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May 24, 2015, 08:02:39 AM
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9406  Discussion / General Discussion Forum / Re: Justice Thomas' wife asks Anita Hill for apology on: October 20, 2010, 08:24:46 AM
Perhaps if this was 20 years ago when this saga took place...maybe she could be given a second thought.  But not now......This is looked at by some as just STUPID and something to create sensationalism.
9407  Discussion / Sports Forum / Re: The Guarantee...ASU Quarterback on: October 20, 2010, 06:07:27 AM
9408  Discussion / General Discussion Forum / Re: VH1 to try Black "Sex & the City tv show titled "Single Ladies" on: October 20, 2010, 05:49:42 AM
9409  Discussion / General Discussion Forum / Re: Michelle Rhee Fooled The Public on: October 20, 2010, 05:47:39 AM
........ In most cases teachers are parents, social workers, care takers and then teachers.

This is unfortunate but true.
9410  Discussion / General Discussion Forum / Re: Justice Thomas' wife asks Anita Hill for apology on: October 20, 2010, 05:43:26 AM
Why after 20 years?   shrug    Roll Eyes

9411  Discussion / General Discussion Forum / Re: Tuskegee University Board Chair Brimmer retires, Williams named successor on: October 19, 2010, 07:10:43 PM

This is one of the changes at TU that you have long awaited.
9412  Discussion / Sports Forum / Re: Mose Rison responds.... on: October 19, 2010, 03:26:24 PM
9413  Discussion / Sports Forum / Re: Best possible matchup for the Pioneer Bowl based on fans on: October 19, 2010, 03:23:19 PM
Yeah....It seems that the SAC may only get one team into the South Region playoffs this year.  Hmmm....
9414  Discussion / Sports Forum / Re: What if Mo House beat Albany..."Den What" on: October 19, 2010, 12:58:25 PM
this is getting interesting folks  Wink

It basically means that the Albany ST-Morehouse game has some implications.   nod
9415  Discussion / Sports Forum / Re: I need this to happen... on: October 19, 2010, 12:52:01 PM

 shrug    Lips Sealed


9416  Discussion / On the Sidelines and In The Stands / Re: WSSU Red Sea to perform at Martinsville Speedway on: October 18, 2010, 06:01:17 PM
Good for WSSU.   nod
9417  Discussion / Sports Forum / Re: New Conference at NCCU This Morning - GOODBYE MOSE RISON on: October 18, 2010, 05:54:16 PM
......go outside the coon circle and get a new coach.....


 I am not against going outside of the HBCU ranks to select a coach.  However, the choice of words above leaves something to be desired.  IMO, that statement is a put down of every coach in the HBCU ranks.
9418  Discussion / General Discussion Forum / Re: TSU Launches Maritime Degree Program — A First for an HBCU on: October 18, 2010, 05:48:29 PM
This is good a thing to diversify the degree offerings.   nod
9419  Discussion / Sports Forum / Re: We will need a very talented Athletic Director!!! on: October 18, 2010, 04:01:21 PM
...... The compliance director got fired today too !!!

Not surprising....
9420  Discussion / Sports Forum / Re: Jennings makes guarantee after ASU beats Benedict: 'We're not losing' on: October 18, 2010, 04:00:13 PM
...I was wondering the same thing --- does this "we're not losing" proclamation extend into the DII playoffs, or just after the Fountain City Classic  shrug

If it's the former, 
I wanna see this  nod
I ain't mad at him, though - talk the talk and walk the walk.  But it does bother me how Albany will perform in the playoffs this year, considering their schedule consisted of only SIAC schools and Savannah St ---- that concerns me deeply.... tiptoe

Both Albany ST and FVS need to schedule an OOC game with either a GSC or SAC school.  IMO, this is only logical since both schools have playoff aspirations.  Perhaps OOC competition from one conference or the other will be added to next year's schedule.   shrug

Will we still be given the mandated 9 game conference schedule? I believe we are scheduled to play Savannah State next year in Fort Valley.

Remember, the SIAC is dividing into 2 divisions.  Games will rotate on and off with members from the other side.  The schools should not have the 9 game mandate. 

How many conference games do you think schools would have?

IMO, Seven games would be ideal.  Although 8 games would be workable.

A team would play every team on their side of the division, 4,  plus three - four from the opposite side.
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