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Author Topic: Stories about other Pastors that did not make the main stream.  (Read 6000 times)

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1. Associate pastor shot to death in Atlanta

-Authorities say the associate pastor of an Atlanta church was found shot to death at a home in Atlanta.

WSB-TV reports that Derek Moses sustained multiple gunshot wounds to his head.


2. :o :o Columbus, GA Pastor commits suicide in church parking lot.

-But the effects of homophobia and the church has been deadly. A few weeks ago in Columbus, Georgia, Pastor H. Randy Stephen killed himself in the church parking lot after a man stood in church and declared that Stephen’s wife was not the only person in love with him and that the two had a relationship from the time they were 15-year’s old. It’s a serious stand in the church against homosexuality, one that many would take to their graves if they were in fact, for homosexuality.


3. :o AZ Pastor commits suicide in church when police serve warrant

-An Arizona pastor shot and killed himself at his church after being served with a search warrant investigating his Internet conversations with a 14-year-old girl, police said on Friday.

Nicholas William Minerva, 52, committed suicide on Thursday, shortly after officers arrived at the Trinity Baptist Fellowship Church in south Phoenix, said Detective Frank Mendoza, a Chandler, Ariz., police department spokesman.



-A two month long undercover drug sting by the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office has led to the arrests. The pastor and his wife run Forever Flowing Ministries in Mobile, Alabama.


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