn't know anything about cars.  She rents cars with transmissions she claims to not like.

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