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This has to be the case with Starbucks and the various mattress store franchises.

They are every quarter mile.

Well, I had never thought about those companies, but, now that you have mentioned it,  I think you are absolutely correct. Especially Starbucks.

 :clap: Congratulation young lady. Git yo money. I just hope this is not a case where a teenager has gotten too good too soon. And those of you who follow track and field, you know of what I speak.

This is probably not the same thing, but when I was a manager for K Mart back in the day, I always thought that there were too many K Mart stores and in large cities like Houston, they were too close together. So sometimes, your main competition was another K Mart store. That just never made any sense to me.

General Discussion Forum / Re: Krystal files for bankruptcy
« on: Yesterday at 11:03:53 PM »

Oh, ok. I always thought that Krystal and White Castles were two separate companies. My bad.

Obama had more class and did not demean the office goes without saying. Lord, I miss that man. :'(

General Discussion Forum / Re: Krystal files for bankruptcy
« on: Yesterday at 01:14:23 PM »
I knew something was up in Montgomery. One had closed down on last year, and the one by my house also had "All you can eat Krystals."

They closed the one on University Blvd in Tuscaloosa near the BAMA campus a number of years ago.

REPUBLICANS doing what inept democrats wont do!   :clap: :bow: :popcorn:

Democrats doing this would have no effect at all. This, coming from other Republicans will probably have more of an impact. Just saying.

General Discussion Forum / Re: Krystal files for bankruptcy
« on: Yesterday at 10:35:21 AM »
I remember when I was in college at BAMA back in the day, those .25 cent burgers really hit the spot. Yes, they gave us gas sometimes, but they were cheap. The Krystal store on University Blvd, just off campus, stayed open 24 hours. It was within walking distance of all the dorms on campus and a lot of apartments just off campus, so it was very convenient. I don't know about now but when I was in college, sometimes funds could be a little tight. That Krystal joint saved the day or night.  :lol: Especially when you had been up past midnight playing cards and "stuff", and you had the "munches", well.. :lol:

The problem in black society is called inclusion. Black kids today wanna be included with white folks worst than folks who had to sit in the back of the bus. If it ain't white they don't want it. It's being taught to them by parents and grandparents who felt they missed something with out the white devil.

As much as I would like to disagree, there is some merit to your statement.  I had a deacon to ask me where was I going to college?  I told him SSC.  He then told me that you can't get a job after you graduate.  Not only did I get a job, I obtained my MPA degree after getting old.

They get the "inclusion" and "integration" from the adults.  I am not a segregationist at all, but we see what happens to the decline of our institutions, neighborhoods and business districts when we fail to support them.  It eventually affects Black politics.  (Yes, I said it!)  From one generation to another we continue to make the same mistakes.  Then one day we talk about what we had.  We should learn our lesson after what happened to Bishop, St. Paul's and Concordia instead of repeating the mistakes.

 :clap:  :clap:  :clap:

I never wore the "Shaft" clothing. But, I still have the Shaft album (double album).  :lol:

Sports Forum / Re: OBJ??
« on: January 19, 2020, 01:56:13 PM »
What is his problem? First the money shower on the podium. Now he alleged slapped a PO-PO on the butt. An arrest warrant has been issued.

I understand the jubilation for winning the championship but bruh, you weren’t playing on the field....

He’s about to out AB, AB.....


Sports Forum / Re: Alabama offensive lineman enters transfer portal
« on: January 18, 2020, 01:10:35 PM »
The transfer portal can be a HBCU's best friend.

That is true, but........

Sports Forum / Re: I’ve been telling y’all Roy Williams is a fraud
« on: January 18, 2020, 12:55:51 PM »
I just tuned in to the North Carolina-Pittsburgh game.  :no: Pitt 43 NC 23. It is very obvious that NC does not have the talent this year. Well, welcome to the real world.

This wont end well for either school.

well, explain why

Easy neither will attend or visit each school for that matter.

I think HBCU schools/coaches are in a catch 22 situation.

Back in 2001 I offered Hallie Berry an invitation to come live with me.  I am hopeful but have yet to hear back from here.

You better thank your lucky stars she didn’t answer.....

Oh come on now, Hallie can't be that bad.  :lol:

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