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Title: Students who took couple's honeymoon story to heart take action
Post by: y04185 on January 16, 2018, 02:37:35 PM
Read more (https://www.cbsnews.com/news/students-who-took-couples-honeymoon-story-to-heart-take-action/?ftag=CNM-00-10aab6g&linkId=46911793)

At the Mount Airy Resort in the Poconos of Pennsylvania, reverend Gilbert Caldwell and his wife, Grace, arrived recently for their second honeymoon. They were greeted warmly -- a sharp contrast to their first visit, 60 years earlier.

In 1957 they were married in North Carolina, then drove eight hours only to be turned back for being black.

"First they pretended I didn't have a reservation, where I actually brought a copy," Gilbert said. "Then of course they said, 'but if we said yes, our guests would be very unhappy.'" 

They had to stay at a black-owned hunting lodge instead.

"Men with these big guns," Grace said. "Not what we were planning on."

Prodded partly by that experience, Gilbert immersed himself in the civil rights movement, working side by side with Martin Luther King Jr.

Today, he speaks about the movement, which is how he ended up at Bear Tavern Elementary in Titusville, New Jersey, last year. He told the honeymoon story, as he'd done a hundred times before. But for whatever reason, a group of fifth graders really took it to heart.

"At the end of the story I was like, 'that's just terrible,'" one student said. "It was really heartbreaking," added another. "I feel like this is the worst thing that someone could do to someone."