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May 29, 2015, 10:57:30 AM
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1  Discussion / General Discussion Forum / Re: Exclusive: China warns U.S. surveillance plane on: May 21, 2015, 01:26:58 PM
China is creating there own island.  no
That's crazy. They are getting out of control and we need to check them.
2  Discussion / General Discussion Forum / Re: Why the Feminist Movement Isn’t Always for Black Women on: May 21, 2015, 01:25:42 PM
Most definitely
3  Discussion / Sports Forum / Re: No surcharge at Ritz-Carlton, hotel re on: March 24, 2015, 03:37:53 PM
Here's the million dollar question. How many of us will take our black asses right back to the Ritz Carlton and continue to feed the monster?

Good question CU
4  Discussion / Sports Forum / Re: Who get WSSU first? A&T or NCCU in football on: March 24, 2015, 10:09:31 AM
There will be no Home/Home.........

Then, there will be no game.

then so be it, no sweat off our backs.  otherwise, we would've been playing by now.  we have unc on our schedule next season and we're not asking unc to give us a home-n-home.  we'll make way more money playing the likes of unc than splitting our gate with wssu.  we don't "need" wssu, we've been doing quite well without you...

It's funny that you mention the unc game. One of my friends (unc alumni) was just talking about unc football and said out loud why is UNC playing weak a-- NC&T  brickwall.
It's going to hurt our SOS big time.  I just lol and told him dont get me started about those guys  lol
So I guess you guys rather prostitute yourself to the big boys and get paid.
Have fun.
5  Discussion / Sports Forum / Re: Boulware completes coaching staff at WSSU... on: March 16, 2015, 01:36:19 PM

Okay  shrug

He thought that Hampton's grass was greener.  lol tongue2

6  Discussion / General Discussion Forum / Re: Did anyone see the video clip of the South African tv reporter on: March 12, 2015, 01:11:59 PM
Yes  I did.
I just smh  no

7  Discussion / Sports Forum / N.C. attorney general wants answers on Ritz-Carlton CIAA service charge on: March 10, 2015, 03:58:36 PM
Ohh snap they are on the Ritz butt now
NC AG on the case now, I think they will find disparities for sure

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article13205801.html#storylink=cpy

 clap clap
8  Discussion / Sports Forum / Re: Video, WSSU's Boulware looks ahead to spring football... on: March 10, 2015, 03:16:05 PM
Seems like from what Coach Boulware said in the video, they will be going back to the offense they ran while Maynor was there; which means that a downhill type of running game will once again be a focal point of the offense. Should be a refreshing change, because, IMO, I'm so sick of seeing 80% of high schools and college running the same d**n offense: The zone-read spread. But that's just me.

I agree 100%  clap
9  Discussion / General Discussion Forum / Re: Black History Video - A Must See on: February 12, 2015, 03:49:50 PM

thanks Y
10  Discussion / General Discussion Forum / Re: Texas College FBall Player Murders GF After Finding Out She’s a Man on: February 12, 2015, 03:38:04 PM
I'm not buying this BS. I'm sure he killed the "girlfriend" because the homies found out what he was fooling with. There is no way you can convince me that this dude did not know what he was dealing with.  shrug

Good point CU
11  Discussion / General Discussion Forum / Re: 3 students shot to death in apartment near UNC Chapel Hill on: February 12, 2015, 03:35:43 PM
I have said it time after time. White folks in this country are mad. You better not let your guard down around them. The problem is other ethnic groups are naive when it come to hatred. They think its only about blacks, when these hicks hate everyone without white skin.

I agree Dog, what you are seeing is white conservative rage. FOX, and talk radio are fanning those flames.

 clap clap they know the country is changing and they are scared.  crazy
12  Discussion / General Discussion Forum / Re: Clark Atlanta Student Killed Trying to Buy iPhone from Craigslist on: February 12, 2015, 03:29:32 PM
Stuff like this is why I will always support the death penalty.

13  Discussion / Sports Forum / Re: Jodeci (Harris) headlines Southern's Signing Day Class on: February 04, 2015, 03:40:01 PM
Jodeci  Roll Eyes Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked 

You know how some of us do. Grin

Right I guess Feenin got little Jodeci here

 lol lol Good One  clap
14  Discussion / General Discussion Forum / Re: Beautiful and Stunning Satellite Photos on: February 03, 2015, 02:40:43 PM
Nice  clap
15  Discussion / General Discussion Forum / Re: 5 Reasons Why ‘Empire’ Is Winning TV Ratings But Failing Black People on: February 03, 2015, 02:36:26 PM

Can't Empire and EVERY OTHER SHOW similarly cast be considered solely on their "entertainment" value and nothing else?

so tired of the 'critics' of black entertainment.

It's obvious that you too are missing the point.
The point is why does it have to be based off of stereotypes for it to be a hit.
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