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Title: Virginia Supreme Court upholds Northam’s temporary ban on weapons at Rally
Post by: Wildman78 on January 17, 2020, 10:27:30 PM
 RICHMOND — The Virginia Supreme Court has upheld Gov. Ralph Northam’s temporary ban on guns in Capitol Square, which went into effect Friday at 5 p.m. and will continue through a major gun-rights rally scheduled for Monday.

Concern about the rally, which organizers warn could attract tens of thousands of armed protesters, escalated in Richmond Friday when President Trump drew attention to it on Twitter.

“Your 2nd Amendment is under very serious attack in the Great Commonwealth of Virginia,” Trump tweeted. “That’s what happens when you vote for Democrats, they will take your guns away. Republicans will win Virginia in 2020. Thank you Dems!”

Northam (D) announced the ban Wednesday as part of declaring a state of emergency, citing “credible intelligence” that some groups had threatened violent demonstrations against gun control laws being considered by the state legislature.

On Thursday, the FBI arrested three alleged members of a white supremacist group on gun charges, partly out of concern that they planned to attend the Richmond rally and incite violence.